Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lets Bike

Swagman XTC4
If you’re into biking, then there are some hot spots you should definitely check out. One great place is the Route of the Hiawatha, which spans both Idaho and Montana. This is a long, winding trail that takes you through the majestic St. Paul Pass tunnel, and Clear Creek Trestle. Plus, if you’re not up to making the trip back by bike, you can take the shuttle!

If that doesn’t sound like the place for you, then we recommend the George S. Mickelson Trail, based in South Dakota. This is a long trail—110 miles, but it takes you right through the heart of the gorgeous Black Hills. If you want to take in lovely scenery and feel at one with nature, this is certainly the trail for you.

Another great place is the Greenbrier River Trail, located in West Virginia. This is a shorter, 79 mile trail that takes you through major state parks and towering forests. It’s another one that’s intended for the nature lovers. Likewise, the East Bay Bicycle Path of Rhode Island is a good choice. It’s suitable for riders of all skill levels, at a brief 14 miles but you’ll get to take in Narragansett Bay, Brown University, and some lovely parks.

If you want the freedom to get to all of these places and more, then you’re going to need some bike racks on your vehicle. You should choose your bike racks based on how many bikes you plan to transport and the size, make, and model of your bikes. You want something very secure and functional, but also attractive, and the place to find it is at Auto Truck Depot. Be sure to check out the awesome Swagman XTC4.

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