Friday, December 23, 2011

Riding on Air...

Truck and SUV owners love to spend time driving around in their vehicles. Whether it's for work or play, there's nothing quite like cruising around in a nice pickup or SUV. However, when the suspension of a truck begins to go south, the good times can come to a screeching halt. Imagine correcting these types of suspension problems before they happen and driving around on a suspension that feels like you're riding on air. Because that's what truck owners say it's like when a vehicle has high-end air sprints installed.

Here are a few benefits to having air springs on a truck or SUV:

    Better steering. There's nothing worse than the feeling of steering that's just not responsive. Many times these steering problems have their root cause in suspension issues. Air springs help to restore a more responsive steering system and allow truck and SUV owners to once again enjoy safe driving on the roadways.
    Protects cargo. When a pickup's suspension is lacking, cargo can get bounced around and beaten up. With the right air springs installed, the ride gets a whole lot smoother. That means that drivers, passengers and cargo are all protected from excessive jostling and bouncing around.
    Protection from rough driving conditions. Truck and SUV owners who have to travel off road or on bumpy terrain can end up with a vehicle that's just plain wore out before its time. Installing these springs can help to protect vehicles that regularly have to drive on bumpy ground.

Anyone who cares about a comfortable ride and protecting their vehicle should check out the Firestone Ride Rite springs that we carry and install at Auto Truck Depot. They make it feel like you're literally riding on air.

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