Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trailer Hitch Classes: Why We Offer So Many of Them

We sell a lot of trailer hitches here at Auto Truck Depot.  They might be our second best sellers.  What we’ve discovered over the years is that about half of all the people who purchase trailers and trailer hitches own cars, not trucks.  It makes sense, though.  People who own trucks probably don’t need a trailer because they can use the truck bed.  Regardless, we sell a wide variety of trailer hitches in all classes because we understand that there is no “type” of person or vehicle that requires trailer hitches.  Trailer Hitch Classes are type by two things: maximum trailer weight and towing capacity of the vehicle.

A car, for example, would probably only require a Class 1or Class 2 trailer hitch because most cars do not have the torque, horsepower, and body strength to haul heavy trailers.  A smaller car like a Mini Cooper or Prius would probably take a Class 1 hitch, whereas a “muscle” car like a Charger or Mustang could (if they owner didn’t freak out about it) take a Class 2.  Trucks, on the other hand, have five different trailer hitch classes: Class 3, Class 4, Class 5, Xtra Duty, and Heavy Duty.

You should review your vehicle’s manual before deciding on a trailer hitch, or ask one of our sales or service reps.  If you are having us install the trailer hitch this will just come up naturally because our service team won’t install anything that is “unsafe” or would harm your vehicle.  That’s part of our quality control process.  We’re “safety first” here at Auto Truck Depot. 
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