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Monday, July 1, 2013

Wash Your Vehicle Monthly to Keep it Looking Great

Think back to the day you bought your vehicle. What did it look like? Chances are, if you’ve had your vehicle for a while, it doesn’t look nearly as good as the day you brought it home. Objects get older, this is true, but it doesn’t mean you have to sit back and let your automobile get old and dingy looking. There are many things you can do to keep your vehicle looking its best into old age!

For example, once every month or so, you should wash your car’s exterior thoroughly. Make sure you use non-abrasive, non-damaging cleaning products and that you wash your vehicle by hand, not through a commercial carwash!  It’s a good idea to combine your regular cleanings with another great auto care service (or two!) offered by Auto Truck Depot. If your vehicle is regularly getting wet, as is the case when you wash it often, choosing to take measures to protect it from rust is a wise idea.
Fortunately, there’s an auto care service available known as “rust check,” and it can stop rust before it even starts! When you combine this service and other services like it with regular washings, your vehicle is sure to shine!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Show Your Vehicle You Care with Auto Care Service

So many people just drive their cars around day after day, not thinking about what shape it is in or what services it might need. As long as the automobile runs, the need for services or repairs don’t cross the average person’s mind. The truth is, however, that you need to have your car serviced regularly to avoid being left in the cold. Even the very best of vehicles can have a fault or some other service need that you don’t notice until it’s too late. To truly protect your wheels, regular maintenance is an absolute necessity.

In addition to regular service needs, you may also find that you can benefit from an additional auto care service or two. One prime example is having a rust check performed. This valuable auto care service takes notice of the very first signs of rust and takes action against them. When rust is left to its own devices, it only gets worse and spreads to other parts of your vehicle, causing infinite damage over time. Having this service performed, however, can get rid of the rust that has already formed and keep further rust from happening.

In addition to having any existing rust remedied, you will want to keep your vehicle away from conditions that can cause rusting. When you wash your vehicle, always take care to dry it carefully. Also avoid parking your vehicle in areas where it can come into contact with moisture, especially when you don’t plan to use your automobile for extended periods of time. If you use these and other services from Auto Truck Depot, you should quickly find that your vehicle is in the best shape of its life.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

For the Best in Calgary Auto Care Service

It’s important to frequently have auto care service performed on your vehicle. Depending upon the services you receive, you can help to make your vehicle look better, function more efficiently, and last longer. Auto Truck Depot is an expert at good auto care service and provides a wide range of options for helping your vehicle be the best that it can be. The only hard part is deciding which services you want! Fortunately, if you can’t settle on just one, you’ll be glad to find that all services are very affordably priced, making it possible to do everything you want without breaking the bank.

If you could only get one great service performed on your vehicle, we strongly recommend the window tint. Getting your windows tinted involves only a simple application process and in just a short time can add style and practicality to your vehicle! Tinted windows keep your vehicle’s interior from getting overly hot, reduce the sun’s glare when driving, and protect your vehicle’s windshield, seats, and dashboard from sun damage.

What’s more is that you  can make your tint all your own! Choose from a wide array of different tint colors and shades and from various light transmission levels. Just be sure that you are aware of the tint laws in your area, so that your little alteration won’t turn into legal trouble for you!

Once your tinting service is complete, you’ll be able to make those long trips to the beach and then return to your car afterwards without having to suffer and sweat in extreme heat. Plus, you’ll have the tools to be a better, safer driver and to protect yourself and those you care about the most.

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Take Care of Your Automobile with Auto Care Service

Red Lamborghini Gallardo, to be used as an icon.

Many car and truck owners don’t just view their automobiles as transportation methods. No, a lot of people truly care about their vehicles and take great pride in them. If you are one of these people, then you could likely benefit greatly from auto care service. Auto care service can apply to any service you have done to your vehicle in order to increase its performance, appearance, or that benefits it in some other way. There are services you can do yourself and services that are left up to the professionals. While you don’t need every service, it is important to practice regular upkeep of your vehicle and to use special services as needed.

