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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How To Get the Most Out of Your Truck Bed

There’s no denying that trucks are one of the most useful vehicles you can own. They can carry cargo, pull trailers, and transport passengers. The choice to own a truck often comes down to efficiency, and one of the primary benefits to having a truck is the bed. So, we suggest protecting your assets and maximizing the use of that soace
There are mountains of products available designed to accessorize your truck bed, the problem is wading through them to find the ones you need. In this article, I will help walk you through all of the potential problems that you could encounter and some of the best ways to avoid them and maximize the efficiency of your truck bed space.
Let’s start with some examples of common issues you may run into and some available solutions.
  1. Your truck bed has been damaged from hauling cargo
This problem is not only aesthetic, but can accelerate damage beyond repair. Nicks and scratches in the protective coating can soon result in the spread of rust.
Truck Bed Mats
Truck bed mats are easy to install, cheap, and provide protection to the bottom of your truck bed and tailgate. The only downside to these is that the sides of your truck bed remain exposed.
Plastic Bed Plastic Liners
Plastic bed liners are quick and easy to install and provide full protection of your truck bed. They are made of high-density polyethylene, so they won't chip, crack, or fade during even the most extreme weather conditions. The liner’s one-piece construction provides additional protection against chemical leaks, since there are no seams or cracks. Take a look at our Bedliners.
BedRug from Auto Truck Depot
Truck Bed Spray Liners
Spray liners provide a clean, permanent solution for protecting your truck bed. The Polyurethane Spray is applied to every mould and curve, providing a watertight seal, and the ultimate protection. Spray liners provide a textured, non-skid surface, and with no loss of cargo space.

      2. Your cargo is exposed to the elements
Covering your cargo and protecting it from the elements can be easy with a tonneau cover, and there are many types so suite your specific needs.
Soft or Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Roll-up tonneau covers are a great addition to your truck bed, allowing you to cover and protect the cargo being stored or hauled. They easily roll up, providing full access of your truck bed without removing the cover, and they look slick. Take a look at our Roll-Up tonneau covers.
Soft or Hard Tri Fold Tonneau Cover
These covers provide exceptional protection, they look great, and are easy to use. The tri-fold design allows for easy access. Many of these models are also insulated to protect your cargo from extreme weather conditions. Learn more about Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers.
Hard Once-Piece Tonneau Cover
One piece covers are solid, they protect your cargo, and they are easy to install. Once installed, they provide easy access to your cargo. Hard covers are by far the strongest of the bunch, but they do come with their own drawbacks. Find out about our Hard Top Tonneau Covers.
  1. There’s no way to prevent theft
Tonneau Cover
Many Tonneau covers are designed with locking systems to protect your storage. Your cargo can be easily stored, locked and protected with the right cover. We have a large selection of Tonneau Covers to choose from.
Tonneau Covers from Auto Truck Depot
Truck Boxes
Truck Boxes come in all shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs, and they are designed to hold and protect your belongings. Many of these boxes are designed with advanced locking systems and are constructed of tough aluminum. They come in all shapes and sizes to match any need.
  1. Organizing your storage is difficult
Truck Boxes
Multiple lid truck boxes allow you to organize and store your cargo, provide security for your belongings, and allow for easy access. There are many different box styles and shapes to suite your specific needs, and to help you organize your belongings. Many of these boxes are even designed to utilize and increase storage space, such as the UnderCover SwingCase, made to fit over your wheel well.  
UnderCover SwingCase from Auto Truck Depot
Tool Boxes
Tool boxes are a great way to enhance your storage by providing a secure, organized space for tools and other belongings. Many of these boxes are designed to increase otherwise unused spaces to leave you with as much room as possible. The compartments in these boxes improve how you are able to organize your storage, and provide additional storage space.
Now that you have a basic idea of the problems that can come with truck beds, you can more accurately decide which accessories are right for you.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Rack Systems for Your Pickup Truck

