Thursday, August 6, 2015

Ford Offers Alternative Fuel Options for the 2016 F-150

Ford has consistently been the leader of pickup trucks, and their progress shows no sign of slowing down. Ford has recently announced that “the 2016 F-150” will offer an “available gaseous fuel prep package that enables 5.0-liter V8-powered models to run on clean, low-cost compressed natural gas or propane, making Ford the only manufacturer of a CNG/propane-capable half-ton pickup” as a response to customer requests.

This response not only shows Ford’s passion to serve their customers, but shows a great deal in fuel leadership, and a start to developing cleaner, more efficient, and ecofriendly pickup truck. Ford describes this as “the toughest, smartest, most capable F-150 ever” with a “gaseous-fuel prep package that includes upgraded intake and exhaust valves and valve seats to ensure the engine performs to Build Ford Tough standards.” This means the new F-150 will have all the power you would expect from a Ford pickup while providing cleaner, more-efficient, alternative-fuel capabilities.

With Ford’s development within the auto industry and response to customer demands, we will see “the only light-duty pickup capable of running on compressed natural gas or propane.” This is a demonstration of leadership innovation at its finest from Ford, the leading pickup truck manufacturer, and the Auto Truck Depot has everything you could need to maximize this new ride at

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are one of the best ways to enhance your truck bed. They provide security for your cargo while protecting it from the elements, and make truck bed storage more useful. If you are thinking about adding a Tonneau Cover to your truck, the UnderCover Flex is a product you must consider.

The UnderCover Flex exceeds the competition with durability, functionality, and security. This cover is made for simplicity. There is absolutely no drilling necessary for installation, and once installed, removing it is easy. Unlike most other tonneau covers, the UnderCover Flex is made of a high quality FRP composite material that is lighter, stronger, and even more dent resistant than aluminum. If security is a consideration, this product has it.

The flex panels automatically latch to the covers mounting rails and the slam latch system secures your belongings when the tailgate is locked. The UnderCover Flex sits inside the bed rails, which include a rubber seal and drain tubes that carry water away from, and out of the truck bed--making this the most water resistant cover yet, and ensuring your cargo stays dry and protected.

Slam latches ensure your cargo is secure, and also allows for easy access from either side of your truck bed. The UnderCover Flex has three riding positions: full coverage, 3/4 coverage, and full bed access, and with the unique design of the prop rods, the cover can be safely propped in either of these positions, even while driving, for maximum storage and functionality. 

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Swagman Bike Racks: Ensure Your Bikes Travel Safely

Travelling with bikes is challenging. They are awkward, they take up allot of space, and even if you have an empty truck box to carry them in, damages to your bike or truck bed are likely to occur. Luckily for avid bike enthusiasts who refuse to travel without the accompaniment of their bikes, companies like Swagman make outstanding products to solve these issues.

The SEMI 2.0 fits most bike frame shapes and sizes, and with its unique patented design, there is zero contact to the bike frame. The SEMI 2.0 fits any 1-1/4” or 2” hitch receiver to carry up to two bikes on the back of your vehicle with ratcheting arms that only grab the bike’s wheels.

Products such as these ensure that you can safely carry your bikes with any vehicle, and without losing space. And if that’s not enough, the rack tilts down to allow access to the rear of the vehicle, even while bikes are loaded.

If a two bike carrier is not enough, Swagman has many other products to satisfy your needs, such as the QUAD 2+2, which can carry up to four bikes and has a similar design as the SEMI 2.0. There are also products, such as theLadder Rack – 2 Bike RV Ladder Rack that is designed to utilize the ladder on the back of your RV for carrying up to two bikes. No matter what type of vehicle you have, how many bikes you want to carry, Swagman has products to utilize your vehicles space while ensuring your bikes remain secure when you travel.

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