One way to get a whole lot of what you need, all in one easy package, is to take advantage of the Auto Spa offered by Auto Truck Depot. For one low price, your vehicle will go through a proven combination of services, all of which are sure to leave it looking and running its very best. The “spa” professionals will go to work on the inside of your vehicle first, adding fabric protection to keep your interior looking great! Then, they’ll work on protecting the paint for a shiny, new outer appearance. The service will end with rust proofing to keep your vehicle free from unsightly and damaging rust, and with undercoating to keep water at bay and to allow for a smoother, more enjoyable ride. When you take your vehicle away from the spa, you’ll wonder if you’re even driving the same vehicle—the difference will be that noticeable and that wonderful!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rust Check is Auto Care Service You Can’t Afford to Skip Out On

It’s no secret that Auto Truck Depot offers many different types of auto care service. While some of them are fully optional, you really won’t want to skip out on using Rust Check. Sadly, many people don’t think of using anti-rusting products until it’s too late and their beautiful automobile has already been blemished by the first signs of rust. If you’re one of the lucky few with a car or truck that has no rust, then you can benefit greatly from using this excellent service.

It is a liquid oil-based product that is very light and simple to apply. It has the ability to penetrate deep into all of your vehicle’s tight cracks and crevasses, places where rusting is likely to occur and, unfortunately, to go unnoticed until it’s too late. Don’t worry, though. Once you’ve finished applying this auto care service, a thin sealant is formed to protect your vehicle.

Even if your automobile is already showing the first signs of rusting, you can still use this great product. Just be sure to remove rust blistering before you apply the product. Also, if you have a vehicle that is very prone to rusting or if you drive your vehicle frequently in moist conditions, which can cause rusting, be sure to use the coat and protect for extra protection against rust.

Whether your vehicle is new or used and no matter what its make or model, this service can help you out. Extend the life (and beauty!) of your automobile by taking just a few minutes to order and then apply this excellent product.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Undercoating: An Auto Care Service You Can’t Live Without

Auto Truck Depot is proud to offer its clients may different types of auto care service to keep their vehicles up and running and looking their best! One of the best services offered through this fine company is undercoating, which can greatly prolong the life and look of your vehicle. This process keeps rust—which has the power to eat through the metal of your vehicle—at bay, allowing your automobile to work and look great for many years to come. The process involves the professional application of a sealant that keeps the debris and moisture that causes rust from seeping in. The finishes of your automobile’s metal parts are thus fully protected, no matter how many times you wash your automobile, or how much rough terrain you take it over.

You might think that this auto care service would cost a fortune, but that’s actually not the case at all. Most applications will cost under $200, and what’s more, you’ll get a lifetime guarantee that you can count on. If the process doesn’t work for your vehicle or if the results aren’t what you were hoping for, you simply let the company know, and they’ll take care of the rest for you. This would never happen though, because this service is proven to work and guaranteed to be completed correctly by the experienced professionals employed by Auto Truck Depot. So, take your vehicle in and get it protected today! Then, you can drive in style for many years to come, without constantly having to worry about what kind of damage you’re doing to your automobile.

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Rust Check is an Auto Care Service You Need

All cars need auto care service as they are all subject to damaging and just plain ugly rust, especially if they are regularly exposed to lots of rain or moisture. The good news, though, is that you can do something to protect your automobile, before it even starts showing signs of wear and tear. Thanks to the rust check auto care service offered by Auto Truck Depot, your vehicle can be protected.

All you have to do to start taking care of your auto in style is to purchase the Rust Check product. You apply it to your entire vehicle, ideally before any signs of rust have occurred. The product will then settle in your vehicle’s nooks and crannies where it will push out water and form a thin, invisible sealant. This sealant is what will protect rust from forming on your automobile. However, you may use it if surface rust already exists. Just remove the rust blistering before applying.

This awesome auto care service has been around since the 70s, and people have been trusting it ever since. Quite simply, that’s because it works. Nothing else will keep your vehicle in better shape or provide it with such protection. Plus, the rust product lasts indefinitely. There’s never any need to reapply as there is with other products. Once you’re protected, you stay protected, which means you save money without having to worry about what it’s doing to your vehicle.

So, for best results, always get products you know you can trust, and use Auto Truck Depot for all of your vehicle care needs. You will certainly be glad that you did once you see the results.

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