Trucks are undoubtedly one of the most useful vehicles due to their bed, which lets truck owners haul large cargo loads. Having a truck bed adds a lot of cargo space, but sometimes this added space isn’t enough for longer or larger items.
Whether you’re hauling lumber for a DIY project or like to spend time on the water with your canoe, a little extra might be needed to help carry such items with your pickup. If you need some additional cargo space occasionally or every day, there are a multitude of options available to help you out!
Kargo Master Headache Rack | Auto Truck Depot
If you’re looking to haul motorcycles or quads and want a little extra security for your toys, a headache rack might be the option. Products like the Kargo Master Fleet Headache Rack are designed to help protect the back of your cab and rear window while also providing a secure hold for larger cargo. As a bonus, these racks can even provide a secure footing for added accessories like emergency lights or light bars.
Thule XSporter Truck Bed Rack System | Auto Truck Depot
If your objective is to haul a canoe or kayak, something like the Thule XSporter might be a better option. This truck bed rack system is fully adjustable to make hauling anything simple, and even includes one-key lock cylinders to secure the rack to your bed. This rack clamps on without any drilling or modifications to your truck, and with its durable and lightweight aluminum construction and aerodynamic design, your ride remains smooth.
Access Adarac Truck Bed Rack System | Auto Truck Depot
If you have a tonneau cover installed on your truck or plan on getting one in the future, truck bed racks like the Access Adarac or BAKFlip CS (Contractor Series) Truck Bed Rack/Tonneau Cover Combo are excellent choices. The Adarac is one of our best selling truck bed racks, and for good reason! The rack installs easily with no drilling and is completely adjustable to meet your needs. With the Adarac truck bed rack you can haul up to 500 pounds of additional cargo securely without losing any access to your tonneau cover.
BAKFlip CS (Contractor Series) Truck Bed Rack/Tonneau Cover Combo | Auto Truck Depot
There are many options available to suite any need. Check out our collection of Truck Bed Rack Systems to find out what’s available for you!

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pickup Truck Cab Styles

If you are looking to purchase a tonneau cover or other truck bed accessories, you may need to know what kind of cab style your pickup truck has. Here is an overview of the various styles and how to tell the difference. 
Chevrolet / GMCRegular CabA regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.

 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab
Double CabA double cab has 4 full doors that all open in the same direction. Each door has a handle located on the outside of the truck. The back doors are noticeably smaller in width than the front doors.
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Double Cab
Extended CabAn extended cab has 4 doors. The front doors have to be open in order to open the back doors, and the handles are usually located on the inside of the door and not visible from the outside.
 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab
Crew CabA crew cab has 4 full doors that all open in the same direction. The door handles are all located on the outside of the truck, and both the front and back doors are the same width.
 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Crew Cab
FordRegular CabA regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.
 Ford Ranger Regular Cab
Super CabA super cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction
 Ford Ranger Super Cab
Super Crew CabA super crew cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors.
 Ford F150 SuperCrew Cab
Dodge RamRegular CabA regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.
Dodge Ram 2500 Regular Cab
Quad Cab (Old Style)An old style Quad Cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction.
 Dodge Ram Quad Cab (Old Style)
Quad Cab (New Style)A new style Quad Cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors
 Dodge Ram Quad Cab (New Style)
Nissan TitanKing CabA king cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction.
 Nissan Titan King Cab
Crew CabA crew cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors
 Nissan Titan Crew Cab
Toyota TundraRegular CabA regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.
 Toyota Tundra Regular Cab
Double CabAll four doors open in the same direction. The back doors are often smaller than the front doors and the handle is positioned differently, often towards the back of the door.
 Toyota Tundra Double Cab
CrewMax CabAll four doors open in the same direction and have handles that look identical

 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Cab
Click on the vehicle models shown in the chart for more information.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Product Comparison: BAKFlip F1, G2, and HD Chart

BAK Industries manufactures a range of different truck bed covers. Even if you're set on a BAKFlip tonneau cover, you are still presented with a difficult decision. So in this article, I have laid out a chart that compares the features of each cover to help you more easily determine which cover is right for you.

