Thursday, December 8, 2011

Brake Controllers mean Staying Safe on the Roads

There's no doubt about it, staying safe on the road is more important today than ever before. With all the people who drive a bit on the reckless side, it's always a good thing to hedge our bets and err on the side of safety. At Auto Truck Depot we hear from lots of folks who not only want to stay safe while driving, but they have to do it while towing a trailer. Boat owners, landscapers and construction crews are just a few of the types of people who need the best safety accessories for their trailer. The smart way to stay safe is to install brake controllers.

For people who are thinking about adding brake controllers for trailers, we always recommend that they:

    Know how many axles are on the trailer. There are quite a few different types of brake controllers for trailers, and they typically cover a different number of axles. Most controllers will either handle 2 to 4 axles or 2 to 6 axles. It's very important, especially for owners of larger trailers to know this basic, yet often overlooked specification.
    The type of installation that they would prefer. Controllers can be installed with a hard wired installation or a wireless installation. The wireless models are getting very popular these days, as they are very simple to install. But some trailer owners like the old fashioned reliability of a hard wired controller.

As long as people know these few basic facts, they will be more likely to get the exact brake controllers needed to keep their trucks, trailers and anything that's on the trailer as safe as they can possibly be on the roads and highways.

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