Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Getting Prepared for Winter

Every year, we know it's coming – winter! And when this season rolls around, there is bound to be snow and ice before too long. With the advent of this kind of cold weather, lots of truck owners begin considering the purchase of snow plows to get their vehicles winter-ready like never before.

At Auto Truck Depot we make it our business to stay current with the accessories that truck owners demand. And with so many of our friends asking about pickup truck plows for winter, we figured we'd share some tips that every potential snow plow owner should consider.

It's all about the blade

There's more to snow plows than the blades they have, but there's nothing more important than the blade. Anyone who is going to make an investment in a snow plow should decide on the color, style and size of the blade on any plow kits that they are considering getting installed. By knowing what you want up-front, you'll be better equipped to get the perfect plow for your needs.

Quick Mount Release

The old time snow plows required owners to work pretty hard to get the blade attached or detached. And while some of these plows are being sold used today, it's best to get a newer model that features quick mount release. Plows with these types of release systems make it simple and quick to get the blade on or off.


Truck owners should take a look at the controls that come with the plows that they are going to buy. Most of the better plows feature intuitive, joystick-like controls, which make it simple to control the plow, even during the heaviest snow storms.

Keep these key features in mind when you shop for your snow

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