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Monday, October 21, 2013

Get Things Started!

Imagine this scenario: it’s a hot day. You’re tired, you’ve been outside for what feels like forever, and all you can think about is getting back to your vehicle and cranking up the air conditioner. You can see your truck in the parking lot, and you hope that window visor has done its job and kept your vehicle from turning into a sweltering sweat box. You know your auto’s interior will still be hot once you climb inside, but you comfort yourself with the fact that it will only take a few minutes for the air conditioner to start working.

While this scenario might not sound all that awful, you should know that there’s an easier way! If you had a remote start device, you could start your car from far away, and you could also control what features of your car to turn on. So, for example, on a sweltering hot day, you could turn your air conditioner on and have it working by the time you arrive at your vehicle. A remote start device coupled with a window visor guarantees a cool, comfortable car with no waiting. Talk about relief! Get your remote starter from Auto Truck Depot today and enjoy a “no sweat” arrival at your vehicle. #CalgaryWindowVisor
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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Don’t Let Your Car Get Covered in a Melted Mess!

Image 1When the sun’s rays are beating down on your car, there are likely many objects inside of it that could be harmed by those rays. Have you ever left a chocolate bar on your dashboard or in your seat on a hot day? If so, you probably came back to find a melted, disgusting mess all over the place. It’s not just chocolate that can melt and muck up your car either. Crayons, most food products, plastic toys, CDs and DVDs, and a host of other goods can all melt. Even expensive electronics can be damaged or ruined when exposed to extreme heat. While you can’t shut down the sun, you can protect your car and the belongings you have inside of it against the sun. The easiest way to do that is by purchasing and regularly using a window visor.

Auto Truck Depot offers a great window visor—the Ventshade, which is efficient at blocking the sun’s rays and protecting your goods. Furthermore, it keeps your car from getting so hot that it hurts to touch the door handle or the seatbelt buckle! In addition to using your Ventshade, keep in mind that there are other things you can do to reduce heat buildup in your car as well.

Try parking in a shaded area, such as underneath trees or other structures. If you’re in a secure area, you may also wish to leave your windows open just a crack to let in some air. And, if you know you’re going to be heading back to your car soon, use your remote starter to turn on the air conditioning for a more comfortable arrival.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Perks to a Window Visor

There are many wonderful advantages of using a window visor in your vehicle. This is a great device that often gets overlooked, but one that is very necessary and useful. First of all, visors look great on any vehicle! You can get them in a wide variety of styles and designs, allowing you to add that personal touch to your automobile. It’s a good way to show off and look cool which, let’s face it, is something every car or truck owner wants!

More practically speaking, however, a window visor blocks a lot of rain and sun. This allows you to feel a whole lot more comfortable in your vehicle and to be safer too! When you’re not focused on harsh sunlight or cold rain, you’re going to be paying more attention to the road. For smokers, visors come in handy because they make it possible to smoke even when the rain is pouring down. Furthermore, visors deflect wind, creating a less-noisy, more pleasant ride, and sometimes, this can even result in being able to achieve higher speeds in your vehicle!

Even when you’re not driving, the benefits keep on coming! While parked, even if you’re in the hottest garage in town, the visor makes it so that your windows stay slightly open. Thus, without compromising your vehicle’s security, you increase ventilation. You’ll never have to step into a sweltering car ever again!

At Auto Truck Depot, you can find a great visor that will allow you to experience all of these benefits and maybe even more! While there are a ton of products to choose from, one of our very favorites is the Ventshade. It’s very affordably priced and gets the job done right.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Go for a Window Visor for Protection All Year Long!

A window visor is a very affordable and often overlooked product that is absolutely necessary for anyone who truly cares about his or her car, truck, or SUV. Not only does a visor look great and stylish perched on your vehicle, but it also gives you more visibility and provides for less wind noise, allowing you to enjoy your ride so much more. The rain and cold will stay outside where it belongs, while fresh air can come right on in. In the summer months, a window visor is a wonderful way to reduce heat build-up. That’s because it lets your windows stay partially open, but still keeps your vehicle fully protected from theft or vandalism.

