Monday, November 11, 2013

News from General Motors

2006 Chevrolet Impala photographed in USA. Cat...

Have you been busy shopping for fender flares or checking out the latest trucks to hit the market? If so, you might have missed the latest news from General Motors! The company just recently announced its plans to release a special “bifuel” Chevy Impala in 2015. The new Impala, the company says, will be capable of using either traditional fuel or natural gas.

While it’s obvious that the bifuel property of the vehicle can help drivers to improve their carbon footprints and protect the environment, there are other benefits to the soon-to-be-released bifuel Chevy Impala as well. The vehicle, General Motors claims, will be able to go for around 500 miles without needing to be refilled!

Just because the new Chevy Impala will have this great feature you don’t have to stop shopping for fender flares or anything else. The vehicle will look much like older models and will still be compatible with all the other great accessories you’ll find at Auto Truck Depot.
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