Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tonneau Cover Installation: Do it Yourself or Pay Someone Else

English: Tonneau on pickup truckImage via WikipediaTonneau cover installation is one of those areas we field a lot of questions on.  Certainly there are Tonneau covers that you can install yourself.  Retrax is one off the top of my head that I would recommend.  Extang Solid Fold is a product that I would find “borderline”.  What I mean by this is that, no, it is not impossible to self-install, but it will take awhile and you can easily find yourself frustrated with the various clips that need to be secured if you’re not used to doing this every day (and who is besides mechanics?)

Now, is the fact that it can be a little tedious to install an Extang a reason not to purchase this Tonneau cover?  Not at all.  It’s a good-looking cover and the folding capability makes a lot of our female customers pretty happy.  In other words, it aesthetically pleasing, as well as, functional.

I always ask people, what do you have more of: money or time?  Many of our customers are pressed for time and don’t want to spend hours of their rare weekend time putting the cover on by themselves.  They’d rather sit for twenty minutes in our waiting area drinking coffee and playing Farmville on Facebook while we perform the Tonnaeu cover installation.  That’s fair enough.  Can I install a new washer and dryer in my home?  Absolutely!  Do I want to?  Heck no.  I’d rather call the guys at Sears.  So if you’re like me and really don’t want to waste a few hours of your precious weekend time doing it yourself let us perform your Tonneau cover installation.
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