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Friday, November 17, 2017

Best Products to Maximize Your Vehicle Storage Space and Lifespan

Whether you've got a family camping trip planned this summer or you're looking to hit the slopes with friends this winder, the issue of vehicle storage always comes up. There are too many people and gear, not enough space. Especially if you own a small vehicle. In this article, I will walk you through the details of the types of storage expansion options we carry, and what you can expect from each.

Cargo Boxes

Cargo boxes come in various sizes and styles for any vehicle. These boxes are durable, secure and install on an existing roof rack system to let you store your cargo safely on the top of your vehicle. 
Yakima SkyBox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box | Auto Truck Depot
The Yakima SkyBox 18 Carbonite Cargo Box secures to the top of your vehicle to provide 18 cubic feet of additional storage. This box is ideal for hauling cargo for up to 4 people and it is great for snowboards and skis up to 215 cm in length. Its sleek aerodynamic design reduces drag to make your ride smooth, and most importantly, it frees up room inside your vehicle to make your adventures more comfortable.
Yakima boxes come in various sizes and styles. Here are some available options to choose from.

Cargo Baskets

Cargo baskets, such as the Yakima Loadwarrior, can help secure and transport items on that you can't fit in your vehicle. The open air platform provides extra cargo space on the top of your car to secure larger items, and there are a wide range of products that can be added to help further secure the cargo.. 
Cargo Nets, like the Thule Stretch Cargo Net can be used to cover and secure your cargo inside a cargo basket. Most cargo nets are made of a mesh that stretches and conforms to your load.
Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket | Auto Truck Depot
There are various sizes and styles of cargo baskets to choose from, depending on personal preference and need. Here is a list of a few we carry.
  • Thule Canyon Cargo Basket
    • Tapered side walls make loading and unloading easy
    • Wind fairing shape increases aerodynamics and reduces drag
    • Built for style 
  • Thule Trail Large Cargo Basket
    • Flat cargo area for easy loading and unloading
    • Integrated front and rear t-track channels for mounting additional rack accessories such as lights
    • Upper load surface is covered with rubber to provide extra grip for longer loads
  • Thule Trail Medium Cargo Basket
    • Flat cargo area for easy loading and unloading
    • Integrated front and rear t-track channels for mounting additional rack accessories such as lights
    • Eight adjustable tie-down loops included for securing loads
  • Yakima LoadWarrior Cargo Basket
    • Adds cargo space to the top of your vehicle
    • Open air platform allows easy access to tie-down materials
    • Accessory bars act as crossbars form gear specific racks and provides added security
  • Yakima MegaWarrior Cargo Basket
    • Larger version of the LoadWarrior
    • Accommodates most Yakima gear and mounts
    • Best for larger trucks and SUVs 

Cargo Bags

Thule Interstate Cargo Bag | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo bags are durable and water-resistant to provide additional cargo space on top of your vehicle. These products provide a great deal of space when needed and can be easily folded and stored. Here is a list of cargo bags we carry.
  • Thule Interstate Cargo Bag
    • Provides up to 16 cubic feet of additional storage
    • Twin compression straps ensure cargo is safely secured
    • IP-X3 test certified for water resistance
  • Thule Outbound Cargo Bag
    • Provides up to 13 cubic feet of cargo space
    • Twin compression straps ensure cargo is safely secured
    • IP-X2 test certified for water resistance

