Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Come to a Smoother, Safer Stop

Image 1Driving, even when you’ve been doing it for years, isn’t always as easy as you might expect. Even under the best of situations, chances are you’re probably going to have to make a quick and unexpected stop and/or to slam on your brakes every once in a while. While it’s fairly easy to stop quickly when it’s just your vehicle you have to worry about, it’s not so easy when you’re hauling a heavy trailer behind you. Whether you’re headed out on a camping or fishing trip, moving to a new home, or just hauling cargo for a friend, it’s important that when you stop, your trailer stops with you.

Fortunately, there is a way to ensure smoother, safer stopping every time. By using a brake controller, like the great one made by Draw Tite, you can stop with ease, even when you have to hit the brakes unexpectedly. This particular model is very versatile and can work with both 2 and 4 brake trailers. Furthermore, it’s easy to use, for both the beginning trailer-hauler and the seasoned pro. Illuminated buttons and signals, including an output indicator and output control, make it easy to control. Plus, when you shop Auto Truck Depot, your Draw Tite model comes with an impressive three year limited warranty, which protects your purchase.

You’ll also be happy to know that installation of the brake controller is easy and usually doesn’t require any special or expensive tools. In fact, most new owners will complete the installation process in minutes and be ready to hit the road safely. If you’re going to be carrying a trailer, don’t leave your driveway without a brake controller of some sort, whether you choose this particular model or not.

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