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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

5 Inch Oval Tube Steps are Running Boards to Die For!

5 inch Oval Tube StepsMany people purchase running boards just for their super stylish look and the hint of sophistication that they add to any truck or vehicle. While this extra style is certainly nice, it’s not the only reason to buy running boards. They actually serve many different and very useful functions. One such function is to protect your truck and your paint job, keeping it free from the damage that can be caused by stone chips. These boards are also ideal for helping passengers to enter and exit your truck. While these are especially good for those who are not very tall, for children, and the elderly, they can really come in handy for everyone, providing an easy to grip no-slip surface in the wintertime.

One of our favorite products of this type is the 5 inch oval tube steps made by Go Rhino. These very affordable steps add a lot of value to your truck, meaning you can actually make money off of your purchase. In other words, a truck with the steps installed is worth more than a truck without them! Plus, with these awesome products, you always get a custom fit, rather than just settling for a one-size-fits-all model as you have to with many other products currently on the market. You’ll also find that these steps are incredibly durable, thanks in large part to the blow-molded O.E. and aluminum framework that make up their construction. You can purchase your steps in an 80 inch or an 87 inch size, and installation is guaranteed to be a breeze. No drilling or special tools are required for most models.

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