Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thule Vs. Yakime: Which is Better?

Yakima Vs Thule: Which One Should I Choose?
Whether you're looking for a roof rack, ski or snowboard carrier, cargo box, or any other vehicle cargo solution, you may be split between choosing one of two dominant brands: Thule and Yakima. The most common question from those looking to suit up their vehicle with a rack system is, what's better of the two, Thule or Yakima? There's a good chance you've asked the same question, considering you're reading this blog.
Yakima ShowCase 20 Cargo Box | Auto Truck Depot
I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you straight up that there's no real answer to this question. Both Thule and Yakima make exceptional products that are very similar to each other, and within the same price range. Whether you need a roof rack system, or are looking to retrofit your existing rack to carry more, both companies make loads of products suited to all your needs. Both Thule and Yakima offer rack systems for bikingkayakingskiing, and both offer a wide range of cargo boxes suitable for any adventure.
Thule Bike Rack | Auto Truck Depot
So, how should you form your decision? The deciding factor is sometimes based on compatibility. Some vehicles are more compatible with one company's racks over another, which would make the decision easy. Style may also be a factor if you like the look of one rack and its available accessories over another. 
Whatever you choose, we recommend sticking to that brand as you add more accessories such as cargo boxes and water sport carriers. Although this isn't always necessary, it ensures that all your products will be compatible with one another and lets you secure all your gear with a one key lock system, rather than having to have multiple keys to try and secure your belongings.
Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll love it! Find a rack suited to your vehicle so you can begin your long anticipated adventure.

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