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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Aluminum Bed Cap: The Most Basic and Necessary of Truck Bed Accessories

Aluminum Bed CapsAll you have to do is browse through the products offered at Auto Truck Depot to find that there are a ton of truck bed accessories on the market today. A lot of them are downright frivolous—not really needed but fun to own! Some exist simply to add a touch of style to your truck. While it’s fine to have fun with these truck bed accessories, make sure you don’t overlook the ones that serve an actual, vital purpose, like the aluminum bed cap.

While these caps certainly do lend a bit of sophistication to your truck, their real purpose is to create a moisture barrier on the truck’s rails. This makes it next to impossible for your truck to sustain common damage, like scratches and scrapes, when you’re loading or unloading cargo from your truck’s beds. This can significantly extend the life of your paint job and also makes for an overall neater, newer appearance. Each and every bed is made specifically for your truck’s make and model, allowing for a perfect fit every time. The cabs are lightweight but still made to last, featuring a unique Checkerplate style that is fully rust-proof, impact-resistant, and warp-resistant! Also, don’t worry if you have a lot of other accessories in your truck bed; these products are designed not to conflict or interfere with other extras. Plus, they are slip resistant and guaranteed to last for years to come.

While you’re shopping, do take the time to glance through other great accessories offered by Auto Truck Depot as well. You can find ones that, along with your caps, help your truck to function and look its very best.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One of Our Favorite Truck Bed Accessories is Aluminum Bed Caps

One of the most commonly and easily damaged areas of your truck is the truck bed rails area. Loading and unloading cargo into your truck bed can scratch and scrape the bed rails, while excessive moisture buildup can cause rust and other damage. Fortunately, however, there are truck bed accessories that can help to reduce or eliminate damage to this area. One of the bet products for doing this is aluminum bed caps, which fit right on over your rails to protect them and your paint job from all kinds of damage.

These specialty caps are not designed in a one size fits all kind of way either. No, instead they are custom made for individual makes and models of different vehicles. This ensures a perfect, stylish fit for each and every truck.  Also, the caps are lightweight yet strong and sturdy to keep them working for a very long time. Plus, thanks to the unique Checkerplate style, they are absolutely guaranteed not to rust, warp, or break upon impact. These awesome accessories won’t even interfere with your other little truck extras, like racks, tops, tool boxes, or covers.

There’s more great news too, believe it or not. All of the caps are fully slip resistant, so you’ll never just be driving down the street and happen to lose one. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to hold onto that oh-so-special shine and sparkle for many years to come. In other words, they always do the job right, and they look good while they’re doing it. So, don’t wait another minute. Get the right truck bed accessories for your truck today.

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