Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tonneau Covers: Which Type Should I Choose?

Our sales staff here at Auto Truck Depot get a lot of inquiries about our Tonneau covers.  In our desire to provide our customers with as many aftermarket options as possible we sometimes shoot ourselves in the foot.  People have a hard time deciding which brand, style, or option they should go with and many times will walk out of the store because they need to think it over.  Of course, they always come back—you can’t beat our prices, after all.  Still, we are trying to think of ways of making the decision easier on our customers so we decided to “blog” about it.
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Tonneau covers are one of those items that some people purchase based off of both utility and style.  The people that buy them are buying them for the purpose of protecting items beneath the cover, effectively turning their truck’s bed into a “trunk”.  The fact that they went with a cover over a truck box means they intend to haul large items in inclement weather, items like wood, furniture, or appliances.  The thing is, how often does this happen?

If you use your truck for business then we would recommend you purchase either a hard top Tonneau or a trifold Tonneau.  These two types are probably the most durable form of Tonneau covers on the market, and will not only shield the contents of your truck bed from the elements, but also keep them safe in the event of an accident.  If this is a personal use vehicle you can probably get away with a soft top or retractable top Tonneau.

And, as with all things, there’s personal preference.  Do you like the way the soft top Tonneau’s look or do you prefer a hard top?  Which is easier and better suited for your lifestyle? 
If you have any questions about our Tonneau covers just come on down to the showroom and let our sales staff walk you through our inventory.  They can point out all of the benefits of each.

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