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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Overview: Jeep Bumpers

Are you looking to spice up your Jeep's style and help keep the front end of your vehicle protected on and off the road? Tonno Cover Depot has a wide selection of Jeep bumpers to suit your needs. In a previous blog post, I outlined the details of the Jeep Modular Bumper. While it is one of the most expensive aftermarket bumpers, there's good reason for it. Check out the article to learn more. If you don't need something as hardcore as the modular bumper, we do carry other options as well.

Aries Pro Series Grille Guard

Yes, I know, it's technically a Grille Guard not a bumper. This means that it isn't going to replace the bumper you already have. However, I have included it here because the Aries Pro Series Grille Guard is designed specifically for the Jeep Wrangler and it features a style that is similar to our Tube Bumpers. The Pro Series features a patented LED Light Bar Housing that can hold bars up to 20" which comes with an interchangeable faceplate to protect your bar from bug goop and rock damage.

The hardened T6 aluminum construction is lightweight, meaning it's easy to handle, while being durable, long lasting, and rust proof. Plus, the textured black powder coating adds an extra corrosion resistance and helps hide minor scratches and grime. This grille guard offers rugged off road style coupled with great functionality to make it an unbeatable add on for your Wrangler.

Aries Jeep Wrangler Tube Bumpers

There are two different versions of the Aries Jeep Tube Bumpers, Stainless Steel and Semi-Gloss Black Carbon Steel. They are both designed with the Jeep driver in mind, and are engineered to replace your current bumper by mounting to factory anchor points. This means quick installation and no drilling or modification to your vehicle! They are constructed from 3" heavy wall tubing with a classic style that will give your Jeep a cool new look. 

The carbon steel is a much heavier, more impact resistant material. This means big impacts are less likely to scratch or damage the bumper. However, if the powder coating comes off, or moisture gets underneath it somehow, the carbon steel can rust, corroding the strength and durability of your bumper. the 304 Stainless Steel is high in nickel, which means its almost completely rust proof, but the mirror-like surface can scratch more easily. While small scratches can be buffed out with polish, the potential for marring the surface may outweigh the rustproof benefits for you.

They are also designed to be compatible with other off road accessories, like winches, so your Jeep will be ready for whatever the wilderness can throw at you.

If you're going to be upgrading you Jeep bumper, make sure you keep it legal. Here in Alberta, front plates aren't required but most other places they are. If you replace your bumper, make sure you get a Licence Plate Bracket to install on the bumper to keep your vehicle road legal.

Jeeps are meant to be driven hard, taken to places few have traveled. They are the vehicles of explorers, adventurers, and wanderers. So make sure your Jeep can do everything you need it to, and get out to those trails.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Making Sense of the Aries Modular Jeep Bumper

The Aries Modular Jeep Bumper is one of the coolest, and most complicated, of  Tonno Cover Depot's Jeep Accessories. In this blog, I will walk you through the details you need to know if you're looking to order a modular bumper. The product is relatively new, and man does it impress. While perusing through the product page may give you the information you need, some of the complexities of the product construction and great variety of customization may leave you scratching your head. To start, let's talk a little bit about the available materials.

The modular bumper is available in two different materials; 3/16" T6 TIG welded aluminum, or 3/16" MIG welded carbon steel. So, what's the difference? What it comes down to is the materials impact resistance and weight. The carbon steel is much heavier than aluminum, which could weigh your Jeep down a little. The biggest issue with carbon steel is that it can rust. Yes, it is plated to protect against corrosion, but after extended use, especially off road, the coating could wear down and your bumper may be exposed to rust. The up side, however, is that carbon steel will outperform aluminum for sheer strength any day. Its impact resistance is much high, and it's more reliable as support for a winch, which can be added separately.
The aluminum, however is much more lightweight. This can be beneficial, but the biggest benefit to aluminum is that it's rust proof. Yep, you heard me right. Because of it's elemental properties, aluminum doesn't react with oxygen, meaning no rust will form. This longevity comes at the price of impact resistance. While aluminum is still durable and able to take a hit, it won't hold us as well against a heavy impact with a large object, like a boulder,

So, once you've made up your mind on the material you want to use, you'll need to consider your finish. Aries offers two tones, either a textured black or silver. Both finishes are available in both materials,so you don;t need to worry about choosing material based on style. Each customisable segment can be finished individually, so you can choose a unique colour pattern rather than just flat black or straight silver if you want. So all you need to worry about is how the bumper will look on your Jeep.What patterns will best match your vehicle's style; what will work best with your Jeep build?