 Ski & Snowboard Mounts

For anyone planning on hitting the slopes this winter, a proper ski or snowboard mount is ideal, and it's always good to think ahead. There are various styles and sizes that are designed to protect and secure your skis, boards and vehicle during transportation. Check out the wide range of high quality ski and snowboard carriers we stock and start planning for the future.
  • Thule Snowcat Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Telescoping arms change to the width of your vehicle for a perfect fit
    • Rubber coated arms protect skis and boards from being scratched
    • Fits up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
  • Thule Tram Ski & Snowboard Carrier
    • Transforms an existing bike carrier into a winter ski and snowboard carrier for your vehicle
    • Hold skis and snowboards securely with rubber padded arms
    • Locks skis and snowboards into carrier with 2 Thule One-Key lock cylinders
  • Thule Universal Flat Top Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Ultra-soft rubber arms hold skis and snowboards securely
    • Holds up to 4 pairs of fat skis or 2 snowboards
    • Oversized push button for easy access, even with gloves
  • Thule Universal Pull Top Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Skis and boards slide from top of roof to side with telescoping arms
    • Ultra-soft rubber arms grip and secure skis without scratching surfaces
    • Fits up to 6 pairs of fat skis or 4 snowboards
  • Thule Universal Snowboard Carrier
    • Safely and securely transport up to 2 snowboards
    • Angled design prevents binding and vehicle contact
    • Lock arms grip and secure boards without scratching surface
  • Yakima Big PowderHound Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
    • One-button access for easy loading and unloading, even with gloves
    • SKS LOCK CORES included for full security
  • Yakima FatCat 4 Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards
    • DoubleJoint hinge system lets you mount modern fat skis and boards
    • Includes SKS LOCK CORES for full security
  • Yakima FatCat 6 Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Holds up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
    • DoubleJoint hinge system lets you mount modern fat skis and boards
    • Includes SKS LOCK CORES for full security
  • Yakima HitchSki Ski & Snowboard Hitch Rack
    • Converts hitch rack into ski carrier
    • Upper arms adjust to 2 positions and lower arms are adjustable to accommodate various ski and board sizes
    • Caries up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards
  • Yakima PowderHound Ski & Snowboard Mount
    • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis or 2 snowboards
    • SKS LOCK CORES included for full security
    • One-button access makes loading and unloading easy, even with gloves
If these options aren't quite cutting it for what you need, or you want to explore other options, check out our article, Choosing the Right Roof Rack System, for another method of cargo transport.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Holiday Gift Guide from Auto Truck Depot

The holidays are just around the corner and Auto Truck Depot is here to help you prepare. In this article I will provide a list of must-have items for that special someone this holiday season.
Auto Truck Depot Gift Guide

1. Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is the perfect gift for anyone who owns a pickup truck. Tonneau covers provide many benefits:
  • Protect valuables against weather damage and theft
  • Increase aerodynamics, which can save up to 10% on gas mileage
  • Provide a clean, sleek look
Tonneau Covers | Auto Truck Depot
There are various styles of tonneau covers to choose from, such as Roll-Up, Tri-Fold and Retractable tonneau covers. Roll-Up covers roll all the way to the truck's cab to provide easy full truck bed access. Tri-Fold covers are often more durable and fold on hinges to provide 3 levels of truck bed access, and Retractable covers slide easily into a canister when not needed. There are various styles and types of tonneau covers, and no pickup is complete without one! Browse our selection of Tonneau Covers.

2. Cargo Boxes

Thule Cargo Box | Auto Truck Depot
If you're searching to find something special for someone who enjoys skiing, snowboarding or travelling, you can't go wrong with a cargo box. Cargo boxes attach to the roof of the vehicle to provide additional, secure cargo space. We have various sizes and styles of cargo boxes from Yakima and Thule, so you can find one exactly suited to their lifestyle. Take a look at the cargo boxes we have available.
Remote Starters | Auto Truck Depot

3. Remote Starters

Remote starters are a perfect gift for anyone living in Canada. The winters are cold and harsh, but there's no need to battle the cold to start a vehicle with a remote starter installed. Auto Truck Depot caries a wide range of remote starter packages with various features, so you can find the perfect starter for that special someone. We also offer professional installations of remote starters so you don't have to worry. Take a look at our remote starter packages.

