Thursday, July 11, 2013

Keep Your Trailer Safe

If you have a trailer, then you probably already know that trailer hitches are necessary to haul it safely. While you should definitely invest in a good, strong hitch, one that’s appropriately matched to your trailer and vehicle and that won’t allow your trailer to come unhitched, it’s also important to follow some other safety measures too.

Did you know, for example, that many trailers feature a battery that can work to kick in your trailer’s brakes in the event of an accidental detachment? If your trailer has this feature (check to see), then you’ll definitely want to make every effort to keep your trailer’s battery fully charged.

It’s also important to set your trailer’s tongue weight correctly. If you haven’t done this, then it won’t matter if you’re using the most high quality trailer hitches available or not. In order for your trailer to stay balanced and upright, the tongue weight should be approximately fifteen percent of the trailer’s overall weight.

If you follow these tips and use good common sense, you should have a terrific towing experience.

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