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Friday, May 12, 2017

Recall: Dodge Ram Pickup Trucks

Fiat Chrysler has just released a recall on one million pickup trucks in the United States, 216,000 in Canada, 21,668 in Mexico, and 21,530 elsewhere. The recall affects 2013 - 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 and 2500 pickups, and  2014 - 2016 Ram 3500 trucks.

The recall stems from a software malfunction that can cause the in-vehicle computer to believe a sensor under the truck has failed if there is a significant impact on the truck's undercarriage. If the computer thinks the sensor has failed, it will stop side airbags from deploying and seatbelt pretensioner from activating. The company has said they know of two accidents involving one death and two injuries that have occurred involving this malfunction.

The company says that owners will know if their vehicle is susceptible if a warning light comes on in the instrument cluster, and the issue can be reset by shutting the vehicle off and back on again. If the light goes away, the system, should be reset.

Although it's a dark mark to have on a company record, all manufacturers have recalled vehicles at one point or another, and I for one appreciate that they have taken the initiative to fix the error before more accidents have taken place.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

2016 Toyota Tacoma Recalls 310 Units to Replace Airbag Bolts

Toyota has always held a standard for high quality, long lasting vehicles, and the Tacoma is no exception. Unfortunately, due to the possibility of a manufacturing error when securing the driver's knee airbag module, 310 of these mid-sized trucks were recalled last year.

2016 Toyota Tacoma
Although minor, this manufacturing error could cause the airbags to loosen over time, preventing them from firing properly when needed. 
Despite the embarrassment, Toyota has owned up to the error and made great effort to fix it, which is what I would hope to expect from any vehicle manufacturer.
Toyota has always made great pickup trucks, and despite this hiccup their 2016 Tacoma is a model worth checking out. It features touchscreen audio with voice recognition, USB input and Bluetooth capabilities, and offers exceptional fuel economy. My hope is that this mistake won't impact the future of this pickup, which is one of my personal favourites.

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Pace Edwards, the Future of Tonneau Covers

Imagine a tonneau cover that is weatherproof, durable, and secure. Picture a cover that looks beautiful, and retracts with the push of a button. This actually exists!

The Pace Edwards Electric Bedlocker Tonneau Cover is one of the most advanced tonneau covers on the market today. Its sleek, powder coat finish and rigid aluminum panels provide all the security you could ever need when carrying cargo in your truck bed. Best of all, the low-profile, aerodynamic design gives your truck a sharp, clean look and could help increase fuel economy. And all it takes to open is a push of a button from a remote, and you have full truck bed access. The cover can also lock in multiple positions along its track, making it ideal for fifth wheel hauling.

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