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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Product Comparison: RetraxONE VS. RetraxPRO

It can often be difficult to peg down the differences between some of the models of tonneau covers, especially when they're made by the same company and are built in the same style. Even so, you'll still need to make a choice, so why not make an informed one? In this article, I will be discussing the primary differences between the RetraxONE and RetraxPRO, which applies to both the standard and MX models.

Basic Functionality

At a base level, they seem quite similar. Both are, obviously, retractable tonneau covers, and many of their similarities come from a base design engineered to create smooth action and reliable protection. Their sealed ball bearing rollers are mounted to each section to create smooth action with no catches. By sealing them, the bearings can't get clogged up with dirt, dust, or grime, so you can continue accessing your truck bed with easy, single-handed motion for the lifespan of the cover. 

Both covers feature the same, great storage canister design. Compact and streamlined, the canister contains a spiral track inside that prevents the cover from grinding against itself when being retracted. This prevents premature wear, as well as keeping dirt from getting dragged around and clogging up the system. It also means the cover won't jam when you're opening or closing it, keeping operation quick and easy.

Both covers are coated with a strong UV protective seal to guard against fading. They're designed to last a long time, maintaining their look and functionality, and they back their designs with a limited lifetime warranty on both covers. Both covers feature an easy, clamp-on installation that is strong and requires no modification to your truck. There are no snaps or velcro on either cover, meaning fewer components to break or fall apart, and no fumbling around in the cold. Finally, both covers lock at multiple points along their tracks, making them great for fifth wheel hauling or cargo loads with a great variety in size.

So, I know what you're thinking right now. What is the difference, because it doesn't really seem like there is any? Well the major difference in the construction materials. The RetraxONE is built primarily from a poly-carbonate material called Lexan. The material is designed to function in temperatures that vary between -40 degrees Celsius and 130 degrees Celsius, a hugely wide range that makes it a viable cover in all climates. 

The RetraxPRO, on the other hand, is constructed from a rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy which gives it the capacity to hold over 500 pounds of distributed weight on top. On top of the that, aluminum is a metal that doesn't react with oxygen, meaning it won't rust. Both materials are durable and designed to last, so really the choice comes down to your needs. If your truck sees a more rugged work life, you may want to make the upgrade to the RetraxPRO.

There are also a couple of extra features included with the Pro. The most important of these is the built in key lock. The primary purpose of a tonneau cover is to protect your cargo. Mostly, that is protection from the elements. Both the Pro and the One seal off your truck bed from the elements, guarding your cargo from snow, rain, and mud. Both covers will also prevent thieves from cutting their way into your truck bed, as they could with a soft cover or even a hard Tri-Fold. Only the Pro provides you with a key lock to completely seal off your truck bed from unwanted eyes and hands.

The Aesthetic

A final note on differences between the two covers is their style. While a streamlined look is inherent in retractable tonneau covers, it is important to note that the RetraxPRO is definitely a more low-profile look. For some, this is important, and so it's definitely an element to consider.

Whichever your choice, both of these covers are going to serve you well. Retractable tonneau covers seal your truck bed better than any other, both against the elements and against thieves. This is especially important in a season of snowfall or rainfall. Don't limit your time available to carry cargo to just clear days.Whether it's for work or play, we live in a country that spends a lot of time outdoors. Get out there without a monkey on your back.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Why You Want a Retractable Tonneau Cover

Retractable Tonneau Covers are among the most expensive styles of cover. So what is it that makes them so desirable? Why would you pay, in some cases, over a thousand dollars more for one of these versus a Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, or other style? In this article, I will be exploring the many reasons why retractable tonneau covers are worth the extra money.
The first, and simplest reason for the expense is their ease of use and versatility. Retractable tonneau covers have the most lockable positions out of all the tonneau styles. This means you can have half of your bed covered to allow access to your fifth wheel hitch so you can get your trailer out to the camp site while keeping your cargo safe from the elements as you drive out. Likewise, there are various other positions that the top can be locked in, often as many as every 12". Perhaps you need to haul something large but you also want to carry cardboard boxes and you're worried about rain.
And yes, while it is true that you can get some partially open locking positions in the Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover style, there aren't as many. Another benefit to the retractable tonneau covers is that they are much easier to use. When you're folding up a Tri-Fold cover, there's a lot of latching and unlatching that needs to be done, and while it can be folded from one side it is an awkward process to get it folded up to the front. With retractable tonneau covers, all you have to do is fold down your tailgate, release the quick catches and keep a light grip on the pull line until it has fully retracted. It takes seconds rather than minutes with almost no work on your part.
Security is another benefit to the retractable tonneau covers. While all tonneau covers offer your truck bed added security, you won't get any better that with retractable covers. Many retractable tonneau covers lock against the tailgate to ensure they cannot be opened while you're away from the truck. The Pace Edwards JackRabbit has tonnes of rigid, laminated aluminum panels. Unlike in Tri-Fold Covers, there are no visible seams between them when the cover is closed, which means no weak points for thieves to try and cut through, as they are all covered over and interlocking.
Finally, storability is always key with tonneau covers. The retractable style cover rolls up into a small canister at the front of your truck bed, taking up very little space. The compact, enclosed storage also keeps your cover out of the sunlight when you aren't using it, which helps protect it from UV damage. If you need to move the cover to another truck or you have a very large piece of cargo you need to haul, the retractable tonneau covers can be removed quickly and easily. Their clamp on style allows you to simply undo the mounting clamps to remove both the canister and the rails, and requires no drilling to install on your vehicle. The only other cover style that offers this much versatility and compact design are the Roll-Up Tonneau Coverswhich are inexpensive but not nearly as secure or long lasting.
The durability, versatility, and usability of Retractable Tonneau Covers is unparalleled. Yes, you will be spending more money. But you'll be buying a product that will last longer, take you further, and do more work for you than any other cover. Check out our collection of Retractable Tonneau Covers, browse our website to compare them with the rest of our wide selection of covers, and if you still have any question don't hesitate to contact us!