4. Tool Boxes & Fuel Tanks

Dee Zee Tanks | Auto Truck Depot
For anyone who uses their pickup for work purposes, a tool box, fuel tank or a transfer tank and utility chest combo is an ideal gift. We have a large assortment of tanks and tool boxes to fit in any pickup to provide safe and secure organization for tools and other belongings. Browse our selections of:

5. Ski & Snowboard Mounts

Thule Ski & Snowboard Rack | Auto Truck Depot
If you know someone who takes routine trips out to the mountains, there's no better gift than a ski and snowboard mount. These provide a convenient and secure space to mount ski or snowboard equipment on the roof of your vehicle or hitch. There are various styles and sizes to match any vehicle type, and it eliminates the need to pack skis and boards inside the vehicle. Search our selection of ski and snowboard mounts.

Other Gift Ideas

If you are still uncertain about the perfect gift, take a look at:
If you want to be sure to get exactly what they want, try treating them to an Auto Truck Depot Gift Card and let them choose. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Happy Holidays.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

10 Ways to Improve Vehicle Storage Space

1. Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
A tonneau cover can turn the truck bed of your pickup truck into a safe and secure place to store your extra cargo. As well as letting you lock your truck bed, most tonneau covers are also weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings being subject to moisture damage. There are various styles, such as Roll-Up, Tri-Fold, Retractable and Hard tonneau covers, so you can be sure to find one suited to your lifestyle and specific requirements.

2. Cargo Box

Thule Cargo Box | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo boxes mount on top of roof racks to provide additional cargo space on top of your vehicle. Cargo boxes work with any kind of vehicle, but are especially useful for small cars that don’t offer a lot of space. The solid construction and integrated lock systems ensure that your items remain safe and secure inside your cargo box at all times, so you never have to worry.

3. Roof Rack

Thule AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack | Auto Truck Depot
Roof racks consist of cross bars, which are held on top of the vehicle by feet or towers to provide a base for carrying large or oversized items. Roof racks are suitable for any type of vehicle of any size, and they provide a foundation for additional carriers and mounts.

4. Cargo Basket

Yakima Megawarrior Cargo Basket | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo Baskets can help you secure items for transport on top of your vehicle. The open platform provides easy access to tie down your cargo, and added flexibility with items that wouldn’t normally fit inside your vehicle. They mount to roof rack systems to keep them elevated to prevent damage to your roof.

5. Bike Rack

Yakima LiterRider Bike Rack | Auto Truck Depot
Bikes can be hard to transport, especially if you don’t have a truck bed to carry them in. Luckily there are many types of hitch or roof mount bike racks available to help you take your bikes on any adventure. Hitch mount bike racks attach to your hitch to carry bikes on the back of your vehicle. There are also roof mounts available to carry bikes on top of your car. If you are looking to carry your bikes on your RV, products like the RV Bike Ladder rack provide an excellent solution that let you carry bikes on your RV ladder. There are many types of bike racks and mounts available for any type of vehicle, and some models can even carry up to 5 bikes securely. 

6. Cargo Bag

Thule Interstate Cargo Bag | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo bags provide a reliable and compact storage solution for the top of your vehicle. Most cargo bags are designed to be durable and water tight, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings during transport. These bags simply attach to your roof rack to provide additional storage, and when not in use, they fold up nicely and take up little space.

7. Water Sport Carrier

Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier | Auto Truck Depot
If you love spending time in the water, there are various solutions to help you transport your kayak, paddleboard or canoe that are compatible with any size vehicle. These mounting systems attach to the roof of your vehicle to provide a sturdy and secure mount to get your gear to the water.

8. Truck Bed Storage Case

UnderCover SwingCase | Auto Truck Depot
There are various products available to help you utilize your truck bed space. The DU-HA Humpstor truck bed storage case and UnderCover SwingCase provide secure storage without taking up your entire bed. These products are designed to make use of the space above and around the wheel wells, which are normally not used.

9. Truck Bed Tool Box

Dee Zee Truck Bed Tool Box | Auto Truck Depot
Tool boxes fit in your truck bed to provide secure, reliable and water tight storage for tools, equipment, and other gear. Tool boxes are suited for anyone needing to transport equipment on the job, or those just looking for a secure and handy truck bed storage solution.

