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Friday, December 1, 2017

What's So Great About the A-Series Tonneau Cover from Roll-N-Lock?

Tonneau covers are one of the most worthy investments to make for a pickup truck. They are versatile, extremely useful, and they protect your cargo from weather, theft, and other physical damage. But choosing the right cover can be difficult, and there are a lot of things to consider, as can be seen in one of our previous posts, Top 10 Questions. While all of the products we carry are top of the line, a new cover has just hit the shelves that we are very excited about.
Roll-N-Lock has recently released their newest member of their retractable tonneau covers, the A-Series. Similar to the M-Series, the A-Series features a horde of new, premium features that will ensure security and ease of use. While many tonneau covers boast security, none have eliminated weak spots and perfected durability more effectively than the Roll-N-Lock A-Series, without the hassle of snaps or heavy, awkward panels. Let me walk you through some of the best features of the A-Series and why you should seriously consider this cover if you're in the market for a new tonneau cover.
Powder-Coated Aluminum Cover Body
Why is aluminum so commonly used in truck bed tonneau covers? The answer is simple. Lightweight, rustproof durability. Aluminum is one of the lightest metals, so tonneau covers that use it are very easy to maneuver and operate. Aluminum doesn't rust, so you can be sure that this cover is going to stay strong and looking good for years on end. And to top it all off, Roll-N-Lock powder coats their aluminum to give it a clean, black look that is scratch resistant and sleek.
Patent Pending Theft Resistant Hinge
This is the feature that really rockets the A-Series ahead of many other tonneau covers in the security department. What good are heavy duty, durable panels if a knife-wielding thief can just poke through the rubber seals and tear apart your cover? If you're looking for 100% security with a nearly impenetrable cover top, the A-Series tonneau cover is perfect for you. The hinges interlock perfectly, with no straight line through the cover and no visible rubber. Without weak rubber seams, all you're left with is a smoothly operating, seamless top, and how is anybody supposed to break in to that?
Built-In Tailgate Lock
If the Anti-Theft hinges aren't enough, consider that most other tonneau covers rely on your locked tailgate to ensure your truck bed is inaccessible to unwanted people. This works fine unless your tailgate doesn't lock, or the tonneau cover can be forced open. The A-Series features a built-in tailgate lock that not only provides a key lock for your tailgate cover, but simultaneously secures your tailgate as well with a four-point locking system. This means that your tailgate can be locked, your cover can be locked, and then the two of them are locked together to ensure maximum security for any precious cargo you want to keep safe. The key slot is protected by a cover, which is particularly important here in Canada. Ever had your car locks freeze? Imagine how much easier it would be if the slot was facing upwards. This cover ensures that no water or mud get into your key slot so that you can feel safe knowing your cover will unlock every time. Keep in mind that this feature does not work for every truck bed type, so read through the installation manual for your truck model to make sure you know how it works before you purchase.
Torsion Spring Equipped
Let's talk durability for a minute. Remember how I mentioned that aluminum doesn't rust, and will resist wear for years? That's all fine, but what about the moving parts? Don't those usually break first? Well, The Roll-N-Lock A-Series is equipped with a heavy-duty torsion spring tucked away in a 3" aluminum reel. There's that aluminum again. This means that the most vulnerable part of your cover is protected from dirt, weather, and other physical damage by 3 inches of a durable, rustproof material. You can't get much better protection that that. Plus, the heavy-duty engineering of the torsion spring ensures that your cover will be retracting and unrolling smoothly for as long as you need it to.
Water can be your worst enemy when it comes to extending your gear's lifespan. Thankfully, Roll-N-Lock have thought of this. Their A-Series tonneau cover features a unique and effective drainage system that can be hooked up with your choice of corrosion inhibitors to quickly and effectively remove all water from the cover's housing. This ensures protection from mold, rot, and general wear on your cover's moving pieces. To see more on the installation of the drainage system, check out the Roll-N-Lock installation videos or the installation manual that comes with your Roll-N-Lock A-Series cover.
Multiple Latching Positions
The difference between a good tonneau cover and a great tonneau cover is versatility and usability, and the A-Series masters these factors. Not only can the cover be locked in the fully closed position, it can also be secured in the housing fully open to allow for full truck bed access while you're, in case you need to haul out the ATVs or your kid's furniture to their university residence. But what if you're loading up a fifth wheel and you want your hitch open but the rest of your cargo covered? What if you just have a few boxes that are slightly taller than the truck bed but you really need to cover some fragile gear? Never fear, because the A-Series can be locked in multiple positions along the length of your truck bed, allowing maximum versatility when it comes to truck bed access, with full driving capability. Not only that, but locking it is as simple as turning the locking lever, so you won't have to struggle to keep your cover in the right place.
Clamp-On Installation
Roll-N-Lock's A-Series features their patented clamp on system to ensure easier installation and a secure hold. There are a few tools necessary outside of the hardware kit, primarily a flathead and Phillips screwdriver as well as a drill for the self-tapping screws. Installation requires minimal truck modification and can be done in 45 to 90 minutes.The clamp system ensures that most trucks will not require holes drilled in the sides of the truck bed and expediates the installation process.
Appearance and Extra Features
You want your truck to look good, and Roll-N-Lock knows that. That's why they've engineered their new A-Series cover with a sleek appearance in mind. The housing for the retractable cover top is compact and aerodynamic, barely sitting above the top of the truck bed. It looks good and it allows better airflow over the box of your truck, which means better fuel economy. It is topped off by a sleek looking lid that adds to the aerodynamic profile of your truck as well as giving it a professional, clean cut look. The handle for the cover top mechanism sits flush with the housing unit so you get maximum space efficiency out of your truck bed.
Cargo Manager
For even more efficiency, Roll-N-Lock offers a special accessory compatible only with their tonneau covers, the Cargo Manager. Easy to use, this cargo manager slides along a rail that mounts to your Roll-N-Lock tonneau cover rails with the pinch of a clip. This way you can secure cargo to one end of your truck bed or the other so that it doesn't move around the bed and cause potential damage. The Cargo Manager can slide the full length of the bed, or be tilted upwards out of the way to make room for longer cargo.
Roll-N-Lock's new A-Series cover comes with their customer-friendly warranty policy that will ensure you will get the best use of your cover. This tonneau cover is sleek, easy to use, durable, and more secure than any tonneau cover available. On top of it all, the cover requires very little maintenance. Spraying the cover top with a protective solution occasionally will ensure smooth operation and longevity. Accessing the housing to inspect for blockage is simple. Remove the two screws on either side of the cover housing and remove the lid. You can then check the housing for leaves, dirt, water, or other unwanted items which can then be easily removed. This will help keep your cover working smooth and ensure the longest possible lifespan.
The new A-Series from Roll-N-Lock is a tonneau cover of incomparable durability, versatility, and security. If you're looking to invest in a cover for your truck box, look no further than the Roll-N-Lock A-Series Retractable Tonneau Cover.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Chevrolet and GMC Cab Style Guide

