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Monday, February 5, 2018

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Valentines Day Gift Guide | Auto Truck Depot
With Valentines Day coming, you might be thinking about what to get your loved one. If that special someone is a truck owner and enthusiast, you have come to the right place. Take a look at some of our recommended items and get the best deals for that special someone.

DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case

DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Cases | Auto Truck Depot
The DU-HA Humpstor is an all-in-one storage unit, tool box, and gun case that fits in the normally unused space above the wheel well in full size pickup truck beds.
It gives you extra storage in your truck bed, while leaving the valuable bed floor space readily available. The Humpstor installs easily using included brackets that clamp to the lip of the bed rail.
The brackets can be adjusted up or down to your height preference and to fit underneath tonneau covers and roll up covers. Holds 2 shotguns, or 1 rifle with scope in an upright position. Includes organizer/gun rack set. Lockable latches help protect your belongings from theft.

Backup Camera

Backup safely with a backup camera. We have a large selection of cameras to our inventory, so you can find one suited to your specific needs. Here are a couple of our top products that we recommend.

Backup Camera System for Pickup Trucks

Backup Camera for Pickup Trucks | Auto Truck Depot
This backup camera is designed for pickup trucks and comes with a 7" Digital Fit TFL LCD monitor that attaches conveniently to the rear view mirror inside your vehicle. The 3 channel multiplexer lets you connect up to 3 cameras or video players and switches automatically between them. The camera has a 170° view, IP68 rating and a 10G impact rating for maximum durability.

Backup Camera System with Replacement Mirror Display

Backup Camera System with Replacement Mirror Display | Auto Truck Depot
This camera system comes with a replacement rear view mirror monitor with mirror image capability and distance grid lines. The backup camera has a 170° view, night vision capability, and with the universal license plate mount, you can easily use this camera system in any vehicle.
We carry a large selection of backup cameras, dash cameras and more. View our selection here.

Tonneau Cover

No truck is complete without a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers add style, increase security, protect your cargo, and can even save you gas mileage. If you love your truck, it deserves a tonneau cover, and I will suggest a couple for you to check out.

Access Original Tonneau Cover

Access Original Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
The Access Original Roll-Up Cover is the original and #1 selling roll-up tonneau in North America!
The Access Roll-Up cover is compatible with bed rails, bed caps, tailgate protectors, as well as drop-in, under-the-rail and spray-on bed liners, and it installs quickly with a clamp-on design. With a sleek design that tapers towards the tailgate, this cover goes to work protecting your cargo from the elements and enhancing the look of your truck.
Check out this video overview showing the features of the Access Original Tonneau Cover:

UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover

UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
The UnderCover Flex is one of the most robust tonneau covers on the market. Each panel is made of high quality FRP composite materials that are stronger, lighter and more durable than aluminum. The cover sits flush on the rails for a smooth profile, and the bed rail mounting system is equipped with rubber seals and drain tubes that direct water away and out of your truck bed, making this one of the most water tight and durable covers available.
The cover opens with ease from either side of your truck bed and automatically latch to mounting rails. The cover can be securely propped in one of three riding positions: full bed coverage, 3/4 bed access, and full bed access for your specific needs. The UnderCover Flex ensures that your cargo will remain dry and secure.

WeatherTech DigitalFit Floor Liners

WeatherTech Digital Fit Floor Liners | Auto Truck Depot
WeatherTech DigitalFit FloorLiners provide full carpet coverage for absolute protection. These mats are designed with digital laser measurements to ensure a perfect fit for every vehicle. They are made of High Density Tri-Extruded material for extreme strength and durablity, and their deep surface channels prevent liquids from moving. They are easy to clean and will protect the resale value of your vehicle. Check out this informative product video to see for yourself.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

10 Ways to Improve Vehicle Storage Space

1. Tonneau Cover

BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
A tonneau cover can turn the truck bed of your pickup truck into a safe and secure place to store your extra cargo. As well as letting you lock your truck bed, most tonneau covers are also weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings being subject to moisture damage. There are various styles, such as Roll-Up, Tri-Fold, Retractable and Hard tonneau covers, so you can be sure to find one suited to your lifestyle and specific requirements.

2. Cargo Box

Thule Cargo Box | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo boxes mount on top of roof racks to provide additional cargo space on top of your vehicle. Cargo boxes work with any kind of vehicle, but are especially useful for small cars that don’t offer a lot of space. The solid construction and integrated lock systems ensure that your items remain safe and secure inside your cargo box at all times, so you never have to worry.

