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Monday, August 13, 2012

Trailer Hitches and More at Auto Truck Depot

Image 1Many people buy trailers to use with their trucks or other vehicles. Lots of times, though, these people forget that trailer hitches are also very necessary! Without these hitches, you can’t properly hook up your trailer, and without the right hitch, you can’t guarantee the safest, smoothest transport possible. This is why we suggest only purchasing your trailer hitches from a reputable seller, like Auto Truck Depot. The store has many hitches available, so you can find the exact product (and the exact price range!) you need. Furthermore, there are lots of wonderful accessories to go along with your new hitch. Some accessories are just designed for a better, more streamlined appearance, while others increase your hauling performance and keep you safer while on the road.

One awesome product available through the store is the weight distribution hitch. Especially useful for carrying larger loads, this special hitch allows for even distribution of weight, for a balanced load and for a smoother ride all around. Whether you choose this particular hitch or a different one, don’t overlook the accessories that are also available. Choose from covers, adaptors, wiring, and so much more—it’s never been easier to find everything you need all in one convenient spot!

Remember, anytime you go on the road without the right hitch and the right accessories to back it up, you are not only risking your safety but the safety of other drivers as well. Furthermore, you run the risk of losing or ruining all of the cargo that you are hauling in your trailer. Protect these expensive items, plus yourself and other drivers by making smart purchases through the Depot.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Why Bother With a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Being in the auto and truck accessory industry, we get the opportunity to talk to people about a wide range of topics. Of course, hauling and hitches are two topics that we never get tired of. It's important for people to choose the right hitches, no matter what kind of trailer they will be towing. There are some folks, though, who haven't thought about much more than simple towing capacity; when load stability is every bit as important.

Keeping Trailers Stable on the Road

A good weight distribution hitch, like the popular selling Round Bar Style Weight Distributing System, works to keep your trailer stable while you're on the road. If you've ever had to haul a trailer without a weight distribution hitch, you know how scary, and potentially dangerous it can be. As a driver, you have to maintain total control over your vehicle. And when a trailer is not optimally stabilized, by having the weight properly distributed, bad control is to be expected.

The Round Bar Style Weight Distributing System is popular with people who haul trailers because it is easy to adjust. It has simple to use adjustment blocks that allow for fast, low-effort ball mount angle adjustments. With this system installed on your trailer, you never have to worry about constantly shifting weight on the trailer forcing your vehicle out of control.

Like you, we always consider safety to be the most important aspect of being on the road. And since a weight distribution hitch makes hauling a trailer a safer, more enjoyable experience, we always recommend them to our friends and customers. If you regularly tow a trailer, and haven't felt as in control of it as you should, contact us at Auto Truck Depot to find out more about these types of hitch assemblies.

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