BAKFlip HD | Auto Truck Depot

BAKFlip Features

EXTERIORFiberglass (FRP)AluminumAluminum
FINISHFiberglassPaintedPowder Coat
THICKNESS5/8 inch1/2 inch5/8 inch
COVER WEIGHT60 lbs55 lbs60 lbs

For more information, check out the Bak Covers available on Tonno Cover Depot, or get in touch now!

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Monday, June 12, 2017

10 Best ATV and Biking Trails Near Calgary

With the summer getting close to full swing, we want to help you get the most out of the nice weather. To this end, I have researched some of the most interesting and beautiful biking and ATV trails to help you find new trails to ride. Make sure you're ready to go with great accessories like the Swagman SEMI 2.0 2 Bike Hitch Rack to get your bikes out there!
Whenever you are out enjoying the vast wilderness that our great country has to offer, remember that is indeed our soil. Canadians are very proud of our lands, and we should always strive to keep them clean and undamaged. Please be considerate of the wildlife and plants that live in these areas, and leave no trace so that you, and many others, can return to enjoy these same trails over and over again.
Burnt Timber (ATV)
Burnt Timber is located west of Cremona near Waiparous. With a whopping 95 kilometers of trails, this area ranges from easy to challenging and has something to offer everyone. The terrain varies from flat wide open spaces to forested areas all in sight of the mountains.
The area is very remote, with Cochrane being the closest service. Cell coverage is limited, so you should keep in mind that with 95 kilometers of trail to ride, you’re best to pack a GPS to ensure you don’t get lost, and two-way radios to keep in touch with the rest of your crew are never a bad idea. Be sure you obey all local posted signs, as this area is a provincial park.

Fallen Timber North Recreational Area (ATV)
 Fallen Timber North, located just south of Sundre, is smaller than its nearby sibling trails, Fallen Timber South. These trails, however, are often less busy in the summer than their southern counterparts and they are also very remote. GPS and two-way radios are recommended here as well due to spotty cell phone coverage.
 This area features it’s own local camping ground a short distance from the trails, ideal for a weekend trip. Please note that they do not allow staging ATVs in the campground, or for ATVs to be ridden to or from the trails. To get your quads or bikes up there more easily, consider a truck bed extender like the X-Treme Gate Slide-Out. Stick to the trails, be respectful of local signage and other trail users, and have a blast!

Fallen Timber South Recreational Area (ATV)
The Fallen Timber South area, known locally as the Ghost snowmobile trails, is one of the largest in the area. They feature over 180 kilometers of well-groomed trails that are open year round. Large hills, forest cut lines, and alpine riding are common in this area, and the trails offer options for all skill levels.
 These trails are known to get extremely busy in the summer months, especially on long weekends. Reports of intoxicated drivers causing serious damage to the trails and natural environment have been increasingly common, which often leads to shutting the trails down to ATV use for a time. Please tread carefully on the terrain and be sure to respect the land around you so it can be used for many years to come.
Ghost River Area
 Ghost River area features an OHV trail that runs point to point and almost 12 kilometers. It is beautiful terrain along the Rockies rated at a moderate difficulty. While it is a shorter trail, there are various places long the way to explore. You are best to ride it down to the end, then turn around and ride it back up again. Always be respectful of the environment and stay on the designated trails.
Mclean Creek Recreational Area (ATV/Mountain Biking)
Mclean Creek, located 60 kilometers southwest of Calgary, is one of the most popular OHV sites in Alberta. There is a nearby campsite and designated staging areas for loading and offloading OHVs. There are over 77 square kilometers of terrain to explore from May to October, including a lot of creek crossings and endless mud pits, so be prepared to get coated in mud. There is a wide variety of terrain for all skill levels, and there is also fishing, hiking, and mountain biking opportunities available as well.
Please note that they do not allow vehicles over 1000 pounds, and they request you stay on the designated trails.