Now you've got to plan out which components you want. Every bumper requires a center piece, that just makes sense. Without the center piece, nothing else would come together. But do you want a large bumper? Are you trying to build a rugged looking off road beast that can plow through the brush without fear of scratching? Alternatively, do you want something that's a little more subtle, or low profile?

blog-4This will help you determine whether or not to put on the side extensions. These extensions, as I mentioned earlier, can be colour coded as you'd like to make the style more your own. If you're looking for a big bumper with full protection, these are the way to. If not, you can instead cap off the ends of the center piece to leave you with a more low profile design.

Then it's on to the bush guards. These bars add a unique look to your bumper, but they're more than just a pretty feature. They will help protect your Jeep's lights, hood, front end, fenders, and quarter panels from scratches and other damage caused by branches and other wilderness obstacles.
So, how much ripping around in the bush do you usually do? Are you a big off roader, or do you usually stick to gravel roads and secondary highways? If you aren't carving trail, the bush aren't necessary unless you're a big fan of the style. Do you want all three? If you've installed the side extensions, you can have all three pieces, or you can stick with just the center piece. Likewise, you could choose to leave the bush guards off entirely if you don't need them.

blog-2Once you've selected the number of guards, if any, you'll need to choose the material. Just like the core bumper, there are two available      finishes for the bush guards; 304 grade stainless steel or textured              matte black. While this choice is primarily driven by aesthetic                  preference, there are a couple of physical elements to consider.

304 grade stainless steel is a very high grade metal. This means that it     contains a large quantity of nickel within the alloy. The more nickel,       the better rust resistance the metal will have. 304 is one of the top             grades, so you can be sure the stainless steel will stay looking sharp         keep intact for a long time. It does, however, scratch more easily than       the matte finish. While this won't affect the longevity of the part, these thin scratches will become more and more pronounced over time, and may eventually wreck the look of the bumper. These scratches, if they're small enough, can be buffed out with a stainless steel polish fairly easily. So if you're willing to perform the polish, or the potential for scratches doesn't worry you, this material will last longer. The matte won't scratch as easily, but if there is a heavy impact, the matte finish could chip or peel off, and once this happens your guard will begin to rust. There is, unfortunately, very little that can be done at that point.

blog-17No matter which configurations you choose, you will have access to all of the Aries line of related accessories, and there is a tonne of them. From winches and tow hooks to OE light mount cutouts and tabs, Aries has though of everything needed to keep you out of trouble on the road, or off of it. Once all of your pieces have been ordered, installation is a breeze. Mounting it is often a 2 person job, but all you have to do is take off your factory bumper and install the new, modular bumper to your factory anchor points.

And the final touch? A rear bumper assembly of course! The rear bumper is available in three pieces, a center chunk and two side extensions just like the front. And also like the front, you can customise the colour and material of the bumper. Do you want it to match the look on the front, or do you want to change it up a bit?

And now you have the most personalised Jeep Wrangler bumper around! You'll be drawing eyes across town, including your own. The true value in the Aries Modular Bumper, though, is its versatility and durability when it counts, out in the wilderness. With the potential for hard working, functional off road accessories, and a 22 1/2" x 7 3/4" winch housing, you'll never feel like your vehicle is missing anything out there again!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Jeep Builder's Heaven

When you think Jeep Accessories, what comes to mind? Do you wonder why I would put them in a separate category from other automotive accessories, or do you begin picturing the most modded out Jeep Wrangler you can think of?

