Thursday, February 28, 2013

Looking to Carry Large Loads with Ease?

Are you planning a big move, one in which you have to transport all of your goods to your new home? Or maybe you want to go on a camping trip with all your gear in tow. Whatever the reason, if you’re going to be hauling a large load, then you might want to consider purchasing a Gooseneck hitch. These hitches, which are available from Auto Truck Depot, can tackle even the toughest loads with ease. In fact, they can handle cargo loads of up to 25,000 pounds! The secret is that these super-strong hitches attach to the truck bed, rather than to the fragile back of the truck.

Don’t think that a Gooseneck hitch has to take over your truck’s sleek design either. While the hitch will be visible when it’s in use, you can put it out of sight and out of mind when you don’t need it. In fact, there are many different designs of this particular hitch so you can control the visibility of the model you choose. Some designs can be turned over when not in use, while others fold out of sight. No matter which model you choose, rest assured that when you’re ready to use your hitch, getting it visible and ready to go is simple!

Do make sure, however, that you have your hitch installed correctly and carefully. While some people do tackle the job on their own, it’s in your best interest to let a professional handle it. After all, you’re relying on the hitch to carry a large and presumably important load, so you want to make every effort to ensure that it’s secure.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shopping for Tonneau Covers?

Access Rollup Tonneau CoverAre you looking for tonneau covers for sale? If so, then you’ll definitely want to check out the incredible selection available at Auto Truck Depot. The Depot features tonneau covers designed not only to protect your truck bed from scratches, dings, and general damage, but also to help your vehicle look its very best and most stylish. As you browse through the selection, you’ll likely notice that you have a wide range of prices and materials to choose from. While not all covers are created equally, any cover made from durable materials and that is within your budget can prove to be a good fit for you.

Those who are looking to save money will want to browse through the soft tonneau covers for sale. These models, which truly are made of softer materials, are generally a lot more affordable than their hard-top counterparts and come in many different styles. Choose from covers that roll up when not in use, that snap on when you need them, or that can be folded for quick and easy storage. While many hard-top models go on a truck for good, softer versions are designed to be more versatile and to be removed as needed.

Hardtop covers may not be the cheapest option in the world, but they are a good choice when you want the ultimate in protection and durability. Hardtop covers can stand up to just about anything, including impact. If you get into a wreck, have something fall on your truck bed, or experience a rollover, your hardtop cover is likely to still protect your cargo. Talk about tough! Many people also prefer the sleek, stylish look of hardtop covers.

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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mud Flaps: Not Just for Looks

We’ve all seen mud flaps hanging down by the wheels  of a truck. These little flaps often serve as attention-getters for the truck owner. They might tout a funny phrase, pictures of a favorite cartoon character, or just some cool eye-catching design. While it’s fine for you to choose a decorative pair of flaps for your truck, it’s also important to recognize that these accessories do actually play an important role. They are designed to protect the entire back end of your vehicle, and not just from mud, but from rocks and flying debris as well. As such, you shouldn’t just pick your flaps based on design and appearance alone. You have to pay attention to functionality.

Good mud flaps provide you with full coverage and will work by flinging road debris back and away from the vehicle. Obviously, if they are going to be flinging rocks and other large chunks of debris about, they’ve got to be made of some pretty durable materials. Auto Truck Depot offers many different options, all made from long-lasting materials. Some even feature steel panels for extra protection. Best of all, the flaps are available in a wide range of prices, most of them quite affordable, so you can find flaps to match any budget.

If you happen to live close to the Depot, know that you can have the flaps that you choose installed. The process is quick and can be completed while you wait. If you don’t happen to live in the area, you can try installing the flaps yourself or calling in a professional. In most cases, installation is very easy and can be completed without a lot of know-how or fancy tools.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Do You Need a Fifth Wheel Hitch?

Many of today’s truck owners love buying accessories for use with their precious vehicles. Unfortunately, many of them love it a little too much and resort to buying accessories that they don’t actually need or won’t use often. A fifth wheel hitch is one of those products that not all truck owners need. Generally, unless you plan to be hauling a trailer, an RV, or some other large piece, this device is not really necessary for you. If you do happen to need one, however, you’ll be glad to know that Auto Truck Depot offers many affordable options to meet your needs.

Whatever you do, however, don’t make the mistake of using a regular hitch with your large load and thinking it will work just as well as a fifth wheel hitch. These specialized hitches are the only ones designed specifically to tackle oversized loads. Furthermore, these hitches attach to the truck’s bed, not to the rear bumper, which wouldn’t be strong enough to handle loads of such large sizes. If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a special hitch or a standard model, don’t hesitate to ask the friendly experts at the Depot.

As a final word of wisdom, do be sure that you go through the installation process as carefully and safely as possible. Installation of the hitch is not difficult, but for your safety and the safety of your trailer or other cargo, it does need to be done correctly and securely. If you don’t want to tackle installation on your own, have a professional do the job. Sure, you’ll probably have to spend a little extra money, but the peace of mind is well worth it.

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Riding in Safety and Style

suvHoodProtector.jpgWhen you have a beautiful vehicle, the last thing you want is for the hood, fender, and windshield to get covered in unsightly dents and scratches, not to mention squashed bugs and other road-grossness. Fortunately, no matter how rough the terrain on which you ride, you can protect your vehicle. Hood protectors are the answer and, as even better news, know that these devices aren’t going to turn your styling ride into an ugly, uncool vehicle. Instead, hood protectors are designed to be both stylish and functional, meaning you get the best of both worlds.

