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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How To Prep Your RV For Summer Camping

So you just got your RV or camper out of storage and are preparing it for your first camping trip of the season? Great! We are here to help you out. There are a few important things you should check to be sure everything is safe and in working order, and I will go through a few steps to help you get started.
Preparing Youro RV or Camper for Your First Camping Trip of the Season | Auto Truck Depot


Check for Leaks

Assuming your RV or camper was just removed from storage, the first thing you should do is check it over for leaks or damage. Check for leaks or cracks in the caulking of the roof, around windows, vents, air conditioners and doors. If these areas are left unchecked, you are risking exposing your RV to water damage.

Check tires

It is especially important to check your tires before making a long journey. Inspect the sidewalls and in between the treads for cracks, and be sure to check the tire pressure. Be sure to fill the tires according to the pressure recommended for your RV. This information can be found in the hand book, or often on a sticker inside the cabinet.


Before checking your battery, disconnect your RV or camper from shore power and make sure all appliances and main power switch are turned off. Once this is complete, inspect your batteries for cracks or corrosion. If they appear damaged, it may be worth getting tested and/or replaced. If everything appears to be okay, you should inspect and clean any corrosion that has built up on the battery terminals and connections. This can be done with hot water and baking soda. If you’re in need of a new battery, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Liquid Propane (PL)

Make sure all propane items are turned off and ensure there are no open flames or sparks near the area. Open all valves on the tanks and smell for leaks. Spray the lines and connections with a soapy mixture to test for any leaks. If a leak is found, the hose or fitting should be replaced and professionally serviced.

Sewer Hoses & Waste Tank Valves

Check for cracks or damage prior to using. Also be sure to check that waste tank valves open, close, and seal properly.   


Start your generator and let it run for a while. After running it, check oil levels and fill it as needed. Check your air filter for nests or damage and clean it out. If there are any damages, replace the filter.


Make sure your hot water heater bypass valve is set to the “normal” position and that all faucets are closed. Fill up your RV with fresh water, and while it is filling, turn on a cold and hot water faucet at the same time to let air bubbles escape from the lines. Inspect vales and hot water heater drain plugs for crack or leaks, and faucets and pipes inside the RV.


Clean Appliances

Inspect all appliances thoroughly for dirt, nests, bugs and damage. Use household cleaners and light air from a compressor.

Test Appliances

Before testing any propane appliances, make sure your LP gas leak detector has fresh batteries and is turned on. Light a stove top burner, refrigerator and other appliances. Before turning on your water heater, make sure it is filled with water to avoid damages.

What Else?

Swagman 2 Bike Ladder RV Rack | Auto Truck Depot
You’re now ready to begin packing your RV or camper for your next big trip! If you like to travel with your bikes, try using the Swagman RV Bike Ladder Rack or Traveler XC2 2 Bike Platform RV Rack for easily hauling your bikes. We also carry vehicle storage solutions like cargo racksboxesbaskets, and more to help you prepare for that time away with friends and family.
If you’re in need of new hitch or servicing, we are here for you. We offer professional hitch installations, wiring, brake controllers, and anything you might need for towing. Come in for a free inspection and make sure you’re pulling your rig safely.
Come visit us or contact us today!

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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Moving? Trailer Hitches Are the Way to Go

Valley_Goose.jpgAre you planning a move? Whether it’s across the county or across the street, you’re probably going to be hauling a lot of cargo. And it’s not just any cargo either; it’s the “cargo” that makes up your entire life. From your family photo albums to your child’s first teddy bear, you don’t want to be equipped with the wrong trailer. And, just as families need a quality trailer to haul their goods from place to place, quality trailer hitches are also incredibly important. Without hitches, you run the risk of having your trailer become dislodged. This can cause serious accidents and make you lose all of your most prized possessions. Don’t let this happen to you; choose your hitch wisely.

Choosing trailer hitches does take a bit of time and effort but, once you’ve picked the right hitch, you’ll find it’s all worth it in the end. Take a moment to think about the type of vehicle you have, how much cargo you plan to haul, and the length of your trip. Some hitches are designed to work only with specific vehicles, while others are much more versatile. Furthermore, hitches generally have a carrying capacity which you should abide by strictly, and certain hitches are known for holding out longer than others.