10. Cargo Restraint System

BedNet Cargo Restrain System | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo restraint systems like the BedNet and Thule Stretch Cargo Net are designed to help you safely secure awkward and oversized loads. These products feature webbing with hooks that goes over your cargo to protect and secure it during transport.

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Monday, June 26, 2017

How To Choose the Right Roof Rack

Roof Rack Systems are ideal for anyone looking to add extra cargo space on the top of their vehicle. Cargo racks can be used to mount longer objects and items that may not fit inside the vehicle, and they can also be used to mount other accessories like cargo boxesbags or basketsbike or ski and snowboard mounts, and more.
A roof rack system consists of load bars/crossbars and feet/towers. The feet (also known as towers) attach the top of the vehicle and are used to hold and support the load bars (also know as crossbars). Most often a roof rack system will consist of 4 feet and two crossbars, which run across the roof of the car. 
Every installation is slightly different, depending on the hardware purchased, but most systems are made to install quickly and easily. It is a good idea to buy the same brand of feet and crossbars to be sure the components are compatible.
In this article, I will outline the different systems within each brand. Roof Rack Systems are designed to be built according to your needs, so you can get specific towers that will work with your vehicle.

Yakima Roof Rack Systems

Yakima Rail Grab Towers

Yakima RailGrab | Auto Truck Depot
Yakima RailGrab Towers are ideal for vehicles with a raised or flush roof and install easily with a clamp-in design and are compatible with Yakima Crossbars.

Yakima Control Towers

Yakima Control Towers | Auto Truck Depot
Yakima Control Towers are designed to create a solid engagement for vehicles with factory racks, mounting points or permanent installations. These are quick and easy to use and they're compatible with Yakima Crossbars.

Yakima Q Towers

Yakima Q Towers | Auto Truck Depot
Yakima Q Towers can accommodate for a vehicle with a naked roof. They are designed to turn the top of your vehicle into a useful place for hailing cargo, even if no previous racks or mounting spots are available. These towers are compatible to Yakima Crossbars and most round load bars.

Yakima 1A RainGutter Towers

Yakima RainGutter Towers | Auto Truck Depot
Yakima 1A RainGutter Towers connect easily without the need of any tools to the rain gutters of your vehicle. This works on vehicles with rain gutters as a permanent installation and is compatible with Yakima Crossbars and most round load bars.
Other accessories are also available for Yakima Roof Rack Systems, such as the Yakima BedRock Truck Bed Towers, which allow you to install a Yakima rack onto your truck bed. These towers are also compatible with Yakima Crossbars.
Yakima Tracks | Auto Truck Depot
If your vehicle roof is too slanted or small for a standard roof rack system, you can still install a system with the accompaniment of Yakima Tracks, which provide a permanent roof rack installation solution. 

Thule Roof Rack Systems

Thule Rack Systems are very similar to Yakima systems, although there are some slight variations, such as the AeroBlade Edge, which comes with both the load bar and feet as one unit.

Thule AeroBlade Edge

Thule AeroBlade Edge
This unit connects to factory rails, or with an adapter kit, and can be used as a permanent mount on any vehicle. The AeroBlade Edge is one of the strongest and lightest roof rack systems available.

Thule Rapid Series 

Thule AeroBlade Load Bar | Auto Truck Depot
The Rapid series feet made by Thule are compatible with Thule AeroBlade Load Bars only. These load bars are very well designed for strength and aerodynamics, and require Thule Rapid feet for installation.

Thule Rapid Traverse Feet

Rapid Traverse Foot Pack | Auto Truck Depot
Rapid Traverse Feet provide a strong hold and safe fit. They are designed for a quick and easy installation and they are only compatible with Rapid Aero and AeroBlade Load Bars.

Thule Rapid Crossroad Feet

Thule Rapid Crossroad Foot Pack | Auto Truck Depot
Rapid Crossroad Feet are used to convert an existing factory rack into a full-featured Thule Roof Rack System. They have built in tools for installation, and are compatible with Thule AeroBlade Load Bars only.