There are a lot of hood protector options available, and only you can decide which one is the best fit for you.  No matter which model you choose, a close fit is extremely important. If your protector doesn’t fit closely enough, it can easily make your vehicle look sloppy, and nobody wants that. Plus, a wrong-sized protector isn’t going to keep your vehicle as protected as you’d like. So, when you’re shopping, just read through the fine print and make sure that the protector is designed to work with a vehicle like yours. If you’re unsure or have any other questions, make sure you voice them before you buy. If you’re shopping somewhere with good customer service, like Auto Truck Depot, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Key features to look for in any protector include being made of a strong, lasting material, such as acrylic; coming with some kind of warranty to protect your purchase; being scratch and rust-resistant; and being able to go through normal cleaning and waxing processes without you having to worry about potential damage.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come to a Smoother, Safer Stop

Image 1Driving, even when you’ve been doing it for years, isn’t always as easy as you might expect. Even under the best of situations, chances are you’re probably going to have to make a quick and unexpected stop and/or to slam on your brakes every once in a while. While it’s fairly easy to stop quickly when it’s just your vehicle you have to worry about, it’s not so easy when you’re hauling a heavy trailer behind you. Whether you’re headed out on a camping or fishing trip, moving to a new home, or just hauling cargo for a friend, it’s important that when you stop, your trailer stops with you.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure smoother, safer stopping every time. By using a brake controller, like the great one made by Draw Tite, you can stop with ease, even when you have to hit the brakes unexpectedly. This particular model is very versatile and can work with both 2 and 4 brake trailers. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, for both the beginning trailer-hauler and the seasoned pro. Illuminated buttons and signals, including an output indicator and output control, make it easy to control. Plus, when you shop Auto Truck Depot, your Draw Tite model comes with an impressive three year limited warranty, which protects your purchase.

You’ll also be happy to know that installation of the brake controller is easy and usually doesn’t require any special or expensive tools. In fact, most new owners will complete the installation process in minutes and be ready to hit the road safely. If you’re going to be carrying a trailer, don’t leave your driveway without a brake controller of some sort, whether you choose this particular model or not.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Selecting a Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fifth_Wheel_Hitch.jpgAre you planning on carrying an extra heavy load? Maybe you’re transporting a large camper or even an entire home. If that’s the case, know that you can’t rely on standard hitches to get the job done right and that, indeed, doing so can actually be dangerous for yourself and others on the road. A fifth wheel hitch is what you need instead. These specialized hitches, designed to carry even the largest of loads, feature a front edge that extends over your rear bumper and attaches to your truck’s bed for supreme security. It’s incredibly important to invest in a high quality hitch, since your own safety and the safety of your large cargo depend on it.

It’s also important for you to understand that, in most cases, you will need to have your fifth wheel hitch professionally installed. Installing a heavy-duty specialized hitch isn’t the same as installing a standard hitch, and unless you know exactly what you’re doing, you could make small errors that could have big consequences. Choose a store like Auto Truck Depot, which has professionals who can install your product for you and that provides extremely clear instructions on how to use the product properly and safely.

Also make sure that you choose the right hitch to work with your specific vehicle. Every truck is different, so you’ll want to check on compatibility carefully. The Reese 5th Wheel Hitch is a good and very versatile option for many drivers. Made by one of the most respected and high quality manufacturers in the business, owning and using this product, as opposed to some lesser-known brand’s product, can give you great peace of mind while on the road.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aluminum Tonneau Covers: When You Want the Toughest Cover Possible

Bakflip HDAluminum tonneau covers are an affordable and easy way to better protect your vehicle and your cargo. When you have a good cover in place, you don’t have to worry about your truck bed getting all scratched up from flying rocks or other road debris. You can also leave your cargo unattended without fearing that someone is going to steal your precious goods. In addition to the superior protection they offer, these covers also add a look of sophistication and style to any vehicle. And aluminum products are so popular that you can find many different designs, allowing you to customize your vehicle’s look and feel,

Aluminum tonneau covers are a much better choice than those made from softer materials, particularly if you’re going for durability and maximum toughness. Aluminum is a strong metal and it tends to hold up quite while, even with repeated or rough use. Despite the impressive strength of these covers, you’ll also find that they are incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to install and to transport when necessary. Choose a temporary model or a model that can stay on your vehicle at all times.

One good choice is the BAKflip HD, a trifold cover that will simply rest against your back window when not in use. This means that you have complete access to your truck’s bed and should have no problem getting to your goods. Plus, the aluminum that makes up this product is airplane quality, so you know it’s tough, safe, and guaranteed to stand the test of time! There are other options available as well when you choose Auto Truck Depot.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Get the Work Van Equipment You Need to Get the Job Done Right

When your vehicle also serves as your office, you can’t afford not to have the right work van equipment. There are a ton of different types of equipment out there, so it’s best, before you shop, to take some time to think about what it is you need to get your job done. Having a plan as to what pieces  of equipment you need will not only help to make shopping easier, but it will also ensure that you don’t end up buying things you don’t need on impulse, enabling you to save money.

A lot of the work van equipment products you will come across will have to do with transporting cargo as safely and as efficiently as possible. There are also products to help maximize storage capacity and products to help you store all of your tools and other pieces of equipment neatly. A good rule of thumb is to seriously consider any product that can help you to do your job more quickly, to do your job better, to do your job more easily, or to be more organized. Any item that can help you to accomplish one or more of these goals is a smart investment.

The Kargo Master Rack is an excellent product available from Auto Truck Depot, one that can come in handy for just about anybody. While this rack is designed to easily get all types of cargo from one place to another, it’s particularly good for storing bulky, oversized pieces of cargo. Since the rack is on the outside of the vehicle, it also allows you to preserve valuable work van space and to protect your van’s interior.

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