One good hitch that works for many is the Valley Hitch. Like any hitch, however, you need to be very cautious about installation. A faulty installation can make even the best hitch non-functional. Whether you choose this particular hook or any other offered by Auto Truck Depot, you’ll want to be especially careful that you either have the installation done professionally or that you know exactly what you’re doing when you set out to do the job yourself.

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Trailer Hitches and More at Auto Truck Depot

Image 1Many people buy trailers to use with their trucks or other vehicles. Lots of times, though, these people forget that trailer hitches are also very necessary! Without these hitches, you can’t properly hook up your trailer, and without the right hitch, you can’t guarantee the safest, smoothest transport possible. This is why we suggest only purchasing your trailer hitches from a reputable seller, like Auto Truck Depot. The store has many hitches available, so you can find the exact product (and the exact price range!) you need. Furthermore, there are lots of wonderful accessories to go along with your new hitch. Some accessories are just designed for a better, more streamlined appearance, while others increase your hauling performance and keep you safer while on the road.

One awesome product available through the store is the weight distribution hitch. Especially useful for carrying larger loads, this special hitch allows for even distribution of weight, for a balanced load and for a smoother ride all around. Whether you choose this particular hitch or a different one, don’t overlook the accessories that are also available. Choose from covers, adaptors, wiring, and so much more—it’s never been easier to find everything you need all in one convenient spot!

Remember, anytime you go on the road without the right hitch and the right accessories to back it up, you are not only risking your safety but the safety of other drivers as well. Furthermore, you run the risk of losing or ruining all of the cargo that you are hauling in your trailer. Protect these expensive items, plus yourself and other drivers by making smart purchases through the Depot.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Curt 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch is the Next Big Thing in Trailer Hitches

Oftentimes, trailer hitches are just one of those things that people buy without putting any real thought into the product that they choose. It is important to understand, however, that not all trailer hitches are built the same, and that some just won’t last as long or work as well as others. If you want a hitch that will do everything it promises and then some and will last you for years to come, then we strongly suggest giving the Curt 20k Fifth Wheel Hitch a try. You’ll be so glad you did!

This awesome hitch has so much pulling power! It can easily tow up to 20,000 pounds, while still providing you with a smooth, easy, and safe ride. This is accomplished through a state-of-the-art spherical axial bearing, a positive locking dual jaw system with a 360 degree pin contact, and other great features. These include a sturdy storage box for safekeeping when not in use, lock indicators that let you know for sure your hitch is firmly attached, one inch all-alloy pins for maximum durability, lube points with easy access grease fitting, and more! Even with all of these awesome features, you’ll find that the hitch is surprisingly lightweight (weighing in at only 121 pounds), making it easy to transport. It’s easy to install and remove as well— no fancy equipment or mechanical know-how required.

The sellers at Auto Truck Depot so firmly believe in this product that they offer it with a ten year warranty. So, don’t waste another second using sub-par hitches; get the one that’s built to last.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Trailer Hitch Maintenance and Care

Anyone who hauls a trailer behind their truck or SUV knows the importance of having a reliable, tough trailer hitch. What many people don't think about is how to best maintain their trailer hitches. Since the trailer hitch is on the back of the vehicle, and only used some of the time, it's easy for truck owners to overlook the basics of taking care of this all-important vehicle accessory.

We get questions all the time about trailer hitch maintenance, so we thought we'd share some simple tips for keeping your hitch in tip-top operating condition.

    Check the documentation that came with your trailer hitch. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is arguably the most important part of taking care of a hitch properly. Every manufacturer has their own specifics when it comes to maintenance, so dust yours off and make sure that you read through it. One thing that many people find out is that they are hauling too much weight for the hitch that they have installed on their trucks. This can lead to potentially dangerous conditions and cause too much wear on your truck hitch, so make sure that you aren't violating this rule.
    Keep it clean. Make sure that you get into the coupler on your hitch from time to time. It is very easy for grease and grime to build up inside the coupler. Make it a point to take care of this often overlooked maintenance task to keep your hitch in good operating condition. For the coupler to make a decent connection to the ball and hitch, it has to be kept completely free of dust and debris.

Keep these basic, but important tips in mind to get the best performance from your hitch.

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