Monday, May 21, 2012

Look for the Best of All the Brake Controllers?

Anyone who uses a trailer on a regular basis, either for work or for play, needs to have brake controllers. Without these products in use, you run the risk of not being able to come to a smooth stop with your trailer, thus putting you and others on the road at risk, not to mention the items you’re carting with your trailer. The good news though is that there are a ton of different brake controllers on the market today, so you can find the perfect one for you, your vehicle, and your specific needs.

One of the best is certainly the Curt Reflex Brake Controller with Advanced Dual Axis Accelerometer. This awesome product is fully capable of controlling trailers with anywhere from two to eight electric or electrically actuated hydraulic brakes. So, whether you’ve got one or even four axles, you’re good to go! The advanced dual axis accelerometer knows when you’re trying to come to a stop and applies just the right amount of brake pressure so you do so with ease. Better yet, there is no expensive professional set-up required! In fact, you don’t even have to take on a “do it yourself” job; the product is self leveling.

You’ll also find that it is versatile enough to meet any need. You can mount it in many different angles or above or below the dash, and it can be used on multiple vehicles. Of course, it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you’re guaranteed to get maximum use and enjoyment out of your new product.

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