Sunday, November 17, 2013

General Motors’ Former Global Marketing Chief On the Defensive

For a very long time, General Motors (GM) has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automobiles and automotive accessories. They were the people to go to if you needed anything from a new vehicle to a new fuel transfer tank. Recently, though, the company tanked its former global marketing chief, Joel Ewanick, drawing suspicion and concern over possible secrets or problems within the powerhouse company’s structure.

At the time of Ewanick’s release, GM simply said that Ewanick didn’t meet their expectations, though news outlets claimed Ewanick had botched a sponsorship deal the company had with Manchester United. Ewanick is stepping up to defend himself, however, claiming that the sponsorship deal was incredibly simplistic and that there was no room for “botching.”

Even while defending himself and in spite of his firing, Ewanick stood up for GM, saying he had no hard feelings toward the company. Regardless of how you feel about this issue, know that you can still get a great fuel transfer tank or any other automotive accessory, made by GM or not, from Auto Truck Depot.
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