3. Roof Rack

Thule AeroBlade Edge Roof Rack | Auto Truck Depot
Roof racks consist of cross bars, which are held on top of the vehicle by feet or towers to provide a base for carrying large or oversized items. Roof racks are suitable for any type of vehicle of any size, and they provide a foundation for additional carriers and mounts.

4. Cargo Basket

Yakima Megawarrior Cargo Basket | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo Baskets can help you secure items for transport on top of your vehicle. The open platform provides easy access to tie down your cargo, and added flexibility with items that wouldn’t normally fit inside your vehicle. They mount to roof rack systems to keep them elevated to prevent damage to your roof.

5. Bike Rack

Yakima LiterRider Bike Rack | Auto Truck Depot
Bikes can be hard to transport, especially if you don’t have a truck bed to carry them in. Luckily there are many types of hitch or roof mount bike racks available to help you take your bikes on any adventure. Hitch mount bike racks attach to your hitch to carry bikes on the back of your vehicle. There are also roof mounts available to carry bikes on top of your car. If you are looking to carry your bikes on your RV, products like the RV Bike Ladder rack provide an excellent solution that let you carry bikes on your RV ladder. There are many types of bike racks and mounts available for any type of vehicle, and some models can even carry up to 5 bikes securely. 

6. Cargo Bag

Thule Interstate Cargo Bag | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo bags provide a reliable and compact storage solution for the top of your vehicle. Most cargo bags are designed to be durable and water tight, so you don’t have to worry about your belongings during transport. These bags simply attach to your roof rack to provide additional storage, and when not in use, they fold up nicely and take up little space.

7. Water Sport Carrier

Thule Hullavator Pro Kayak Carrier | Auto Truck Depot
If you love spending time in the water, there are various solutions to help you transport your kayak, paddleboard or canoe that are compatible with any size vehicle. These mounting systems attach to the roof of your vehicle to provide a sturdy and secure mount to get your gear to the water.

8. Truck Bed Storage Case

UnderCover SwingCase | Auto Truck Depot
There are various products available to help you utilize your truck bed space. The DU-HA Humpstor truck bed storage case and UnderCover SwingCase provide secure storage without taking up your entire bed. These products are designed to make use of the space above and around the wheel wells, which are normally not used.

9. Truck Bed Tool Box

Dee Zee Truck Bed Tool Box | Auto Truck Depot
Tool boxes fit in your truck bed to provide secure, reliable and water tight storage for tools, equipment, and other gear. Tool boxes are suited for anyone needing to transport equipment on the job, or those just looking for a secure and handy truck bed storage solution.

10. Cargo Restraint System

BedNet Cargo Restrain System | Auto Truck Depot
Cargo restraint systems like the BedNet and Thule Stretch Cargo Net are designed to help you safely secure awkward and oversized loads. These products feature webbing with hooks that goes over your cargo to protect and secure it during transport.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rundown: DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case

Truck Bed Storage is one of the most difficult things to master when using a pickup. There are a wide range of options for bed storage use. You could leave your box completely open for large cargo, and use your own bins if you need to store smaller gear. You can add Truck Racks to increase your storage space and tonneau covers to secure your entire bed. But sometimes, these options just won't cut it.

The DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case is an all in one, secure case designed to last. It's durable construction is engineered to survive your hard working lifestyle to help keep your gear safe. Not only is the DU-HA a storage case, gun case, and toolbox all in one, it's also designed to mount directly above your wheel well, a space that almost never gets used for standard cargo hauling, leaving your valuable bed floor space free.

If necessary, the case can even be removed easily to free up space if you have larger cargo to carry. These brackets can also be adjusted to your height preference, or to make the case more compatible with other accessories, like tonneau covers.The rubber seal around the lid protects the interior of the case against moisture and dust, so even if it is exposed, your cargo is secure.

The Humpstor comes with organizer/gun rack rig that is constructed from soft materials so it won't scratch or damage your cargo. Used as a gun rack, it can hold 2 shotguns or one scoped rifle upright, and serves as a legal gun case in most places. It even has lockable latches so you can be sure that your cargo is safe.

The DU-HA Humpstor Truck Bed Storage Case is durable and versatile, allowing you to carry a wide range of cargo safely. If you're having a hard time keeping your truck bed organized, or you're looking for a secure storage container that's more compact and less costly than a large toolbox, this may be the product for you.

For more information, or to order your new DU-HA Humpstor, check out our website, or get in touch!

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