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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Overview: Swagman Bike Racks

Travelling with bikes is challenging. They are awkward, they take up a lot of space, and even if you have an empty truck box to carry them in, damages to your bike or truck bed are likely to occur. Luckily for avid bike enthusiasts who refuse to travel without the accompaniment of their bikes, companies like Swagman make outstanding products to solve these issues.

The SEMI 2.0 fits most bike frame shapes and sizes, and with its unique patented design, there is zero contact to the bike frame. The SEMI 2.0 fits any 1-1/4” or 2” hitch receiver to carry up to two bikes on the back of your vehicle with ratcheting arms that only grab the bike’s wheels.

Products such as these ensure that you can safely carry your bikes with any vehicle, and without losing space. And if that’s not enough, the rack tilts down to allow access to the rear of the vehicle, even while bikes are loaded.

If a two bike carrier is not enough, Swagman has many other products to satisfy your needs, such as the QUAD 2+2, which can carry up to four bikes and has a similar design as the SEMI 2.0. There are also products, such as the Ladder Rack – 2 BikeRV Ladder Rack that is designed to utilize the ladder on the back of your RV for carrying up to two bikes. No matter what type of vehicle you have, or how many bikes you want to carry, Swagman has products to utilize your vehicles space while ensuring your bikes remain secure when you travel.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Swagman Bike Racks - XTC2

If you are a biking enthusiast or just love the idea of taking your bicycle with you easily and quickly, then Swagman bike racks provide a simple and effective way to bring your bicycle with you anywhere your car goes.  XTC2 Swagman bike racks are able to carry one or two bikes with a tire size between 20 to 29 inches.  They include a center arm that folds down to allow access to the rear of the vehicle without having to remove the rack, so being able to bring your bike anywhere does not have to impede your ability to access your car's trunk.  Assembly is simple and only takes about 15 minutes and requires one hex wrench.  Racking your bike is even easier and the rack can be adjusted to fit your bike.

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