Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What’s Faster: A Ford or a Chevy

Every driver wants a truck that looks great, one that simply needs a few floor liners and a good washing every now and then to look its very best. Even more importantly, however, every driver wants a truck with some power—the ability to pick up speed quickly and to maintain that speed easily. For a long time, drivers with a “need for speed” have chosen Ford as the go-to maker of fast vehicles, but are Fords really the fastest?

car_liners.gif In a recent acceleration test performed by the Michigan State Police department in the United States, Ford’s engine beat out both Chevy and Dodge engines in terms of rate of acceleration and overall speed, proving that, as savvy truck owners have long known, Ford is the brand to choose for true power.

Drivers who own Fords don’t need to worry about speed and can focus on keeping their trucks looking great! Attractive floor liners and other stylish accessories to help your truck look great are available from Auto Truck Depot.
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