Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rack Systems for Your Pickup Truck

Trucks are undoubtedly one of the most useful vehicles due to their bed, which lets truck owners haul large cargo loads. Having a truck bed adds a lot of cargo space, but sometimes this added space isn’t enough for longer or larger items.
Whether you’re hauling lumber for a DIY project or like to spend time on the water with your canoe, a little extra might be needed to help carry such items with your pickup. If you need some additional cargo space occasionally or every day, there are a multitude of options available to help you out!
Kargo Master Headache Rack | Auto Truck Depot
If you’re looking to haul motorcycles or quads and want a little extra security for your toys, a headache rack might be the option. Products like the Kargo Master Fleet Headache Rack are designed to help protect the back of your cab and rear window while also providing a secure hold for larger cargo. As a bonus, these racks can even provide a secure footing for added accessories like emergency lights or light bars.
Thule XSporter Truck Bed Rack System | Auto Truck Depot
If your objective is to haul a canoe or kayak, something like the Thule XSporter might be a better option. This truck bed rack system is fully adjustable to make hauling anything simple, and even includes one-key lock cylinders to secure the rack to your bed. This rack clamps on without any drilling or modifications to your truck, and with its durable and lightweight aluminum construction and aerodynamic design, your ride remains smooth.
Access Adarac Truck Bed Rack System | Auto Truck Depot
If you have a tonneau cover installed on your truck or plan on getting one in the future, truck bed racks like the Access Adarac or BAKFlip CS (Contractor Series) Truck Bed Rack/Tonneau Cover Combo are excellent choices. The Adarac is one of our best selling truck bed racks, and for good reason! The rack installs easily with no drilling and is completely adjustable to meet your needs. With the Adarac truck bed rack you can haul up to 500 pounds of additional cargo securely without losing any access to your tonneau cover.
BAKFlip CS (Contractor Series) Truck Bed Rack/Tonneau Cover Combo | Auto Truck Depot
There are many options available to suite any need. Check out our collection of Truck Bed Rack Systems to find out what’s available for you!

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