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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Joy of Bike Riding

Swagman XC2
Riding a bike is an incredibly fun and freeing experience, one that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life. Not only is bike riding fun, but it’s also incredibly good for you. It provides a way to get in good cardiovascular exercise, which can lead to a stronger, healthier heart, and can also serve to strengthen the muscles in your legs and calves. Furthermore, bike riding helps to improve balance and coordination and, as long as you wear a helmet and obey posted regulations, is incredibly safe.
Another thing that’s great about bike riding, especially if you’re on a diet, is that it is known for burning a lot of calories. While you should still strive to eat healthily most of the time, an occasional splurge won’t ruin your diet if you get in a few long rides a week. Bike riding is also a good way to explore and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it gets you up and outside instead of keeping you stuck indoors like other types of exercise equipment.

You can easily transport your bike or bikes to anywhere your heart desires if you invest in good bike racks for your vehicle. Auto Truck Depot has a wide selection of bike racks available, allowing you to choose the perfect rack to suit your bike and your automobile. The Swagman XC2 is one very good choice, both in terms of its affordable price and because it can be folded for easy storage and transport. The lightweight design makes it easy to install and uninstall and makes it a good choice for use with multiple vehicles.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Want to Buy the Best Bike Racks? Go for the Swagman XC2

If you’re a cyclist who doesn’t have bike racks installed on your vehicle, then you’re really missing out on a lot of great cycling in a lot of amazing places! See, the main reason to have bike racks is so that you can take your bike anywhere and everywhere. With the right racks safely on your automobile, you can explore the most beautiful and scenic bike riding locations near and far. All you have to do is hop out of your vehicle, grab your bike, and then go!

Our favorite rack at the moment is definitely the Swagman XC2, and it’s easy to see why. These racks attach to the back of your vehicle and allow you to safely and easily transport up to two bicycles. The bicycles can be of any size, make, or model, so there are no worries about compatibility. Each rack features individual adjustability, allowing you to easily bring along different sized bikes in one trip. Just adjust the upright ratchet arms to accommodate the frame size. Also make sure you utilize the built-in anti-wobble hitch, which allows for motionless, smooth transport while on the road. There are also some great “grip arms” with a soft frame that allow your bicycle to stay secure without damaging the bike’s paint. Also, you can easily fold down the center arm to get to your vehicle’s rear without having to take off the entire rack.

The best place to get these amazingly convenient and easy to use products is through Auto truck Depot. Not only will you enjoy the widest selection of products, but you’ll also find the lowest prices around!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Take Exercise on the Road

Swagman XTC4Bike racks allow you and your family to take a ride beyond just a light stroll in the neighborhood. While it is possible to just bike to near any location, you might be under time constraints, and it's easier to drive to a specific place. When at your destination, you can better tackle the terrain on your bike and gain your fun and exercise at the same time. There is nothing that can hold you back from a great time with your ride, no matter if you jump hills with a sense of adventure, or a quiet and relaxing ride with family.

 Your time is important, and bike racks that can properly secure your cycle will also secure peace of mind. Biking should not be a chore, and all the best technology will ensure you have the best experience possible. A top of the line bike rack, the Swagman XTC4 does more than hold one bike, it can carry up to four full size bicycles. Capable of holding mountain or cross-country bikes, the construction protects against rust and includes wheel straps. There are also quick-release tire hoops that are easy to adjust, so you don't have to mess around to ensure tires are moving at a minimum — at least until you're ready to ride. 

Find the shopping for this product and many great truck accessories at The Auto Truck Depot. You should also be aware of how the rack fits on your vehicle. The wrong rack can cause scratches and general roof damage, and even a stolen or damaged bicycle. 

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Bicycling is an amazing sport. Not only is it an absolutely excellent way to stay in peak physical shape, as it tones and slims your entire body, but it is also allows you the freedom to go just about anywhere, and to do so affordably. If you are someone who knows al l this and who bikes regularly or someone who would like to, then you are absolutely going to need some good bike racks for your vehicle. Without them, you will be limited in where you can go on your bike, therefore defeating the entire purpose of cycling in the first place. Even if you can find a way to get your bike from point A to point B without them, it will likely be such a hassle that all the fun and joy will be sucked out of the experience, and nobody wants that.

Don’t just go with any old racks, though. Demand the very best by choosing Swagman XTC4 racks. This rack is amazing because it can carry as many as four full size bicycles at one time, making it perfect for those who enjoy biking with family or friends. All you have to do to start using the rack right away is install the wheel holders. Once that is done, you can get your bike all geared up and ready to go in as little as two minutes. Complete with a ratcheting hook and straps for increased security, you can travel without fear of losing or damaging your bikes along the way to your destination.

Be sure to avoid the excess expense of Swagman or any other bike racks products by purchasing them at the most affordable retailer around, Auto Truck Depot.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transporting Bikes on your Vehicle

One of the best past times that people can take up to have fun while getting plenty of exercise is bicycling. There's nothing like the thrill of getting out on a road or mountain bike for a nice, long ride. And the physical benefits are amazing. Unfortunately, unless you like riding your bike hundreds of miles, or dealing with potentially dangerous roadways, you'll need a way to transport your bikes from one location to another with your car, van or SUV. That means that finding the best bike racks is essential for the serious bike riders out there.

Choosing the Right Bike Racks

Here are the things that we recommend people consider when purchasing their bike racks:

    Ease of installation. The best racks should be relatively simple for just about anyone to install.
    Paint Friendly. Bike racks shouldn't trash a bike's finish. We recommend that people only buy racks that are known to be friendly to a bicycle's paint.
    Good wheel straps. For extra stability and safety on the road, good wheel straps are essential.

In addition to these three features, it's important that bicycle owners choose a rack that can handle the appropriate number of bikes. Some folks will only need a rack that can hold two bikes, but families may need to haul around a few more bikes, so they should choose a 4 bike rack when possible. No matter where riders go with their bikes in tow, they'll know that their bikes are safe and sound when they use a high quality rack to keep the bikes secure while driving. If you're buying a new bike rack, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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