Topp Notch (MTB)
Topp Notch is the first purposefully built mountain biking trail inside a national park. Starting in Banff, the trail is a single-track 6 km loop with an elevation change totaling 600 meters and it is rated advanced. The trail was hand made, with beautifully crafted bridges, benches, berms and technical rock gardens. This all adds up to a beautiful, flowing trail that is extremely varied. The trail is also open for day and night riding.
Moose Mountain Trailhead (MTB)
This trail, located near Bragg Creek, primarily caters to the downhill crowd. There is a shuttle that can be ridden to the top, or you can ride up the road or a path beside it. The trail down runs 39 kilometers single track and it is full of technical features like wooden platforms, jumps and drops. It is rated advanced, although most of the features can be avoided allowing for beginner and intermediate routes as well.

Nose Hill Provincial Park (MTB)
Nose Hill Park is perfect for anyone looking for a less intense ride without much travel. Located within the city of Calgary, Nose Hill has over 60 square kilometers of land stretching across an isolated plateau. The top of the hill offers an incredible view of the city and mountains, and the trails go through forested areas, open fields with plenty of short hills, as well as a small lake. There are no artificial technical elements, just the steep hills.
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Drescher 
(Photo credit: Ryan Drescher)
Big Sweat (Valley of Five Lakes/Wabasso) (MTB)
Multiple different trails cross back and forth across each other through this valley. The trailhead begins near Jasper and offers a variety of choices throughout the trip that will bring you either higher up for a fantastic view or lower down for a more technical ride. All of these trails go to the same location, except one extends all the way to Lake Wabasso and affords several routes back. At 32 kilometers of trail, there are tonnes of options for the adventurous biker, including night riding. There are various restrooms along the way, and there is winter biking available as well. If you're going to be camping in the area, check out the Swagman RV Bike Ladder Rack to help get your bikes out to the trails!
Get the most out of your summer and explore some new biking and ATV trails. Respect the environment, have fun, and enjoy the land we are so blessed to live in!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ford Pickup Truck Cab Styles

The great thing about standards is that nobody ever has the same ones. This is as true for companies as it is for people. Each brand of pickup truck is going to have slightly different names, dimensions, and elements for their different cab styles.
When purchasing a tonneau cover or other truck bed accessories for your Ford pickup truck, you will often need to know the cab style. This overview will walk you through the various distinguishing elements so you can quickly and easily identify what your vehicle is.

Ford Pickup Truck Cab Styles

1. Regular Cab

Ford Regular Cab
A regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats. This is the smallest size cab Ford makes.

2. Super Cab

Ford Super Cab
A super Cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction.

3. Super Crew Cab

Ford Super Crew Cab
A super crew cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors. This is the largest cab style Ford offers.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Why You Want a Truck Bed Liner

For many people, their pickup truck is their livelihood. Whether you use your vehicle for a personal business, like contract work, on the job for a construction site, or to drag your gear and family out of the city for some much needed respite, your truck has your back. It gets you where you're going safely, it secures and carries all your cargo, and it may sometimes even be a bed.

Whether your truck bed is full of gear, people, or the ingredients for a tailgater, you want to make sure your investment is protected. Because in the end, that's what a truck is, a large investment in your lifestyle.

A standard truck bed is often quite bare. The painted steel is exposed to all kinds of strain from moisture, mud, and your cargo. Sliding heavy objects with sharp edges along the flooring and climbing in and out can cause the paint to chip and peel. Once that peeling happens, your vehicle's steel is exposed to the elements, and thus corrosion. Unless you can get the bed repainted quickly, rust is going to start popping up, damaging the structural integrity of your truck bed. Stop the rust problem before it even starts, and get a bedliner for your truck. 

Bedliners don't just protect against rust. They also help limit how much your cargo shifts in your bed by providing a higher friction surface, They also add a more professional, sharp style to your vehicle, and they make cleaning your bed much easier too.

There are a wide range of styles, each with their own pros and cons. I'll give you a brief overview of each style and offer you some suggestions on which we think are the best.

Bed Mats

This style of bed protection is the least expensive, and also the least intrusive. Simply lay it out on the floor of your truck bed, and your paint and steel are protected from potential damage. Like all bed liners, Bed Mats, like the TrailFX Rubber Bed Mat, offer protection for your bed floor and help prevent cargo sliding around. They also help keep your cargo from getting scratched or damaged by the metal of your truck bed.

