Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out of All Tonneau Covers, The Jack Rabbit Roll Top Tonneau Cover Takes the Cake!

Jack Rabbit Hard Tonneau CoverTonneau covers are an awesome accessory for any truck owner to have on hand. First of all, they do all of the work of a traditional bed liner, protecting your truck’s bed from getting scratched or sustaining dents or other damages. However, these covers go one extra step and also protect whatever you happen to be hauling in your truck bed. So, for the ultimate in protection without having to sacrifice style and attractiveness, go for the tonneau covers offered by Auto Truck Depot; there are many to choose from!

One of our favorites is definitely the Jack Rabbit Roll Top Tonneau Cover. This product is incredibly versatile. With just the touch of a button, you can cause it to retract into the truck’s canister. Then, when you want to use it, it’s the same thing—just one, simple step, and you’re ready to go! This product is fully weather resistant, thanks to the sturdy polymer material, and features heavy duty springs, a built in pull strap, and independent latch and lock handle systems. And, it might surprise you to know that installation is a breeze! There’s no need to bust out the drills or hire a professional; this is a do it yourself job through and through.

Even if this isn’t the right cover for you and your needs, don’t worry! Auto Truck Depot is proud to offer many different covers, perfect for any truck or any style preference. All of the products offered by the company have a warranty for your protection and are available at some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere!

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