Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Transporting Bikes on your Vehicle

One of the best past times that people can take up to have fun while getting plenty of exercise is bicycling. There's nothing like the thrill of getting out on a road or mountain bike for a nice, long ride. And the physical benefits are amazing. Unfortunately, unless you like riding your bike hundreds of miles, or dealing with potentially dangerous roadways, you'll need a way to transport your bikes from one location to another with your car, van or SUV. That means that finding the best bike racks is essential for the serious bike riders out there.

Choosing the Right Bike Racks

Here are the things that we recommend people consider when purchasing their bike racks:

    Ease of installation. The best racks should be relatively simple for just about anyone to install.
    Paint Friendly. Bike racks shouldn't trash a bike's finish. We recommend that people only buy racks that are known to be friendly to a bicycle's paint.
    Good wheel straps. For extra stability and safety on the road, good wheel straps are essential.

In addition to these three features, it's important that bicycle owners choose a rack that can handle the appropriate number of bikes. Some folks will only need a rack that can hold two bikes, but families may need to haul around a few more bikes, so they should choose a 4 bike rack when possible. No matter where riders go with their bikes in tow, they'll know that their bikes are safe and sound when they use a high quality rack to keep the bikes secure while driving. If you're buying a new bike rack, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

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