They are easy to install, simply drop the mat into your bed, and they can be taken out easily for cleaning. The biggest down side to a mat is that it only protects the floor of your bed, leaving your sides open and exposed. They also don't protect as well against rain, snow, and mud.

All in all, Bed Mats are an affordable, quick and easy solution to guarding your bed, but if you're going to be doing a lot of heavy hauling we recommend going up a step.

Drop In Bedliners

Drop In Bedliners are the perfect middle ground if you want affordable, durable truck bed protection and ease of use. Pendaliner is one of our best selling bed liners, on both Auto Truck Depot and Tonno Cover Depot. Pendaliner makes two styles of bed liner, an Over-Rail and an Under-Rail.

The Over-Rail liner provides better all around protection for your truck bed if you don't have rail caps. It drops straight into your bed, and the high density polyethylene curves over to cover the top of your rail. For those not planning to use their stake pocket holes for accessory mounting, you should consider this version, as it provides better coverage. 

Under Rail Bedliners are more versatile if you're someone who uses accessories like tonneau covers or truck racks, or if you have bed rails installed already. These covers are built from all the same durable polyethylene materials as the over rail, they give you increased friction in your truck bed to stop cargo from shifting, and provide complete protection for the inside of your truck bed. Plus, they can be taken out and sprayed down, making your vehicle cleaning much easier.

Spray Liners

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to truck bed maintenance, Spray Liners may be the way to go. Line-X offers a Premium and Econo polyurethane spray which have been engineered to fill every nook, cranny, and orifice of your truck bed to leave an even, weather and water tight seal with no drips or sagging. This style of liner tends to be more durable and long lasting than drop-in liners and mats. Of course, you loose the ability to remove it, but if your truck is always hauling rough cargo or you spend a lot of time out in harsher weather, these may be the liners for you.

The Others

There are some other options available as well. BedRug makes a series of truck bed liners that look and feel like carpet. They are constructed from a 3/4" closed cell foam floor that won't absorb moisture. It's shock absorbent, soft to the touch, and provides better protection for your cargo against scratches and other damage. They're perfect if you find yourself hauling a lot of furniture or other cargo that could be damaged by a hard liner.

If you're looking for something with a little more rugged style, we also carry Wood Truck Bed Liners. These liners are custom built from plywood for your truck, and coated in a heavy duty weather resistant stain that is designed to last for a long time and keep your bed liner looking great.

Whether you choose a Bed Mat, Bedliners, or a Spray Liner, you will be doing your truck bed a favour. Each have their own benefits and limitations, and I hope I've outlined them clearly for you.

To ask more questions, or to inquire about an order, feel free to get in touch!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

How To: Measuring Your Truck Bed for a Tonneau Cover

Before purchasing a tonneau cover or other truck bed accessories, it's extremely important to know the size of your truck bed. It's not as straight forward as checking the advertised length, though. The process of finding the actual bed size of your truck is a commonly asked question, so today I will be giving you the information necessary to get the right number.
When measuring your truck bed, you must measure from the bulkhead to the inside of the tailgate. Measure flush against the inside walls of your truck bed straight across from the bulkhead to the tailgate. Note that it is from inside to inside. *See image for example.
Measuring your Truck Bed | Auto Truck Depot
Note: Keep in mind that the advertised truck bed length is rounded from the actual measurement and may be off slightly. This example table shows the actual size in inches compared to the advertised length in feet/inches. 

Bed Size Measurement Comparison Chart (for Example Only)

Dodge RamShort Bed67.4"5' 7"
Dodge RamStandard Bed76.3"6' 4"
Dodge RamLong Bed96.3"8'
Ford F150Short Bed67.1"5' 7"
Ford F150Standard Bed78.9"6' 7"
Ford F150Long Bed97.6"8' 2"
Ford F250Short Bed81.8"6' 10"
Ford F250Standard Bed98.0"8' 2"
Ford F350Short Bed81.8"6' 10"
Ford F350Standard Bed98.0"8' 2"
GMC CanyonShort Bed62.7"5' 3"
GMC CanyonLong Bed74.0"6' 2"
Nissan FrontierShort Bed59.5"5'
Nissan FrontierStandard Bed73.36' 1"

If you have any other questions, or would like details on ordering your own tonneau cover, don't hesitate to get a hold of us!

