Monday, October 16, 2017

Dodge Pickup Truck Cab Syle Guide

When purchasing a tonneau cover or other truck bed accessories for your Dodge Ram pickup truck, you will often need to know the cab style. In this installation of our Cab Styles series, I will walk you through all of the information you'll need to properly identify your truck's cab style.

Dodge Ram Pickup Truck Cab Styles

1. Regular Cab

Dodge Regular Cab
A regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.

2. Quad Cab (Old Style)

Dodge Quad Cab (Old Style)
A super Cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction.

3. Quad Cab (New Style)

Dodge Quad Cab (New Style)
A new style Quad Cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors.

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