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Friday, January 27, 2012

Protect Your Hitch with a Trailer Hitch Cover

It's easy to think about the bare necessities when it comes to your vehicles towing needs. For example, some people get their trailer decked out with all the latest safety gear and extras, but never think about other, important trailer hitch accessories. One accessory that discriminating vehicle owners really enjoy putting on their vehicles is a nice trailer hitch cover. But why should anyone put much thought into purchasing trailer hitch covers?

First – The Practical Aspect

Purchasing a nice hitch is usually something that truck owners don't take lightly. A lot of thought goes into choosing the perfect hitch. Now why would you put in all the time, effort and money of choosing the hitch that's best for your towing needs and leave it unprotected. A good cover will protect your hitch from dirt, debris and grime. No one wants to spend money on a vehicle accessory, only to have it ruined and looking terrible. A trailer hitch cover will keep your investment protected and looking good.

Second – The Fun Aspect

It's just plain fun to choose a good cover for your trailer hitch. Unlike buying some other, more basic trailer hitch accessories, you can actually go a little wild if you want to when choosing your cover. There are covers with sports team logos on them, different colored covers and even LED lighted covers that will really impress anyone who is driving behind you on the open road. It's fun to spend time looking at and choosing the type of cover that really reflects your personality or interests.

Now you have a very practical reason, and a very fun reason to choose a hitch cover for your vehicle. If you want to see some of the fun, protective models that we have in stock, stop by and see us at Auto Truck Depot.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

About Our Trailer Hitch Accessories

Here at Auto Truck Depot we try to be your one-stop-shop for practical aftermarket items for your car, truck, or van.  We don’t sell fiberglass racing panels and wings, nor do we sell sway bars, Noz or other “fun” stuff that kids like. We sell sturdy, practical items like trailer hitch accessories—but we like to think we do it in a fun way.  Our line of trailer hitch accessories is fairly complete.  We sell everything you need to install your trailer hitch and hook up your trailer at home.  We can also install everything that you purchase while you’re waiting around drinking coffee. 

We sell the ball, ball mount, pins and clips, as well as, wiring supplies, hitch adapters, and hitch covers.  We even sell boxes that can fit on the trailer hitch.  All of the products we sell at Auto Truck Depot are top quality and “best of breed”.  We understand that our products are practical and high use aftermarket items.  Your trailer’s brake controllers, for example, are safety mechanisms that alert the vehicles behind you that you’re stopping.  Our trailer hitches and trailer hitch accessories are what keeps the trailer attached to your vehicle and not to the front end of another car or truck.

So, no, we don’t sell Sparco steering wheels or tanks of Noz.  And we get that trailer hitches aren’t “sexy”, but we do try to provide a fun, and positive experience to all of the customers who stop by Auto Truck Depot.  We also stand by each and every one of the products we sell, so that you know that the trailer hitch accessories that you’ve purchased from our showroom are the very best, safest, and most reliable products on the market today.  And that makes a huge difference when there’s snow and ice on the roads!  You have that extra bit of confidence in your vehicle and trailers that a can of Noz just can’t provide.
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