Wednesday, April 4, 2012

P3 Electronic Brake Control: One of Our Favorite Brake Controllers

Brake controllers are a smart purchase for anyone who does a lot of travelling or who is on the road for work with a trailer in tow on a regular basis. Trailers, when not properly cared for, can be dangerous both to the driver and to others on the road. One thing that all trailers should definitely have installed is brake controllers, which allow these trailers to come to a stop more quickly when in use. While there are many such products on the market today, all of them claiming to be the best, one that truly lives up to its promises is the P3 electronic brake control.

The P3 electronic brake control may be small—it weighs only three pounds—and affordable—it costs less than two hundred dollars—, but it still packs a powerful punch and always gets the job done. It can take just about any trailer to a smooth stop; it’s compatible with trailers that have anywhere from one to four axles. It also includes a sharply designed LCD display that is always easy to read. Plus, you can even customize the color, contrast, and other features yourself. Unlike other brake controllers, anybody can use this particular product, since the display can be changed to multiple language settings. There are also options for electric or hydraulic brakes, and the unit is capable of completing and reporting on roadside diagnostics. An awesome “boost” feature makes many different levels of braking possible, and when you’re done, you simply store this great product with its dash-hugging design in the convenient pouch, which is included when you make a purchase from Auto Truck Depot.

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