Thursday, December 29, 2011

Who Do You Trust With Your Vehicle

MechanicImage by slagheap via FlickrFinding reliable auto care service is very important to everyone who owns their own vehicle. We all know how much money, time and energy we put into keeping our cars looking and running their best. But there comes a time when you have to have an auto care service company that you can rely on to provide courteous, professional service to your automobile.

Not Just Regular Maintenance

The best auto care service companies should be able to help with more than just regular maintenance tasks. Truck and SUV owners like to have a business that they can turn to for professional truck & SUV accessory installation too. Whether it's the simple addition of some new mud flaps, or a more involved improvement, like adding truck boxes, the best auto care companies should be able to offer professional installation services with a smile.


Rust can be a vehicle owner's worst nightmare. Not only does rust degrade the way a vehicle looks, too much of it in the wrong places can cause an outright catastrophe for a truck or SUV's performance. It's smart to have a professional auto care company check for rust creeping onto your vehicle, so that preventative measures can be taken to protect your vehicle from serious damage.

At Auto Truck Depot we take all of these aspects of your vehicle's care seriously. And since we're known for being the go-to resource for every type of truck, van or SUV accessory, you can easily choose the accessories you like best and have them installed by our professional, knowledgeable staff. Getting the best care for your vehicle gets a lot easier when you turn to Auto Truck Depot.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Avoiding Winter Time Warmups

remote starter.Image by This Year's Love via Flickr
One of the worst things about cold weather is having to go out, avoid slipping on the ice as you make your way to the car, and then starting the car; only to let it warm up for what seems like an eternity. This cold, miserable scenario is one of the reasons that we think that remote starters are among the best inventions of modern times.

Great in the Summer Too...

Before we get labeled as being against winter, let's talk about using remote starters in the summer months too. As bad as it can be waiting for a car to heat up in the winter, it can be even worse in the summer. Sitting in the car, baking for several minutes until the AC finally cools things down can be torture. With remote starters, this unfortunate scenario is no longer anything that vehicle owners have to sweat about. Simply pushing a button and giving the car a few minutes to let the AC cool down ends up being a real life saver.

Safety Concerns

We all know that parking lots and other areas can be a bit dangerous. Remote starters can also help family members to stay safe while they're leaving a location. By having the car started and ready, drivers can simply unlock the door when they reach the car and be on their way. No more waiting for the car to warm up in any unsafe parking lots any more.

No matter the time of year, having a remote starter is a great way for drivers to stay comfortable and safe. And since they're more affordable than ever, there's no reason for people to not have these handy little devices.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Prepared for Winter

Every year, we know it's coming – winter! And when this season rolls around, there is bound to be snow and ice before too long. With the advent of this kind of cold weather, lots of truck owners begin considering the purchase of snow plows to get their vehicles winter-ready like never before.

At Auto Truck Depot we make it our business to stay current with the accessories that truck owners demand. And with so many of our friends asking about pickup truck plows for winter, we figured we'd share some tips that every potential snow plow owner should consider.

It's all about the blade

There's more to snow plows than the blades they have, but there's nothing more important than the blade. Anyone who is going to make an investment in a snow plow should decide on the color, style and size of the blade on any plow kits that they are considering getting installed. By knowing what you want up-front, you'll be better equipped to get the perfect plow for your needs.

Quick Mount Release

The old time snow plows required owners to work pretty hard to get the blade attached or detached. And while some of these plows are being sold used today, it's best to get a newer model that features quick mount release. Plows with these types of release systems make it simple and quick to get the blade on or off.


Truck owners should take a look at the controls that come with the plows that they are going to buy. Most of the better plows feature intuitive, joystick-like controls, which make it simple to control the plow, even during the heaviest snow storms.

Keep these key features in mind when you shop for your snow

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Riding on Air...

Truck and SUV owners love to spend time driving around in their vehicles. Whether it's for work or play, there's nothing quite like cruising around in a nice pickup or SUV. However, when the suspension of a truck begins to go south, the good times can come to a screeching halt. Imagine correcting these types of suspension problems before they happen and driving around on a suspension that feels like you're riding on air. Because that's what truck owners say it's like when a vehicle has high-end air sprints installed.

Here are a few benefits to having air springs on a truck or SUV:

    Better steering. There's nothing worse than the feeling of steering that's just not responsive. Many times these steering problems have their root cause in suspension issues. Air springs help to restore a more responsive steering system and allow truck and SUV owners to once again enjoy safe driving on the roadways.
    Protects cargo. When a pickup's suspension is lacking, cargo can get bounced around and beaten up. With the right air springs installed, the ride gets a whole lot smoother. That means that drivers, passengers and cargo are all protected from excessive jostling and bouncing around.
    Protection from rough driving conditions. Truck and SUV owners who have to travel off road or on bumpy terrain can end up with a vehicle that's just plain wore out before its time. Installing these springs can help to protect vehicles that regularly have to drive on bumpy ground.

Anyone who cares about a comfortable ride and protecting their vehicle should check out the Firestone Ride Rite springs that we carry and install at Auto Truck Depot. They make it feel like you're literally riding on air.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Popular Truck Bed Accessories

We know how hard pickup truck owners work to keep their trucks in tip-top condition. And these days it's easier than ever to add a few essential truck bed accessories to turn a good pickup into a great one. Of course, there are a few truck accessories that are simply more popular than the others. Here is our list of the most popular truck bed accessories on the market today:

    Truck Canopies. Some people think that truck canopies died out in the early eighties. Well, the old fashioned, solid metal canopies did fall out of vogue with truck owners, but the newer models are unbelievably popular. Canopies allow truck owners to store and stow larger items and to secure all their belongings when they are away from the truck. And since today's best canopies are made from plastic, fiberglass, aluminum or steel, people can choose the best one for their own trucks without settling for the old fashioned, clunky models.
    Tonneau Covers. There's just something sporty and sleek about a pickup with a tonneau cover over the bed. Like canopies, tonneau covers are also available in lots of different styles. From fold out covers to soft covers, we carry them all at Auto Truck Depot.
    Bed caps. To protect the sides and corners of a truck bed, there's nothing better than aluminum bed caps. These attractive caps protect truck beds from dents and dings. And they also highlight the truck's bed in a way that no other truck bed accessories can.

At Auto Truck Depot it's our mission to help our customers find the best accessories for their trucks. Stop in and check out our accessories, or go online to to see all that we have to offer.

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