A Jeep is a unique beast. For some, it's just a vehicle to get them from Point A to Point B, just another brand. For others, they're a cool looking car that is reliable, and capable of doing more than a sedan or other small car. But for some, the name Jeep carries weight, it means a whole lot more than just "metal box on four wheels". Jeep Building is a culture, an art, a lifestyle. It doesn't matter where on the spectrum you fall, if you see a custom Jeep build it's going to evoke some kind of reaction. It's because they're different, it's because they have a heart.

The culture is expansive and stretches back for many years. Now, a Jeep owner can join up with their local Jeep Club to get involved in outdoor events like camping, trail driving, and car shows to help bring people with common interests together. So, what can Auto Truck Depot and Tonno Cover Depot offer to Jeep builders?

Whether you're new to Jeep building or you're a seasoned veteran, whether you're aiming for style or off-road functionality, we have a wide range of accessories that will meet your needs. One of our most customisable product is the modular bumper.

Jeep Modular Bumper

Completely customisable, the Modular Bumper can be built to match your Jeep's build and your personal style. There are 6 interchangeable pieces that can be put together in 16 unique combinations to create a more personalised look for your vehicle. 

Each bumper has a mandatory center section. From there, you can chose to install two side extensions or cap off your center piece for a smaller bumper. You can also add 1 to 3 bush guards on your center piece and side extensions. The bumper is built large to help protect your Jeep from scratches or dings when you're driving off road. Depending on your needs, the bumper can be purchased with T6 TIG welded aluminum or MIG welded carbon steel, the difference being in the bumpers weight versus impact resistance. Once installed, there are even more customisable options, including light mounts, winch mounts, and tow hook attachments so you'll be ready for whatever the wilderness has to offer. There are also matching Rear Bumper configurations!

Jeep Tube Doors

Are you looking to give your Jeep a rugged, off road look and increase operational safety when in the wilderness? Then our Jeep Tube Doors may be for you! Mounted on your factory hinge points in place of standard doors, these tube doors give your jeep the doorless style that is often sought by builders, while still providing a barricade to prevent falling out of the vehicle. Another benefit to these doors is that in the event of a rollover, you will be able to quickly and easily climb out of the vehicle without getting pinned or risking a jammed door holding you in the Jeep. 

Jeep Security Cargo Lid

The Jeep Security Cargo Lid is another builder oriented accessory, especially for those who like to go topless. Without a roof covering your jeep, you expose the interior of your vehicle to a lot. Generally speaking, the vehicles are designed to deal with this, but the same can't necessarily be said for your cargo. Serving the same purpose as a tonneau cover, this tri-fold style lid covers up your Jeep's trunk, protecting your gear from wind while driving, rain, and dirt. The cover even locks, to keep your belongings out of the prying hand of potential thieves, bipedal or otherwise, It's a great option when you often find yourself in bear country and need to keep your food out of sight.


Tonno Cover Depot has a wide range of Jeep Accessories beyond the ones mentioned here. I have included the major players, the items that could make or break a build, and ones the big ones. How you add the finishing details are up to you. We have Tow Hooks, Tire Relocation Brackets for your spare, Roof Light Bars, and more. Most of these builder style accessories are made by Aries, so they are all very compatible.

Whether you're new to the game or looking to continue accessorizing, we have something for you. Jeep building is a longstanding art with a deep rooted history upheld by people who just love their vehicles and the outdoors.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

General Motors Recalls Vehicles

jeep logo

There are people in the world who say that nothing runs or performs quite like a Jeep. These are the people who spend all their money on Jeep accessories and who refuse to drive anything else. While you might think these people are crazy for their devotion to Jeeps, a recent recall from General Motors should be enough to make you think twice.

The company recently announced that it is recalling 21,721 of its new Chevrolet Silverado models and GMC Sierra models because the front seats are capable of shifting if the vehicle is impacted from the rear. Most of the recalled models (18,972 of them!) were sold in the United States, though a large chunk (2,575) were also sold in Canada. It’s worth nothing that this isn’t the first recall for General Motors, which recalled 843 vehicles in the summer of 2013 for airbag problems.

Jeeps, on the other hand, rarely get recalled, making them a safe bet, so go ahead and stock up on those Jeep accessories at Auto Truck Depot.
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