Thule Rapid Podium Feet

Thule Rapid Podium Foot Pack
The Rapid Podium Feet feature a sleek, low-profile look for vehicles with integrated, fixed point, flush mount rail, t-track or custom install attachment. They provide a seamless factory appearance and are only compatible with Thule AeroBade Edge Loadbars

Standard Thule Roof Rack Systems

Standard Thule Roof Rack systems are compatible with Thule Square Load Bars and most other square load bars. They are very similar in style, but more compatible with standard hardware.

 Thule Crossroad Feet

Thule Square Crossroad Foot Pack | Auto Truck Depot
Thule Crossroad Feet let you convert an existing factory rack with raised side rails on your vehicle into a full-featured Thule Roof Rack System. These feet are compatible with Thule Square Load Bars, and allow you to maximize the cargo hauling potential of your vehicle.

Thule Gutter Feet

Thule Gutter Foot Pack | Auto Truck Depot
Thule Gutter Feet install onto vehicles with rain gutters as a permanent solution for Thule Roof Rack Systems. Thule Gutter Feet are compatible with Thule Square Crossbars, and increase the versatility of Thule racks by allowing you to mount them to an otherwise unusable surface.

Thule Podium Feet

Thule Podium Foot Pack | Auto Truck Depot
Thule Podium Feet let you add a full-featured Thule Roof Rack System to any vehicle with an integrated fix point, flush mount rail, t-truck or as a custom installation. It works with Thule Square Crossbars to provide a seamless factory rack appearance.
For vehicles with slanted or small roofs, Thule offers the Traverse Short Roof Adapter, which creates a base, enabling the installation of Thule Roof Rack Systems.

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Monday, May 15, 2017

How to Survive the May Long Weekend

May Long Weekend, widely hailed as the first big camping weekend of the season, is quickly approaching, and I don't know about you, but I'm very excited. Hopefully you've booked your campsites already, because even with unpredictable weather they fill up fast.

Whether you're planning to hit some trails with your ATVs or bicycles, tow your watercraft to the lake, or are just out for a relaxing weekend it's important to be prepared. The roads are going to be crowded with people trying to leave the city, gunning for the mountains if you're here in Alberta, and the stores are going to be chaotic with people trying to pick up last minute supplies before they leave. It happens every year, and every year people fall into the same trap.

In this article, I'm going to list some tips to help you get your adventure started with relatively low stress so you can get right to the relaxing, fun part and spend more time there.

1. Get Your Site Early

Before anything else, you should know where you plan on going. On an average weekend, you'll usually be able to book a camp site a week in advance without too many problems, unless you're trying to go somewhere that's exceedingly popular.

May Long, however, everything becomes exceedingly popular. Everybody is trying to get out of the city and get their first taste of summer, so any campsite with an opening works. If you're smart, you'll plan ahead, find a place that you really want to spend your weekend, and book a site far in advance. Another benefit is that once you've decided where you're going it's much easier to lay out a plan for what you want to do, based on what's in the area.

2. Pack and Prep your Vehicles Beforehand

Yes, it's true that all of us wake up the morning of departure to pack bathroom bags, finalize the cooler, and get the last of your clothes together, that's hard to avoid. I'm not here to tell you to have your bags packed a week before hand, that doesn't work for everyone. What you can do to make your life much easier is get your RV or watercraft out of storage a couple of weeks beforehand. Make sure that if you're hauling a trailer or RV out to the woods, you've properly inspected and prepped it. If there's a problem that crops up on the Friday, you're going to have a hard time getting it fixed before you leave. For more info how how to prep your trailer or RV for the camping season, check out this article. If you're planning on hauling out any watercraft, make sure you've thoroughly checked them for damage before the weekend, or you may be short an activity, as it will be hard to get repairs done on a motorboat on May Long.

