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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Black Friday Blowout!

Black Friday Blowout!

With the up and coming holiday season looming ever nearer, and Black Friday weekend approaching, we are offering a huge blowout on tonneau covers across the board! It's more of a Black Friday week at Auto Truck Depot, because starting at midnight tonight and running until December 1st we are offering 10% nearly every single tonneau cover on our website!

Included in our Black Friday Week sales are the Rockstar Splash Guard Mud Flaps, and the Roctection and Roxter Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps! With winter rolling in, the roads are covered in gravel and salt, and both can do major damage to your vehicle's undersides if you aren't protected. Plus, mud flaps are a legal requirement in many places, so cover your rear while the price is at its lowest.

With the largest selection of tonneau covers in Canada, from Access to Undercover, we've got something for everyone. Are you shopping for a gift to give a loved one this holiday season? Maybe you're rewarding yourself for a year of hard work. Whatever the occasion, this is the best time to buy a new tonneau cover.

But that's not even everything yet. On top of the ten percent off, if you purchase a UnderCover Ridglander by December 31 2017, you'll get to choose between a FREE 4 Ski Carrier or Luggage bag from Rhino Racks! Ridgelander isn't the cover for you? The UnderCover Flex tonneau cover comes with a free Tailgate Pad if you purchase one before November 30th!

Not only that, but until December 14th, we are also offering 10% off all Husky Liners products! Winter is hard on your vehicle inside and out, and Auto Truck Depot wants to help you keep your truck in the best shape possible for as long as possible. Guard your carpeting from mold, rot, and mildew by putting a Husky Liners mat between the floor and your snow and mud covered boots.

Another great gift idea this holiday season is a Remote Car Starter. Nothing is worse than getting up early for work in the morning and having to run out into the cold to start a frozen car. Instead, enjoy a relaxing morning, eat a healthy breakfast, all while warming up your vehicle remotely.

Unlike our competitors, our remote starter prices include everything, with no fees or charges to be tacked on after. That means that our listed price includes all of the parts and labour for our professional installation technicians to get your new starter installed properly, safely, and quickly.

Auto Truck Depot is your Canadian source for the highest quality truck and automotive accessories at the best prices. If you find a price in Canada that's better, we will match it!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Product Comparison: ACCESS Original and ACCESS TonnoSport Roll Up Tonneau Covers

When there is such a wide variety of products available to choose from, sometimes it's hard to make a decision. That's why, at Auto Truck Depot, we operate this blog. We want to make your shopping experience as quick and painless as possible and leave you excited and happy about the tonneau cover you've purchased for as long as you own it. Sometimes, choosing between brands can be tough, and other times choosing between models within the same brand can be hard.
So, in this article we are going to lay out the differences between two very popular tonneau covers in the same style and brand. What is the difference between the ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover and the TONNOSPORT® Roll-Up Cover?
ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover
ACCESS Original Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
The obvious difference is the price. The Original is a premium tonneau cover while the TONNOSPORT® is an economically-priced model and their costs reflect a difference in features. 
ACCESS TonnoSport Roll-Up Tonneau Cover
Consider the following:
Each cover offers a different look, or aesthetic, for your truck bed. The Original is an increased-capacity tonneau cover designed to sit one and a half inches above the bed rail, giving you extra room for cargo.  The TonnoSport is engineered with a low profile design that sits only half an inch above the bed to give your vehicle a more sporty, trimmed look at the cost of the extra inch height.
The Original has an exclusive SLANTBACK REAR DESIGN that tapers down over your tailgate for an improved seal and a more aerodoynamic style, while the TonnoSport, already designed with a slim look, ends abruptly at your tailgate.
The Original has a series of rails and bows that are painted black to match the colour of the vinyl and help give the cover its height. The TonnoSport has silver aluminum flat bars that help keep its low profile and minimize construction cost to save you money.
The ACCESS Original features the patented AUTOLATCH II Dual Locking System which allows you to release both side locks with one smooth motion, increasing ease of use while maximizing security. The TonnoSport has a simpler trigger latch mechanism with two slide locks.
The Original has two premium storage straps with cab guard design at the front of your bed to more securely store the cover when it's rolled up. The TonnoSport features a single QUICK CLIP Storage Strap.
The ACCESS Original also includes an Element Seal Gasket for extra protection from dust and moisture at the front bulkhead, a feature lacking in the TonnoSport.
Open truck bed with TonnoSport
While it is obvious that the Original has a larger number of more premium features, the cost is definitely a consideration. The TonnoSport is still a high quality, reliable cover. Both feature tension adjusters for the vinyl that don't require tools, with slightly different designs.
They also both boast the same double-coated, UV protected vunyl used in all ACCESS® Brand Roll-Up Covers to ensure a long lasting top that will keep your truck bed protected.

