Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Overview: Jeep Bumpers

Are you looking to spice up your Jeep's style and help keep the front end of your vehicle protected on and off the road? Tonno Cover Depot has a wide selection of Jeep bumpers to suit your needs. In a previous blog post, I outlined the details of the Jeep Modular Bumper. While it is one of the most expensive aftermarket bumpers, there's good reason for it. Check out the article to learn more. If you don't need something as hardcore as the modular bumper, we do carry other options as well.

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard

Yes, I know, it's technically a Grille Guard not a bumper. This means that it isn't going to replace the bumper you already have. However, I have included it here because the Aries Pro Series Grille Guard is designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler and it features a style that is similar to our Tube Bumpers. The Pro Series features a patented LED Light Bar Housing that can hold bars up to 20" which comes with an interchangeable faceplate to protect your bar from bug goop and rock damage.

The hardened T6 aluminum construction is lightweight, meaning it's easy to handle, while being durable, long lasting, and rust proof. Plus, the textured black powder coating adds an extra corrosion resistance and helps hide minor scratches and grime. This grille guard offers rugged off road style coupled with great functionality to make it an unbeatable add on for your Wrangler.

Aries Jeep Wrangler Tube Bumpers

There are two different versions of the Aries Jeep Tube Bumpers, Stainless Steel and Semi-Gloss Black Carbon Steel. They are both designed with the Jeep driver in mind, and are engineered to replace your current bumper by mounting to factory anchor points. This means quick installation and no drilling or modification to your vehicle! They are constructed from 3" heavy wall tubing with a classic style that will give your Jeep a cool new look. 

The carbon steel is a much heavier, more impact resistant material. This means big impacts are less likely to scratch or damage the bumper. However, if the powder coating comes off, or moisture gets underneath it somehow, the carbon steel can rust, corroding the strength and durability of your bumper. the 304 Stainless Steel is high in nickel, which means its almost completely rust proof, but the mirror-like surface can scratch more easily. While small scratches can be buffed out with polish, the potential for marring the surface may outweigh the rustproof benefits for you.

They are also designed to be compatible with other off road accessories, like winches, so your Jeep will be ready for whatever the wilderness can throw at you.

If you're going to be upgrading you Jeep bumper, make sure you keep it legal. Here in Alberta, front plates aren't required but most other places they are. If you replace your bumper, make sure you get a Licence Plate Bracket to install on the bumper to keep your vehicle road legal.

Jeeps are meant to be driven hard, taken to places few have traveled. They are the vehicles of explorers, adventurers, and wanderers. So make sure your Jeep can do everything you need it to, and get out to those trails.

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