Monday, October 8, 2012

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Let’s take a look at two different scenarios. In the first one, you’re driving down the road, your trailer attached securely behind you. The trailer contains all of your most precious belongings, things you wouldn’t ever want to lose or have broken. You get a little too close to the vehicle in front of you and slam on your brakes. Since you don’t have brake controllers installed, your vehicle stops just in the nick of time, but your trailer doesn’t. All of your belongings get rattled around and a few get broken. If the stop was really bad, your trailer might have even become detached. This is not a happy picture!

In the second scenario, you’re still driving with the trailer and all of your possessions behind you. And, just like before, you make that tough stop. This time, however, you’re using high quality brake controllers, and your stop is smooth and easy. Your vehicle stops at the same time your trailer does and none of your belongings are even a little disturbed.

Obviously, everyone wants to be a part of the second scenario, and no one wants to be a part of the first. It’s really easy to spot the difference between these two happenings—it’s the brake controller, or the lack thereof! So, don’t wait another second. You can buy your controllers affordably from Auto Truck Depot. While there are many awesome products and brands to choose from, we strongly recommend the very affordable Primus IQ. For less than one hundred dollars, you’ll get a controller that is super easy to install and that requires no manual adjustments, no matter what type of terrain you’re driving on!

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