Friday, November 29, 2013

Velazquez Samaniego Charged with Manslaughter

By now, most people have heard of Velazquez Samaniego, the monster truck driver from Chihuahua, Mexico who killed 9 people and injured eight more in a recent accident. After making headlines for over a week, Samaniego was finally charged with manslaughter, and local prosecutors have stated that the driver did not meet all of the necessary requirements to drive the monster truck being used at the time of the accident.

D2 LED Light Wide at Autotruckdepot.caWhether Samaniego should be charged or not is a matter of opinion, but the driver does still maintain that the event was an accident. His story is that he lost his helmet, hit his head, and, after being knocked unconscious, ended up running into the crowd of people gathered to watch him participate in the event.
The really sad thing is that this tragic accident could have been prevented. Stricter guidelines and requirements for driving monster trucks should be enforced, and safety features such as lightbars, could have been used to alert spectators to any possible troubles.

While nothing can undo these tragic, recent events, you can keep yourself from being involved in such an accident by investing in lightbars and other safety features for your vehicle.
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

General Motors Recalls Vehicles

jeep logo

There are people in the world who say that nothing runs or performs quite like a Jeep. These are the people who spend all their money on Jeep accessories and who refuse to drive anything else. While you might think these people are crazy for their devotion to Jeeps, a recent recall from General Motors should be enough to make you think twice.

The company recently announced that it is recalling 21,721 of its new Chevrolet Silverado models and GMC Sierra models because the front seats are capable of shifting if the vehicle is impacted from the rear. Most of the recalled models (18,972 of them!) were sold in the United States, though a large chunk (2,575) were also sold in Canada. It’s worth nothing that this isn’t the first recall for General Motors, which recalled 843 vehicles in the summer of 2013 for airbag problems.

Jeeps, on the other hand, rarely get recalled, making them a safe bet, so go ahead and stock up on those Jeep accessories at Auto Truck Depot.
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Testing the Camaro

2010 Camaro

Shopping for hood protectors and other accessories can be fun, but what’s the point in buying all these add-ons if you don’t have a vehicle that knows how to perform? If you’re looking for a vehicle that’s not just pretty but also able to perform, then consider the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, which was recently tested at the infamous Nurburgring in Germany.

The vehicle was able to make the 13 mile trip around the ring in only a little over seven and a half minutes, beating out the 991 Porsche and several other automobiles. To top it all off, the trial run took place on a wet and rainy day, leaving spectators to wonder just how the vehicle would have performed in perfect conditions.

Whether you’ve got a Camaro or some other vehicle that knows how to perform, it’s important to fully protect it so that it can keep performing for you. You can purchase hood protectors and other great accessories to keep your vehicle performing at its best from Auto Truck Depot.
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What’s Faster: A Ford or a Chevy

Every driver wants a truck that looks great, one that simply needs a few floor liners and a good washing every now and then to look its very best. Even more importantly, however, every driver wants a truck with some power—the ability to pick up speed quickly and to maintain that speed easily. For a long time, drivers with a “need for speed” have chosen Ford as the go-to maker of fast vehicles, but are Fords really the fastest?

car_liners.gif In a recent acceleration test performed by the Michigan State Police department in the United States, Ford’s engine beat out both Chevy and Dodge engines in terms of rate of acceleration and overall speed, proving that, as savvy truck owners have long known, Ford is the brand to choose for true power.

Drivers who own Fords don’t need to worry about speed and can focus on keeping their trucks looking great! Attractive floor liners and other stylish accessories to help your truck look great are available from Auto Truck Depot.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

General Motors’ Former Global Marketing Chief On the Defensive

For a very long time, General Motors (GM) has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and automotive accessories. They were the people to go to if you needed anything from a new vehicle to a new fuel transfer tank. Recently, though, the company tanked its former global marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, drawing suspicion and concern over possible secrets or problems within the powerhouse company’s structure.

