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Monday, November 27, 2017

BAKFlip F1, G2 & HD Tonneau Cover Similarities and Benefits

BAK Industries has developed some of the most well known Tri-Fold tonneau cover models available. The BAKFlip F1G2 and HD are all top quality hard tri-fold covers with distinctive differences in material construction and functionality, which you can learn about with the BAKFlip F1, G2 and HD Comparison Chart.  Every tonneau cover model produced by BAK Industries has something unique about it, but what do all BAK tonneau covers have in common? This article will discuss the similarities you can expect from BAKFlip, no matter what tonneau cover you choose!
BAKFlip Tonneau Covers | Auto Truck Depot

100% Truck Bed Access

BAKFlip HD | Auto Truck Depot
 All BAKFlip tonneau covers provides 100% full truck bed access. Whether it be the F1, G2 or HD, every cover folds all the way open and prop rods lock the cover to allow driving in the upright position. This is ideal when loading large equipment, or whenever you require full truck bed space. The tonneau cover is securely held in the upright position against the cab so you don’t ever have to remove it.

Easy To Use

BAKFlip HD | Auto Truck Depot
Every cover can be opened easily with quick release cables from either side of the cab. This makes getting in and out of your truck bed as simple and easy as possible.

Incredible Security

With your tailgate locked and BAKFlip cover closed, you can be assured that your truck bed is secure. The quick release cables are hidden away, and without unlocking your tailgate, there is no way for intruders to get in.

Partial Bed Access

BAKFlip Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
BAKFlip covers can be locked in partially opened positions with the built-in buckle system, which holds the cover securely in the folded position. Even with the cover partially open, you are given complete rear window visibility so you can drive anywhere safely.

Weather Resistance

EPDM rubber will keep your cargo dry and secure even in the most extreme weather conditions. The covers are sealed around the edges and in between the panels to securely keep out not just moisture, but dust and dirt as well. Whether you're on the job or out at play, BAK has your back.

No-Drill Installation

All BAKFlip covers install easily with the use of clamps that mount the cover to the rails of your truck bed without any need for drilling. This means no lease agreement breaches, no modifications to the vehicle, and a quick installation that will get you on the road faster.

Automatic Latching System

Each panel cover automatically latches when closed to ensure security and ease with operation. There is no need to carry around extra keys, just close the cover and your truck bed is secure.

Sleek, No-Profile Design

BAKFlip HD Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
All BAKFlip tonneau covers sit flush to provide a streamlined profile and sleek look. The low-profile also increases gas mileage!

Third Brake Light Visibility

BAKFlip HD Tonneau Covers
BAKFlip covers can fold past 90 degrees to allow full truck bed access. BAK knows trucks, and they know what it means to use their own equipment. Even with the cover propped all the way open, no lights or OEM safety equipment is blocked.

Protected Cab

The cab is protected when the cover is in the upright position with built-in bumpers that shield the cab from contact. The bumpers act to protect both the cover and your cab from damage from shifting cargo when the cover is open past 90 degrees.

Access to Stake Pockets

BAKFlip FiberMax Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
All BAKFlip covers are designed to provide full access to OEM stake pocket holes. This ensures you will never lose valuable mounting options or the ability to add other accessory options.

Easily Added Organization

BAKFlip BAKBox 2 | Auto Truck Depot
The BAKBox 2 can be added to any BAKFlip tonneau cover for added truck bed storage without interfering with the tonneau cover’s operation.
Check out some of the BAKFlip products we have in stock!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

You will Flip Using a Bakflip Truck Box

Bakflip Bak BoxMost people who add a truck box to their vehicle end up using it as a handy tool box. If that’s your plan, you might already be thinking and planning about what tools and other items you are going to include. While you may need or not need some of our suggestions, we’ve compiled our list of must-have in-truck tools with concern for those items that are really going to come in handy on a regular basis.

We suggest that, in your truck box, you include at least fifteen gallons of fuel. This might sound like a lot, but it can really come in handy if you get stranded far away from the nearest gas station! With this amount of gas, you can always make it that extra mile to get the help you need. Carrying a few gallons of water is a good idea as well. The water can, of course, serve as a replenishing drink if you suffer a breakdown and get stranded somewhere, but it can also be used for overheating engines! A fire extinguisher is another good idea, just in case of any accidents or serious problems with your truck. Other highly recommended items include a tow strap, blankets, a flash light, appropriately-sized ratchets, a breaker bar, adapters, extensions, drive sockets, combination wrenches, vise grips, a hammer, and screwdrivers.

Once you’ve decided what to include in your box, check out Auto Truck Depot’s great selection of boxes and all the necessary accessories to go along with them. One box we particularly like is the Bakflip Bak Box. It’s long, slim design is perfect for storing a lot of items without taking up all of your space. Plus, the price is pretty nice too!

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