Cargo Storage

Getting yourself to your destination is fairly easy. The hard part is getting all of the gear you're gong to need out there when you have a vehicle packed with friends and family. It helps to know what you want to do beforehand. You don't need to plan every minute of every day, but having a general idea of the activities you want to hit on the trip will help you prepare your vehicle storage space.
If you're going to be camping near a beautiful lake or river and you want to do some kayaking or canoeing, make sure you can get the boats there. We offer a wide range of accessories that can help you get your boats out with you, including the Thule Hull-a-Port Pro Kayak Carrier and the  Access Adarac Truck Bed Rack. If you're towing a trailer, we even have trailer racks, like the Swagman Roamer LT Pop-Up Trailer Rack, to help you get your gear safely to your destination.

If you're not hauling watercraft, a Cargo Box may be a good way to make sure your ride is comfy. When you have your car packed with people, hauling enough camping equipment, personal gear, and food can be difficult, especially if you're planning on tenting. If your vehicle has a roof rack installed, you need to check out our selection of Cargo Boxes, like the Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 or the Thule Force XXL. Both of these are large enough to accommodate a tonne of gear so your vehicle is less squishy. If you don't need something so large, maybe SkyBox 16, or one of our many Cargo Baskets will do the trick for you. If you don't have a roof rack, we can get you set up with one quickly and easily.

Bed Extenders

Once you're at your destination, how do you plan on transporting your ATVs? A trailer with a garage for your toys is great for the long haul, but horribly inefficient for transporting quads to a staging area. Be nice to yourself and the environment, and get a truck bed extender for your pickup, Not only will you have a better time hauling cargo, you'll be able to securely transport your ATVs in your truck bed. The AMP Research Truck Bed Extender, on our sister site Tonno Cover Depot, is one of several great options.

Tonneau Covers

A great way of increasing your secure storage space is by using a tonneau cover. A cover like the Access Original Roll-Up can turn your truck bed from an exposed area for storing large items into a secure, locked off place for hauling smaller cargo. If you're looking to haul a trailer, you still have options. Retractable Tonneau Covers, like the Pace Edwards JackRabbit can be locked in multiple positions, so you can haul a fifth wheel trailer and keep your cargo covered.

3. Plan for Your Absence

Always plan for the fact that you will be away from your house for several days. If you have a pet that isn't coming with you, set them up in a pet hotel or recruit a friend to visit them at your house once or twice a day. Make sure your heat is turned down, as this can do wonders for your heating bill. Secure all your windows and doors and at least partially close some of your blinds or curtains. If you're especially worried about break-ins, you can set a lamp in your house on a timer to come on in the evening for a few hours. These steps will help discourage potential thieves.

4. Buy Supplies Early

Don't be the person shopping to fill your cooler on the way out. Stores are always overcrowded at the beginning of the weekend with people who forgot hamburger buns, need ice, or forgot to pack water. Buy your groceries a few days before hand to minimize your time spent in lineups for a cashier. If you need to get camping gear, or other equipment, check that the week before and pickup up then. You run less risk of not findingh what you need, and then you can just pick up and go in the morning without having to mess around in a store.

4. Leave Your Work Behind

The long weekend is mean to be exactly that, a weekend. While it is a good idea to bring cell phones and a GPS in case of an emergency, leave behind your pagers and computers. Keep your cell phones off unless you really need them, because this time is the time to be with your family and friends. You only have one go at life, and once you retire, all you're going to have is the people around you so treat them right. 

5. Stay Safe, and Be Respectful

Remember that the people around you may not be as prepared as you are. Some of them have to work the weekend, some of them may be scrambling and stressed, Treat everyone around you with respect and basic decency, and everyone will have a much better time.

Make sure you treat the environment around you with respect as well. We want to be able to visit these campsites and wilderness for many years to come. We are lucky to have all of this wide open space in Canada, so get out their and enjoy it and stay safe!

