Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Brilliance of Bedslides

Do you already have truck grille guards and every other accessory you can possibly think of installed on your truck? No matter how many truck accessories you have, if you don’t have bedslides, then you’re missing out. While not the most popular or well-known truck accessories, bedslides are where it’s at!

Just what are these awesome accessories? Bedslides are designed to enable your truck bed to slide forwards and backwards to suit your needs. So, imagine you’ve got your truck bed full of groceries, packed all the way to the back, after a major trip to the grocery store. Without bedslides installed, you’d likely have to crawl into the truck bed and scramble to retrieve each bag. With bedslides, however, you can simply slide your truck bed forward, grab the items you need, and then be on your way !

Bedslides are the perfect complement to truck grille guards and all your other accessories, and you can find them and anything else your truck needs at Auto Truck Depot. #CalgaryTruckGrillGuard
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