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

How to Install Your Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are a great addition to any pickup truck. Perhaps you’re thinking about purchasing a tonneau cover for your vehicle and want to be sure of the installation procedure prior to making the investment, or maybe you already have one that you’re preparing to install yourself. Either way, let me share some knowledge about how to install your cover!
Tonneau covers are usually installed with a simple clamping system that attaches the cover to your bed rails. There is no drilling or modification necessary, so even if your truck is leased, you have no worries about voiding any warranties or causing any unnecessary damage.
Installing an UnderCover Flex Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
It is important that the rails are straight, since the cover will fold open and rest on these rails. If the rails are uneven, the cover might not close or seal properly. Soft Roll-Up covers often roll out and seal along the rails with Velcro, and Hard Tri-Fold tonneau covers often include latches that secure the cover to the rails. If the rails are not positioned accurately, you risk jeopardising the security of your truck bed.
Once the rails are installed, the rest is a breeze. The cover will generally latch or secure on starting at the cab end of your truck bed and roll or fold forward. The average installation time of a cover ranges from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on your skill level, the tools you have, and the type of cover you're installing. Some covers can be removed from the rails easily after the installation, allowing you to take the top on and off at will without having to do the full installation again.
Access Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover | Auto Truck Depot
Most tonneau cover installations are similar, but there are slight variations between different covers, so you might want to check the installation guide for your specific cover before attempting to install it yourself. All of the tonneau covers we sell on our website include installation guides and videos, which can be found in the product descriptions. If you plan on purchasing a tonneau cover, you may want to check out the installation guide for that specific cover. If you’re planning on buying a tonneau cover, but haven’t picked one out yet, take a look at these different tonneau cover categories.
Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Hard Roll-Up Tonneau Covers Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Covers Hard One-Piece Tonneau Covers Retractable Tonneau Covers Tool Box Tonneau Covers Tonneau Cover Accessories

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Retractable Tonneau Covers: So Many to Choose From, So Little Time…

Retractable Tonneau covers are very popular with our truck crowd.  Tonneau covers, in general, are popular but more and more we’re getting inquiries for the retractable Tonneau covers (as opposed to the hinge-lift) types.    These bad boys come in manual and electronic models for ease of use.  So whether you want to fold up your Tonneau cover by hand or push a button via remote control, we have a retractable cover that will suit your hauling needs.

People love retractable Tonneau covers because it allows you to only “partially” open your vehicle cover should you only need to put in a smaller item.  This comes in handy when it’s raining or snowing and you don’t want to have to expose the full bed of your vehicle to the weather.  It’s also nice for when you’re just feeling lazy and don’t feel like opening up the entire cover just to throw in a bag of groceries.  A lot of people like having the partial option when their cover is remote controlled because it enables you to start opening the cover before you even get to the vehicle, so you can make a quick exit from a crowded parking lot. 

Most of our Tonneau covers are no-drill, clamp-in designs.  We don’t believe that a product needs to be invasive to be secure.  So don’t worry about having to drill holes in your truck just because you have a fancy, remote-controlled retractable Tonneau cover.   Products should be functional, attractive, and non-invasive because you never know come resale time what the next owner will want from their vehicle.

Because of the popularity of these products with our customers, I can assure you that you will find in our showroom a Tonneau cover to fit whatever requirements you may have.  We have roll back soft tops, hinged fiberglass, fold back aluminum, and (of course) retractable Tonneau covers.
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