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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Rundown: Willmore Nerf Boards, Style and Functionality

Today we had the opportunity to install a set of Willmore Nerf Bars on this Ford F150. There is something aesthetically pleasing about a pickup truck with Nerf boards or tube steps, and this truck in particular has a more complete, finished look.
Nerf Board Installation on Ford F150 from Auto Truck Depot
These full-length Nerf boards are constructed of mirror-polished T-304 stainless steel and complete with an aluminum top. They are extra wide, which makes them safer and easier to use when using them to get in and out of the vehicle, and it also gives them a distinct, sharp look.
Nerf Boards from Auto Truck Depot
The reflective bright finish and wide surface of these Nerf boards suits this vehicle particularly well. Auto Truck Depot carries a large selection of Nerf boards, tube steps and running boards so you can match the style of your vehicle exactly. 
Auto Truck Depot Nerf Board Installation, Calgary, AB

To get your own set of Nerf Bars, Tube Steps, or Running Boards installed, contact us at:

Auto Truck Depot

107, 42 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta
Toll Free: 1-855-253-4330

Monday, November 28, 2011

A “User-Friendly” Pickup Truck: Running Boards Make it Possible

There's nothing like getting up in the morning and heading to work in your pickup truck. We know how much pride truck owners take in their vehicle, and that's why it's always exciting to see so many people driving the best pickup trucks. Of course, getting up into a full-size pickup truck isn't always that easy. And it's not just kids or smaller folks who can have difficulty getting into full-sized trucks. There are often times when we could all use a step up. And that's why running boards are some of the most in-demand truck accessories on the market today.

They Look Good Too

Of course, you may not have any problems getting into your truck. But that doesn't mean that you won't benefit from having running boards on your truck. Let's face it – running boards just make a truck look better. Whether you're talking about a traditional running board or a step bar, these accessories just plain look great on pickup trucks.

Easy Installation

It isn't too hard to get boards or steps installed on a pickup truck. For folks who like to tinker with their trucks, getting them installed is relatively quick and pain-free. In fact, the boards that we sell all come with instructions and the hardware you need, so the process isn't difficult at all. However, if you just don't want to deal with doing an installation on you own, we can take care of getting your running boards installed in no time. 

Running boards and truck steps make it easy to get older family members and children into your truck. And since they look great too, getting them installed on your truck is a win-win situation.

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