Thursday, November 14, 2013

Automotive Deliveries Delayed

Have you recently ordered some 3M paint protection film for your vehicle? Or maybe you ordered a new truck stereo or even a new truck altogether? Whatever the case may be, if your delivery is coming from the Port of Baltimore, it could be a little (or even a lot!) on the late side.
Sadly, it has been reported that a dockworker strike in the area has caused several automotive deliveries to be delayed. While the companies mainly affected by the strike are BMW, Mazda, and Fiat, which all have distribution plants in the area, many other deliveries from around the country are getting delayed during the transit process because of the harrowing strike.

The strike featured a 2000 member walkout due to a contractual dispute between local workers and the Steamship Trade Association of Baltimore. Automotive manufacturers aren’t commenting on the strike (or on when you can expect that 3M paint protection film you ordered to arrive), but all are hoping it will end soon. Until it does (and hopefully after too!), you can check out the great accessories at Auto Truck Depot, a company that is unaffected by the strike and that won’t keep you waiting!
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