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Monday, June 15, 2015

Utilizing Your Small Vehicle for Big Adventures

Having a small vehicle doesn’t mean you can’t prepare it for big adventures. There are many ways to utilize and enhance your vehicle’s cargo space. Whether you are operating a hitch or taking advantage of your roof space, the Auto Truck Depot has many options to help you out.

One of the primary methods used to gain more space in a small vehicle is with a roof rack, like the Thule Traverse. A roof rack usually consists of two crossbars that run across the top of the car. The crossbars are held in place by feet, which are connected to each corner of the roof, usually in the door’s frames. The crossbars sit a few inches above the vehicle and provide space for objects to be placed without scratching or damaging its surface. Large objects such as boats or ladders can be placed across the roof, and the crossbars provide an anchoring point for objects to be strapped down to.

There are many accessories available to enhance the storage capabilities of your roof rack even further, such as the Yakima Loadwarrior. The loadwarrior cargo basket helps secure items for transport on top of the roof and out of the interior of your vehicle, allowing more space and comfort while driving from place to place.  The open air platform allows easy access to tie down materials and gives you added flexibility with items that wouldn’t normally fit in an enclosed compartment. The large steel constructed frame fits on top of most vehicles and has custom wind fairing for extra noise reduction. The universal attachment system fits most round and square factory crossbars. The accessory bars act as crossbars for gear specific racks and give you added security when transporting more expensive and personal items. It was developed with on-the-go type people in mind, allowing a quick and easy load that maximizes the utility of your car.

If more security and protection for your cargo is necessary, the Yakima cargo carriers, SkyBox or RocketBox series may be a better option yet. These boxes are like an extra trunk for you roof, and they simply attach to your existing roof rack to expand your vehicles storage space. They come in various sizes for your specific needs, and you can be sure your gear is safe with its solid carbonite design and push-button, locking security features.

Another option, especially useful if you plan on carrying bikes, is to increase your vehicles carrying capabilities with a hitch. Even if your vehicle is too small to pull a trailer, you can still utilize this feature to carry bikes, cargo racks, and more. And better yet, you can use this feature along with a roof rack to turn your vehicle into a cargo-hauling beast. There are so many ways to utilize your small vehicle for those big adventures, and the Auto Truck Depot is here to help.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lets Bike

Swagman XTC4
If you’re into biking, then there are some hot spots you should definitely check out. One great place is the Route of the Hiawatha, which spans both Idaho and Montana. This is a long, winding trail that takes you through the majestic St. Paul Pass tunnel, and Clear Creek Trestle. Plus, if you’re not up to making the trip back by bike, you can take the shuttle!

If that doesn’t sound like the place for you, then we recommend the George S. Mickelson Trail, based in South Dakota. This is a long trail—110 miles, but it takes you right through the heart of the gorgeous Black Hills. If you want to take in lovely scenery and feel at one with nature, this is certainly the trail for you.

Another great place is the Greenbrier River Trail, located in West Virginia. This is a shorter, 79 mile trail that takes you through major state parks and towering forests. It’s another one that’s intended for the nature lovers. Likewise, the East Bay Bicycle Path of Rhode Island is a good choice. It’s suitable for riders of all skill levels, at a brief 14 miles but you’ll get to take in Narragansett Bay, Brown University, and some lovely parks.

If you want the freedom to get to all of these places and more, then you’re going to need some bike racks on your vehicle. You should choose your bike racks based on how many bikes you plan to transport and the size, make, and model of your bikes. You want something very secure and functional, but also attractive, and the place to find it is at Auto Truck Depot. Be sure to check out the awesome Swagman XTC4.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Want to See the World? The Right Bike Racks Can Help!

Swagman XTC4
If you love exploring on your bicycle and don’t want to be held back in terms of where you can go, then you need to invest in some good bike racks for your vehicle. Bike racks will allow you to take your bicycle (or bicycles!) anywhere and everywhere, whether it’s down the street or all the way across the country. If you choose the right one, you can safely and easily transport your bikes, unload them every bit as easily and incredibly quickly too, and then be on your way to having fun in the great outdoors.

When choosing racks, make sure you think about how many bikes you plan to cart around on a regular basis. Even once you know this, it is always a good idea to choose a rack that is capable of carrying a few more. After all, you never know when your friends might want to tag along and get in on the adventure. Also make sure you choose a model that will work with your vehicle and, of course, that has the look and style you want. Remember, racks don’t have to be an ugly eyesore; they can be a stylish, fun addition to your automobile!

Auto Truck Depot has a wide selection of great products to choose from, products that can match any budget and any preference. One great example is the Swagman XTC4. Made from one of the most reputable brands in the industry, this product can carry up to four bicycles! It is built so that you can easily attach and detach your bikes. There is no wasted time with this model.

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