At the time of Ewanick’s release, GM simply said that Ewanick didn’t meet their expectations, though news outlets claimed Ewanick had botched a sponsorship deal the company had with Manchester United. Ewanick is stepping up to defend himself, however, claiming that the sponsorship deal was incredibly simplistic and that there was no room for “botching.”

Even while defending himself and in spite of his firing, Ewanick stood up for GM, saying he had no hard feelings toward the company. Regardless of how you feel about this issue, know that you can still get a great fuel transfer tank or any other automotive accessory, made by GM or not, from Auto Truck Depot.
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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Automotive Deliveries Delayed

Have you recently ordered some 3M paint protection film for your vehicle? Or maybe you ordered a new truck stereo or even a new truck altogether? Whatever the case may be, if your delivery is coming from the Port of Baltimore, it could be a little (or even a lot!) on the late side.
Sadly, it has been reported that a dockworker strike in the area has caused several automotive deliveries to be delayed. While the companies mainly affected by the strike are BMW, Mazda, and Fiat, which all have distribution plants in the area, many other deliveries from around the country are getting delayed during the transit process because of the harrowing strike.

The strike featured a 2000 member walkout due to a contractual dispute between local workers and the Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore. Automotive manufacturers aren’t commenting on the strike (or on when you can expect that 3M paint protection film you ordered to arrive), but all are hoping it will end soon. Until it does (and hopefully after too!), you can check out the great accessories at Auto Truck Depot, a company that is unaffected by the strike and that won’t keep you waiting!
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Monday, November 11, 2013

News from General Motors

2006 Chevrolet Impala photographed in USA. Cat...

Have you been busy shopping for fender flares or checking out the latest trucks to hit the market? If so, you might have missed the latest news from General Motors! The company just recently announced its plans to release a special “bifuel” Chevy Impala in 2015. The new Impala, the company says, will be capable of using either traditional fuel or natural gas.

While it’s obvious that the bifuel property of the vehicle can help drivers to improve their carbon footprints and protect the environment, there are other benefits to the soon-to-be-released bifuel Chevy Impala as well. The vehicle, General Motors claims, will be able to go for around 500 miles without needing to be refilled!

Just because the new Chevy Impala will have this great feature you don’t have to stop shopping for fender flares or anything else. The vehicle will look much like older models and will still be compatible with all the other great accessories you’ll find at Auto Truck Depot.
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Who Took Home the “Truck of Texas” Honor?

Most truck enthusiasts, even those outside of the United States, are familiar with the annual “Truck of Texas” award. If you haven’t heard of the award, it’s given annually by the Texas Auto Writers Association to the truck that best embodies the power and “larger than life” attitude of the state. This year’s winner was the 2014 Ram 1500, which features some massive cargo baskets and ample room all around.
RAM was also lucky enough to win “Best Powertrain,” thanks to its “green” 3 liter engine, and “Best Technology,” thanks in large part to its new rear coil suspension system. Whether you live in Texas or not, it’s obvious that this year’s “truck of Texas” is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you want something roomy that makes transporting cargo easy.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the new RAM to get great cargo capacity; all you really have to do is opt for some cargo baskets from Auto Truck Depot. If you do, you can turn any vehicle into a cargo-carrying machine!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alfred Morris’ Classic Car

Some people want to have the newest, fastest automobile on the market and, as a result, trade in their old rides as soon as the new models come out. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have people who develop deep, sentimental attachments to their automobiles and who seem to hold onto them forever. Surprisingly, Washington Redskins’ running back, Alfred Morris, falls into the second group of people.

Though Morris could afford to own just about any vehicle he wants, he has opted to keep his old school 1991 Mazda 626. At least, the car, which Morris says was his very first, used to be “old school.” A dealership in Brown’s area took and refurbished the car for him. Adding new brake controllers and just about every upgrade you can think of, the car is now in pristine condition, and Morris couldn’t be happier.

Loyalty paid off for Morris, and it can pay off for you! Give your old vehicle a new feel with brand new brake controllers or any other accessory from Auto Truck Depot!
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