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Saturday, February 24, 2018

CURT Manufacturing: Select Hitches Sale

CURT Manufacturing is a United States based producer of high quality hitches, brake controllers, and other towing accessories. Using the latest technology and design software, CURT creates some of the most reliable towing products out there. For a limited time, we are offering select hitches at a discounted rate, starting as low and $99!

Fifth Wheel Hitches

CURT manufactures a variety of fifth wheel hitches at a range of prices. The one thing they all share is great durability for the price, whether you're looking at the E Series 16K or the 20K A Series. CURT also makes adapter plates and a fifth wheel roller designed to work with their products.

Brake Controllers

Rigging up a new hitch system? Replacing an old brake controller? CURT Brake controllers are a great option! Able to control trailer breaks on multiple axles, mounting anywhere inside your truck with bright LED displays with the ability to time brake application.

Gooseneck Hitches

Built to last and easy to install, gooseneck hitches are another great option. They take up little space in your truck bed, leaving room for you to carry more of the things you need when you're working or off camping. If you're not planning on taking the trailer and you need more bed space, Gooseneck hitches can be removed quickly by pulling out the four pins, giving you full truck bed access.

No matter the task, CURT Manufacturing products are ready to go to work. Whether you're preparing for the camping season, upgrading your rig, or looking to buy a new trailer, CURT should be your first choice for towing accessories. From hitches to brake controllers, and even accessories like wiring harnesses and weight distribution bars, they've got the gear to get your truck rigged up quick. And now, for a limited time, Auto Truck Depot can have you set up and ready to go for less! Our professional technicians will even install the products for you. To find out more, give us a call.

Auto Truck Depot

107, 42 Ave SW, Calgary Alberta
Toll Free: 1-855-253-4330
Local: 403-253-4330

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lets Hitch

20K R5 Fifth Wheel RollerIt might come as a surprise to you to learn that there are actually several different types of trailer hitches. Most people think all trailer hitches are essentially the same and do not realize that they actually come with classifications. It’s important to understand the different classifications so that you can end up with a hitch that is the perfect fit for you.

One element of a  hitch is the trailer hitch receiver. These hitches are the ones you’ll see the most often. They are usually constructed from steel and are designed to attach securely to the car or truck’s frame. While they are, of course, designed for pulling trailers, they can also be used for carrying bike racks and cargo carriers. Within this category, you’ll find different classes of hitches. The class is based upon how much weight the hitch can handle and the size of the receiver opening.

When you need a hitch for a super tough job, a fifth wheel hitch is going to be your best bet. These are mostly used with trucks and can often carry upwards of 30,000 pounds! They fit onto the truck bed. There are also specially designed hitches for specific jobs or for specific purposes. For example, you can get an invisible hitch, which can’t be seen but still hauls easily, or hitches specially designed for various types of cargo.

Fortunately, Auto Truck Depot has every kind of hitch you could ever need. While you’re encouraged to browse the wide selection, definitely check out the 20K R5 Fifth Wheel Roller. This is a fifth wheel  hitch as discussed above, and is designed to carry even the heaviest of loads with ease.

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