Now that you realize everything that these great products can do, it’s time to find the perfect one for your vehicle! That is made incredibly easy by shopping at Auto Truck Depot. There, you’ll be able to find a wide range of different products. There truly is something for every single automobile, for every budget, and for every style preference. All of the options are incredibly affordable and are designed to last you for years to come. You’re making a huge mistake by shopping anywhere else.

While you’re encouraged to check out all of the many products available, make sure that you don’t skip over the Ventshade. You can get this incredibly low-price item for well under a hundred dollars. Featuring classic style-side air vents, you won’t have to worry about losing your automobile’s cool appearance. If anything, you’ll only enhance it. So, don’t go another minute without this awesome product; you’ll be so glad you made this purchase.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Ventshade Window Visor Lets You Drive in Comfort All Year Long

Image 1Adding a window visor to your truck or other automobile is a great way to increase your comfort and the comfort of your passengers all year long, but especially in the hot months of summer. While there are many different window visor products on the market today, one of the best is certainly the Ventshade. This fine product, which is offered at the lowest price ever through Auto Truck Depot, is a great way to add both value and style to your vehicle without spending a fortune.

This product features classic-style side air vents, which not only provide for improved air quality and air flow while you’re on the road, but also give your vehicle a stylish, streamlined look. Installation of your visor is super simple. There is no drilling involved; you simply mount the visor to your vehicle with 3M tape, a process that takes, at most, a few minutes of your time. Each visor is carefully crafted out of the finest, most long-lasting high impact ABS material. You can choose from chrome or tinted smoke in order to get the exact look and feel you desire.

Once the visor is on your automobile, you’re ready to ride in comfort and style! Fresh air will flow freely into your vehicle, while rain, snow, and debris will stay outside where they belong. With your visor, you’re also able to leave your window a little bit open when your doors are locked, which allows you to get into a car that isn’t scorching and painful to touch. You and your passengers won’t mind driving in the heat or the cold—in fact, you won’t even feel them—if you have this product on your side and working for you.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let Your Interior Breathe

A window visor might be utilized best in the sweltering heat of the summer season. Similar in a sense to our need to breathe, a vehicle needs to do so as well. These visors allow a window to be cracked, thus exhaling such heat from the vehicle. With the visor, there's no need to worry about rain from a quick thunderstorm ruining your interior, either.

 Being able to crack a window without worry is also peace of mind for possible intruders. You can feel secure about parking at a public place with these visors, since it's near impossible to see if a window is cracked. Even when the sun is not beating down on your vehicle, you can allow air to be releases in the fall and winter seasons, too.

 You don’t really realize how important this small feature is until you don’t have it. Have you ever had a car where the windows will not roll up and down or work at all? This can really be a nightmare for many people to deal with on a daily basis.

 Trust The Auto Truck Depot to find the best window visor to fit your truck or sport utility vehicle. The Ventvisor Deflector is one of the best in ensuring rain stays out of your interior, and air is let out. They are easy to install, and even include a four-piece kit for four-door and extended cab trucks. They can also decrease wind noise.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Give the Ventshade Window Visor a Try

Every automobile needs to have a window visor installed. These awesome little devices are great at protecting your vehicle from the harshness of the elements. Plus, they add a sleek, streamlined appearance to any vehicle, making it more attractive and stylish. They also provider greater visibility, reduce wind noise, and allow you and your passengers to enjoy fresh air. In the summer months, they can even keep your car from getting too overheated when left sitting in a sunny parking lot. They’re great in the winter too, though, because they increase air circulation, thereby decreasing fog and allowing for a safer, more pleasant driving experience.

As you start looking at different products, you will find that there are lots of different window visor makes and models. Ideally, you would choose only those that come from high quality suppliers, like Auto Truck Depot. This store goes the extra mile to ensure all of its products are durable and reliable. Best of all, even with such stellar design, they are always offered at affordable prices. Everyone deserves to drive in style and comfort, regardless of their budget. At least, that’s the philosophy that this store subscribes to.

One particular product that is popular among today’s drivers is the Ventshade. This product is a classic-style side vent that can make your automobile look incredibly modern and edgy. The Ventshade is no-drill, which means you don’t have to go through some long, drawn out, and potentially damaging installation process. Instead, you simply install the product using concealed 3M tape, guaranteed to provide a long lasting hold. Once you’ve experienced what driving with a visor is like, you’ll wonder how you ever made do without one.