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Friday, May 5, 2017

We Want to Hear From You!

Auto Truck Depot has been serving Canada from our home base in Calgary Alberta for over 40 years. In part, this is due to our mission to provide the best possible service at the lowest prices. Our online presence and unbeatable shipping policies make it easier for you to get the products you want in a timely manner.

But, in the end, we have only had the pleasure of serving Canadians for so long because of the Canadians we serve. Without your support, your patronage, and your respectable desire to get out into the world and explore, we wouldn't be here today. And we thank you for that.

One of the most important parts of running a successful business is listening to your customers. If there's a product you want us to carry, tell us. If we've done something in particular to make your experience with us great, or special, tell us so that we can make sure we continue to do those things. If we've done something that hasn't worked, or you feel that we places we can improve, tell us so we can continue to grow and serve you better.

There are multiple ways that you can give us feedback. Leave us a review on Google, or head over to our Facebook Page, and give us a review and a like there. Or, if you're feeling talkative, give us a call. Our sales and service team are highly trained individuals standing at the ready to answer any questions you may have. They work hard every day to try and make your experience with us as quick, painless, and exciting as possible.

Because, in the end, it's all about having the ability to do what you want to do. If you want to get your bikes out to the mountains, let us help. If you need to haul cargo that can get damaged by rain or blown away, let us secure your truck bed. If you need your truck to work hard on the job, let us outfit you. Because we love trucks as much as you do. We love helping you achieve your goals, and getting you out on the road, or off of it.

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Managing Your Truck Bed

One of the greatest things about owning a truck is the fact that you have a truck bed ready to use at any time. Your truck bed can haul cargo, transport additional pets and people, and even provide a cozy place to camp out under the stars. However, without the right truck bed accessories, your truck bed can’t do everything you want it to; for this reason, you’ll want to give some thought to what accessories you’ll get the most use out of and then invest in the ones you truly want and need.

Image 1One very good accessory to have, especially if you regularly haul cargo, is a cargo gate. These gates can keep your items from sliding off of your truck bed and out onto the street. Cargo bars are also quite good at keeping items secured, and they’re even better at sectioning cargo areas to keep your items organized.

There are also cargo nets, truck bed extenders, swing cases, hitch racks, lock boxes, and many other great truck bed accessories available, and you can find all of them at Auto Truck Depot.
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Monday, September 30, 2013

The Best Accessories for Your Truck

There are many excellent advantages to owning a truck. One of them is the fact that there are so many wonderful truck bed accessories and general truck accessories available today. At Auto Truck Depot, for example, you can find awesome truck bed accessories, including the Access Adarac Truck Bed Rack System for easy storage and transport of items. The fun doesn’t end there, however. There are many other great products available, and it’s all about deciding what you need and are likely to get the most use out of and then choosing quality items that match your needs.

Another excellent item to have, for example, is a grill guard. Not only will it add charm and sophistication to your truck, but it can also offer protection to your vehicle’s front end in the event of a collision. You can also get some great tie-downs to make transporting items easier and safer. These and a host of other awesome items are available at Auto Truck Depot.
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Friday, August 2, 2013

Truck Bed Accessories that Make Camping a Breeze!

BednetThere are few things in life better than camping! After all, what beats staring up at the stars and enjoying the cool night air? Now, camping can be made even easier and more comfortable thanks to some great new truck bed accessories! Everyone is raving about sports truck tents, which attach to your truck bed and convert the whole thing into a nice, cozy tent. It’s ideal for camping when the ground is wet, since your supplies will stay nice and dry but you won’t have to sacrifice the experience of sleeping outdoors.

If you want something even more comfortable for outdoor sleeping, opt for a truck bed air mattress! These awesome truck bed accessories are perfectly fitted to match your truck’s bed and can make for a dreamy night spent looking at the stars. It’s perfect for those romantic camping trips or for nights when you’re feeling a little less rustically inclined!  You can find other great camping-related truck items at Auto Truck Depot.
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