Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A Jeep Builder's Heaven

When you think Jeep Accessories, what comes to mind? Do you wonder why I would put them in a separate category from other automotive accessories, or do you begin picturing the most modded out Jeep Wrangler you can think of?

A Jeep is a unique beast. For some, it's just a vehicle to get them from Point A to Point B, just another brand. For others, they're a cool looking car that is reliable, and capable of doing more than a sedan or other small car. But for some, the name Jeep carries weight, it means a whole lot more than just "metal box on four wheels". Jeep Building is a culture, an art, a lifestyle. It doesn't matter where on the spectrum you fall, if you see a custom Jeep build it's going to evoke some kind of reaction. It's because they're different, it's because they have a heart.

The culture is expansive and stretches back for many years. Now, a Jeep owner can join up with their local Jeep Club to get involved in outdoor events like camping, trail driving, and car shows to help bring people with common interests together. So, what can Auto Truck Depot and Tonno Cover Depot offer to Jeep builders?

Whether you're new to Jeep building or you're a seasoned veteran, whether you're aiming for style or off-road functionality, we have a wide range of accessories that will meet your needs. One of our most customisable product is the modular bumper.

Jeep Modular Bumper

Completely customisable, the Modular Bumper can be built to match your Jeep's build and your personal style. There are 6 interchangeable pieces that can be put together in 16 unique combinations to create a more personalised look for your vehicle. 

Each bumper has a mandatory center section. From there, you can chose to install two side extensions or cap off your center piece for a smaller bumper. You can also add 1 to 3 bush guards on your center piece and side extensions. The bumper is built large to help protect your Jeep from scratches or dings when you're driving off road. Depending on your needs, the bumper can be purchased with T6 TIG welded aluminum or MIG welded carbon steel, the difference being in the bumpers weight versus impact resistance. Once installed, there are even more customisable options, including light mounts, winch mounts, and tow hook attachments so you'll be ready for whatever the wilderness has to offer. There are also matching Rear Bumper configurations!

Jeep Tube Doors

Are you looking to give your Jeep a rugged, off road look and increase operational safety when in the wilderness? Then our Jeep Tube Doors may be for you! Mounted on your factory hinge points in place of standard doors, these tube doors give your jeep the doorless style that is often sought by builders, while still providing a barricade to prevent falling out of the vehicle. Another benefit to these doors is that in the event of a rollover, you will be able to quickly and easily climb out of the vehicle without getting pinned or risking a jammed door holding you in the Jeep. 

Jeep Security Cargo Lid

The Jeep Security Cargo Lid is another builder oriented accessory, especially for those who like to go topless. Without a roof covering your jeep, you expose the interior of your vehicle to a lot. Generally speaking, the vehicles are designed to deal with this, but the same can't necessarily be said for your cargo. Serving the same purpose as a tonneau cover, this tri-fold style lid covers up your Jeep's trunk, protecting your gear from wind while driving, rain, and dirt. The cover even locks, to keep your belongings out of the prying hand of potential thieves, bipedal or otherwise, It's a great option when you often find yourself in bear country and need to keep your food out of sight.


Tonno Cover Depot has a wide range of Jeep Accessories beyond the ones mentioned here. I have included the major players, the items that could make or break a build, and ones the big ones. How you add the finishing details are up to you. We have Tow Hooks, Tire Relocation Brackets for your spare, Roof Light Bars, and more. Most of these builder style accessories are made by Aries, so they are all very compatible.

Whether you're new to the game or looking to continue accessorizing, we have something for you. Jeep building is a longstanding art with a deep rooted history upheld by people who just love their vehicles and the outdoors.

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