Friday, May 18, 2018

Stay Safe on the Highways with the Tekonsha P3 Trailer Brake Controller

Some risk-taking is necessary to make progress in this world, but hauling a trailer without a brake controller is not one of those moments. With no brake controller, you could lose control of your trailer with much less application or brakes than you would think.

The Tekonsha P3 is a top of the line electronic brake controller designed for trailers with 1 to 4 axles. It features a bright, easy to read LCD display with multiple colour and contrast customization options, ensuring the best visibility in any conditions. It can even be programmed to display in English, French or Spanish. It's compact design and easy-to-use clip mounting system are all engineered to ensure the least amount of lost space and simple user interface. It can be disconnected quickly to store if you're not towing a trailer, freeing up extra leg space, and it even comes with a storage pouch.

The controls are placed right on the front, easy to find and easy to read. Advanced, yet simple to understand, roadside diagnostics are built in so that you always know what's going on with your brakes, no matter where you are. The integrated Boost feature allows several levels of customized braking options, including the ability to switch between electric and hydraulic brakes.

When it comes to driving, don't take the risk. The Tekonsha P3 slows down your trailer and truck at the same rate, preventing loss of control over your vehicle or trailer, keeping yourself and everyone else on the road safe when you inevitably have to hit the brakes hard.

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