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Friday, August 25, 2017

Why You Want a Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

We understand that sometimes making decisions can be tricky. Especially when you're shopping for one tonneau cover among the vast array of models that we offer. That's why we are here to make your decision a little bit easier.
Sometimes just perusing the website isn't enough, so I'm here to give you some reasons to purchase a Soft-Roll-Up Tonneau cover over the other styles.
Price point is an important factor in any purchase, if not one people generally want to talk about, and if you're shopping on a budget, or you have larger, more important purchases and are looking for a tonneau cover that is going to perform without breaking the bank, Soft Roll-Up covers are for you. Starting as low as $359.99 and rising to $879.99you can't beat the price while still getting the quality offered with our products.
At Auto Truck Depot, we pride ourselves in offering you the best prices on tonneau covers and truck accessories in Canada. If you can find the same model priced cheaper elsewhere we will most certainly match it. Check out our price match policy for more details. We also offer free shipping in Canada (some exceptions apply) and a 30 day test and return policy that is unmatched in the automotive industry so that we can be sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Now, on to the interesting points.
The first point I always make with the Soft-Roll-Up cover is how compact it is. Fully unrolled, these tonneau covers have an extremely low profile, sitting around 1/2" to 1 1/2" above the top of your truck bed rails. This means a clean, aerodynamic style that makes your truck look sleek and professional while also potentially increasing your fuel efficiency by lowering drag.
When fully rolled up, the Soft Roll-Up tonneau style takes up almost no room in your truck bed. It can be rolled up easily from one side of the truck into a small bundle which is secured by buckles at the back of the cab. This way, you have access to your full truck bed if you need to move larger cargo like furniture, ATVs or building materials. Because the cover is secured, you can then drive safely, even on the highway. The only feature that is missing from the Soft Roll-Up is partial truck truck bed access. Some Tri-Fold and Retractable Tonneau covers can be secured in partially closed positions to allow you to keep some cargo covered while still using a fifth wheel hitch or carrying larger cargo as well. This feature is mostly important when protecting fragile cargo that you don't want to get wet or blown away, and is less effective for security.
My other favourite point to mention about the Soft Roll-Up covers is their versatility. As I mentioned, you can drive with them fully closed or fully open on any roads. One of the other great features with these tonneaus is that they are compatible with almost all bed rails, bed caps, bed liners, tailgate protectors, and many other truck accessories so you don't have to sacrifice the functionality of your truck bed for security.
If the compact, rolled up cover gets in the way, or you just need it off your truck for some reason, they can be removed in no time, easier than almost every other tonneau cover, when they are in the rolled up position. To top it all off, they are as easy to install as they are to take off!

Quick, clamp-on installation ensures that the majority of applications will require no drilling or modifications to your truck. This means that even if you're leasing a vehicle, or need to temporarily transfer the cover to another truck, you can do so in minutes with minimal tools. Tool use varies from cover to cover, but usually only requires one or two wrenches and a screwdriver.
Let's talk security and durability now. Soft Roll-Up Tonneau covers are not 100% impervious. A motivated thief with a knife could cut through the fabric and access the back of your truck box; however, most thieves will not be willing to risk being seen cutting open someone's tonneau cover in hopes that MAYBE there's something of value inside. Deterrents are often as effective as any other method.
In terms of durability and longevity, this style has got you covered. They are engineered to operate in all four seasons, and many of the Soft Roll-Up covers have removable powder-coated aluminum bows to both support the weight of, and funnel snow and water off the top of the cover. The vinyl fabric that makes up the top of the cover is constructed from durable, stretch resistant fabric that is UV protected, flexible, and weatherproof. If the fabric of your cover begins to come loose or looks like it's over-tightened, usually only caused by drastic temperature changes or age, these covers have built in tension adjusters so that you can be sure your cover will always be taut.
Soft Roll-Up Tonneaus have weather guard strips built in to the sides and the back end of the cover. These protect your cargo from water and dirt and are supported by heavy-duty Velcro that is generally used to hold down the sides of the cover. A weather stripping comes with the cover to install at the bulkhead of your truck bed to ensure a four sided seal. Many covers also feature an automatically latching system that secures your cover tight at the tailgate when you push it down in to place.
My last topic of discussion is maintenance. Unlike many of the more complicated styles of tonneau cover, the Soft Roll-Up covers have almost no moving parts and require very little maintenance. Washing them down every now and again to keep them looking clean and sharp is important, as it prevents unnecessary wear to the fabric and rails. You can also use the Tonno Tonic (shown above) after it has been cleaned to protect the cover from the elements and general wear. Check out our blog article on tonneau cover maintenance if you would like more details on cleaning your cover.
And there you have it! Durable, reliable, easy to use, install and remove, the Soft Roll-Up Tonneau cover has much to offer you and your truck bed, and they are designed to last! If the features mentioned above seem to match your needs, check out our wide variety of Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Covers to find the perfect one for you! Check out our blog on measuring your truck bed so that you have the right measurements before purchasing your new tonneau cover. We can also help you find out another piece of important information, what kind of cab your truck has based on manufacturer,. With all of this information, you can be sure we will get you the tonneau cover that is perfect for your applications!

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Tonneau Covers Designed for Ease

Access Rollup Tonneau Cover
If you’ve got a truck, then you need to be using a tonneau cover. Tonneau covers come in a wide range of different styles and designs, and it’s important that you find the perfect one to suit your needs. One of the more common types of tonneau covers are roll-up covers. These covers are usually crafted from vinyl and are designed to attach to your truck’s bed. They have the advantage of being some of the cheapest covers on the market , and also of being super lightweight, easy to install, and easy to remove and reattach when necessary. However, their one disadvantage is that they are generally not as secure as other types of covers.

For affordability plus extra security, you should check out snap covers. They are generally fairly cheap, but are made more secure by the fact that they actually snap into place over your truck’s bed frame. Sure, they might take more time to attach and to detach, but you’ll never have to worry about losing your cover.

Folding covers are a good choice too! They feature multiple panels that fold together to cover or uncover your truck’s bed. You’ve also got retractable covers, hinged covers, low profile covers, locking covers, hard covers, soft covers , and many other types to choose from.

No matter what cover you ultimately decide upon, rest assured that Auto Truck Depot has you covered (pun intended!). The shop has every kind of cover you could ever want, and each one is guaranteed to be high quality and extra durable. Definitely check out the Access roll-up cover if you’re looking to save on cash. It will work great, while still costing under $500.

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