Chevrolet and GMC have a larger number of Cab Styles than most other brand of truck. This gives you more options when purchasing a truck, but makes getting the right accessories more difficult. In this article, we will help you navigate the cab types so you can correctly identify your vehicle and get the right accessories the first time.

Chevrolet/GMC Pickup Truck Cab Styles

1. Regular Cab

Chevrolet Pickup Truck with Regular Cab
A regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats.

2. Double Cab

Chevrolet Double Cab
A double cab has 4 full doors that all open in the same direction. Each door has a handle located on the outside of the truck. The back doors are noticeably smaller in width than the front doors.

3. Extended Cab

Chevrolet Extended Cab
An extended cab has 4 doors. The front doors have to be open in order to open the back doors, and the handles are usually located on the inside of the door and not visible from the outside.

 4. Crew Cab

Chevrolet Crew Cab
A crew cab has 4 full doors that all open in the same direction. The door handles are all located on the outside of the truck, and both the front and back doors are the same width.

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Overview: Toolbox Tonneau Covers

Toolbox Tonneau Covers aren't for everyone, but if you need one, there are usually few other options. In this blog, I will walk through a few of our best selling toolbox tonneau covers, as well as discussing some of their benefits.

American Work Cover

This workhorse is one of our newest additions, and it breaks all the rules. All toolbox tonneau covers are designed to work with tonneau covers, but they don't generally come with one. The obvious benefit to this cover is the full sized toolbox, which is built directly into the canister that stores the retractable tonneau cover. This toolbox has two powder coated trays that store your tools and gear above the rolled up cover. The cover and toolbox come with matching, OE style handles and locks to keep your gear secure. If you're looking to outfit a work truck, this cover is the way to go. An added benefit is that it's compatible with all other Truck Covers USA Accessories, meaning your truck could be the sharpest looking, most well outfitted work truck on site.

Access Roll-Up Toolbox Tonneau Cover

Most toolbox tonneau covers, however, don't come with the box. They are instead designed to be installed on vehicles that already have a toolbox on them. The Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover is one of these. Like most toolbox tonneaus, it is designed to work seamlessly with a 19 - 20 inch toolbox. Just like the Access Original, the cover rolls up into a compact bundle, and it's very easy to use.

We carry a range of tonneau cover styles. This allows you to chose the style you like, whether it's retractable, roll-up, or tri-fold so you aren't stuck with a tonneau that doesn't operate the way you'd like. If you are looking for a Tri-Fold style toolbox tonneau, consider the Extang Solid Fold

Why a Toolbox Tonneau Cover

So, what are the benefits of a Toolbox Tonneau Cover? Well, the obvious one of course is access to your toolbox. If your truck is a working vehicle, or you need to transport tools and other small items regularly, the best way is usually a toolbox. But you're still going to want to keep your truck bed secure. They can often be locked up to add extra security and weather protection.

There are few options available for those looking to have both a toolbox and tonneau cover, and we have collected the best ones on Tonno Cover Depot to help you get what you need quickly. If you have any questions, or you would like to order yours, get in touch, or come visit us!

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ford Pickup Truck Cab Styles

The great thing about standards is that nobody ever has the same ones. This is as true for companies as it is for people. Each brand of pickup truck is going to have slightly different names, dimensions, and elements for their different cab styles.
When purchasing a tonneau cover or other truck bed accessories for your Ford pickup truck, you will often need to know the cab style. This overview will walk you through the various distinguishing elements so you can quickly and easily identify what your vehicle is.

Ford Pickup Truck Cab Styles

1. Regular Cab

Ford Regular Cab
A regular cab has two doors (one on the passenger side and one on the drivers side). There are no back seats. This is the smallest size cab Ford makes.

2. Super Cab

Ford Super Cab
A super Cab has four doors. The front door has to be open to open the back door and the back door opens in the opposite direction.

3. Super Crew Cab

Ford Super Crew Cab
A super crew cab has 4 doors that all open in the same direction. There are door handles located on the outsides of all 4 doors. This is the largest cab style Ford offers.

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