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

How To Prep Your RV For Summer Camping

So you just got your RV or camper out of storage and are preparing it for your first camping trip of the season? Great! We are here to help you out. There are a few important things you should check to be sure everything is safe and in working order, and I will go through a few steps to help you get started.
Preparing Youro RV or Camper for Your First Camping Trip of the Season | Auto Truck Depot


Check for Leaks

Assuming your RV or camper was just removed from storage, the first thing you should do is check it over for leaks or damage. Check for leaks or cracks in the caulking of the roof, around windows, vents, air conditioners and doors. If these areas are left unchecked, you are risking exposing your RV to water damage.

Check tires

It is especially important to check your tires before making a long journey. Inspect the sidewalls and in between the treads for cracks, and be sure to check the tire pressure. Be sure to fill the tires according to the pressure recommended for your RV. This information can be found in the hand book, or often on a sticker inside the cabinet.


Before checking your battery, disconnect your RV or camper from shore power and make sure all appliances and main power switch are turned off. Once this is complete, inspect your batteries for cracks or corrosion. If they appear damaged, it may be worth getting tested and/or replaced. If everything appears to be okay, you should inspect and clean any corrosion that has built up on the battery terminals and connections. This can be done with hot water and baking soda. If you’re in need of a new battery, don’t worry, we have you covered.

Liquid Propane (PL)

Make sure all propane items are turned off and ensure there are no open flames or sparks near the area. Open all valves on the tanks and smell for leaks. Spray the lines and connections with a soapy mixture to test for any leaks. If a leak is found, the hose or fitting should be replaced and professionally serviced.

Sewer Hoses & Waste Tank Valves

Check for cracks or damage prior to using. Also be sure to check that waste tank valves open, close, and seal properly.   


Start your generator and let it run for a while. After running it, check oil levels and fill it as needed. Check your air filter for nests or damage and clean it out. If there are any damages, replace the filter.


Make sure your hot water heater bypass valve is set to the “normal” position and that all faucets are closed. Fill up your RV with fresh water, and while it is filling, turn on a cold and hot water faucet at the same time to let air bubbles escape from the lines. Inspect vales and hot water heater drain plugs for crack or leaks, and faucets and pipes inside the RV.


Clean Appliances

Inspect all appliances thoroughly for dirt, nests, bugs and damage. Use household cleaners and light air from a compressor.

Test Appliances

Before testing any propane appliances, make sure your LP gas leak detector has fresh batteries and is turned on. Light a stove top burner, refrigerator and other appliances. Before turning on your water heater, make sure it is filled with water to avoid damages.

What Else?

Swagman 2 Bike Ladder RV Rack | Auto Truck Depot
You’re now ready to begin packing your RV or camper for your next big trip! If you like to travel with your bikes, try using the Swagman RV Bike Ladder Rack or Traveler XC2 2 Bike Platform RV Rack for easily hauling your bikes. We also carry vehicle storage solutions like cargo racksboxesbaskets, and more to help you prepare for that time away with friends and family.
If you’re in need of new hitch or servicing, we are here for you. We offer professional hitch installations, wiring, brake controllers, and anything you might need for towing. Come in for a free inspection and make sure you’re pulling your rig safely.
Come visit us or contact us today!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Who Took Home the “Truck of Texas” Honor?

Most truck enthusiasts, even those outside of the United States, are familiar with the annual “Truck of Texas” award. If you haven’t heard of the award, it’s given annually by the Texas Auto Writers Association to the truck that best embodies the power and “larger than life” attitude of the state. This year’s winner was the 2014 Ram 1500, which features some massive cargo baskets and ample room all around.
RAM was also lucky enough to win “Best Powertrain,” thanks to its “green” 3 liter engine, and “Best Technology,” thanks in large part to its new rear coil suspension system. Whether you live in Texas or not, it’s obvious that this year’s “truck of Texas” is definitely worth checking out, particularly if you want something roomy that makes transporting cargo easy.

Of course, you don’t have to buy the new RAM to get great cargo capacity; all you really have to do is opt for some cargo baskets from Auto Truck Depot. If you do, you can turn any vehicle into a cargo-carrying machine!
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