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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Overview: Titan Fuel Tanks

When it comes to aftermarket fuel tanks, the quality of TITAN stands out due to its durable and seemingly indestructible construction of military-grade polymer. These fuel tanks provide numerous benefits over competing metal tanks, and here's why.
TITAN 50 Gallon Polymer Fuel Tank

TITAN fuel tanks let you drive twice as long between fuel stops, and can extend your drive by over 805 km. A standard metal fuel tank can probably help you achieve this, but here is how TITAN Stands apart. 
These tanks are constructed of a highly durable, nearly indestructible military-grade polymer that provides all the benefits of metal plus more, without the known pitfalls. These tanks are designed to outlast and outperform metal tanks in nearly every measurable way.
TITAN Fuel Tanks:
  • Do not delaminate
  • They are not corroded by bio-diesel
  • Condensation problems are non-existent 
  • There are no welds or weakened spots to worry about
  • They are lighter, quieter and more reliable than metal
  • Designed to fit in places a metal tank never could
TITAN tanks surpass metal tanks in durability, and if you don't believe me, just watch this video.
Take a look at a TITAN Fuel Tank for your vehicle.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

If You Need to Transfer Fuel

Most of the time, when a fuel transfer tank purchase is made, the tank is intended for a commercial vehicle. However, more and more people are stepping up and buying these tanks for their own private use. Having one is a great way to ensure that you’ll never be stranded. It’s perfect for those times when you’re low on gas, are wishing you would have stopped at that last station, and can’t find a fueling facility in sight. You’ll never be gripped by worry or the fear of running out of gas ever again with one of these babies by your side!

Obviously, if you’re buying a personal fuel transfer tank, you’re not going to need the massive ones intended for commercial vehicles. That’s where Auto Truck Depot comes in handy! No matter what your unique needs are, this awesome retailer will have a perfect product just for you. All of the tanks the company sells are high quality and have all the necessary safety and security features. These include baffle designs to keep your precious fuel from sloshing around, vented and lockable filler caps, and steel mounts for extra security.

A good tank that can work for just about anybody is the Titan fuel tank. This is a larger size tank, but it’s so convenient and easy to use that it’s suitable for personal use. It can literally double diesel fuel capacity and makes it so that you can refuel anytime and from anywhere. The tank is incredibly durable and carefully constructed from the strongest cross-linked polyethylene. Despite that, it’s a lightweight tank that is easy to transport, making it convenient for all drivers.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Our Favorite Fuel Transfer Tank is the Titan Fuel Tank

A fuel transfer tank is a useful product for any driver to have, but especially for those who regularly drive long distances. For these drivers, it can often be difficult to make it to a gas station before it’s too late. That’s why such drivers can benefit from a fuel transfer tank that allows them to fuel up whenever and wherever they want to. One such tank is the Titan fuel tank, which is one of the best products currently on the market today and which can be obtained affordably from Auto Truck Depot.

The Titan allows you to literally double your fuel capacity, thanks to its extra large size. Don’t worry, however. Despite its capabilities, this tank is surprisingly small and lightweight, making for easy transport. Plus, it won’t take up a lot of your precious cargo space. Titan tanks are known for being made of the highest quality materials, allowing them to last and last! The design includes heavy-duty cross-linked polyethylene that can stand up to even the toughest of situations. The tank works with all factory fuel gauges as well for even further convenience.

If you think the Titan could be just what you’re looking for, check out the online shop to see this and other great products by the same manufacturer. You don’t just have to trust Titan to make your fuel tanks; they have a wide range of other awesome truck and general auto supplies that allow your vehicle to function its very best. Titan is a name you can trust, and Auto Truck Depot is one of the manufacturer’s most affordable suppliers.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Titan Fuel Tank: A Top of the Line Fuel Transfer Tank

If you are a commercial driver who needs to haul around huge supplies of fuel, or even if you’re just a regular person who thinks having a fuel transfer tank is a smart idea for those long trips, then you’ll want to make sure you go with the very best tank on the market. Right now, that’s definitely the Titan fuel tank. Available from Auto Truck Depot, this awesome tank is made of high quality, durable materials and, best of all, is affordably priced, so you can get a great tank without breaking the bank.

The Titan fuel transfer tank is certainly a fuel transfer tank that has been built to last. It is made out of the most durable cross linked polyethylene, making it indestructible. Despite how strong and sturdy the tank is, though, you’ll find that it’s surprisingly lightweight and easily transportable. It’s also simple to use and store, so you don’t have to fumble around to try and figure it out, especially when you’re in a hurry. It’s compatible with factory fuel gauges as well. You also won’t lose much cargo space, and if you choose to, you can even help the planet. This little tank is bio diesel compatible.

As you can see, there’s no reason not to choose Titan. This line always manages to impress by making great, user friendly products that don’t cost a fortune, and Auto Truck Depot is proud to be able to sell these awesome products to its customers. With two great names like that, you know you’ll be getting a product you can rely on.

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