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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Protect Your Vehicle With Mud Flaps

Spring is just around the corner, and that means warm weather, sunny days, and lots of melting snow. In the winter, gravel and salt are our best friends, but when spring rolls around they become a projectile that can do a surprising amount of damage.

Whether you're driving a small car, a recreational truck, or a work vehicle, mud flaps are just a good idea. Gravel strewn on paved roads can very easily get caught up in the high speeds of your tires and flung out at equally high speeds into your vehicle or others. This can lead to chips in your paint and dents in your fender, or even worse, unseen damage to your vehicle's undercarriage. Flying rocks and other road debris can also be kicked out from your vehicle and strike those behind you, leaving their windows with chips or cracks in their front end.

Rock Tamers Med Flaps

Rock Tamers is just one of several different brands of flaps that we carry. Built from heavy rubber with a durable stainless steel frame, these mud flaps are designed to mount on your 2" or 2.5" ball mount hitch to protect you boat or trailer from damage. They are 100% adjustable for ground clearance and width, so you can customize the to your vehicle! The 2' x 2', tear resistant rubber comes with easy-to-use cutting guides and has been rigorously road tested for longevity and functionality. They can be installed or removed in minutes with no drilling required, and you can even spice them up with steel trim plates!

Mounted Flaps

Looking for something that mounts more permanently to your truck? We have a wide range of OEM standard mud flaps! From Air Hawk to Plasticolour Embossed flaps and even our own high quality and affordable house brand, we've got something for you. We've even got a stylized pair of racing flaps designed for lightweight functionality. While many of them are sized for trucks, a variety of the flaps are made for cars as well. Check out the Husky Liners Custom Mold Mud Flaps on our sister site, Tonno Cover Depot, to find the perfect fit for your vehicle, no matter how large or small.

Whether it's heavy duty and hard-working, quick paced, or every-day, we have a Mud Flap for every lifestyle. Be sure to check regulations where you live, as they may be mandated by law. 

For more information, or to order your next pair of heavy duty mud flaps, check out our site, give us a call, or drop in to our Calgary location.

Auto Truck Depot

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rundown: Rock Tamers Mudflap System

When considering accessories to add to your pickup truck, mud flaps should be a top priority, especially if you plan on towing a boat or trailer. Having a sturdy set of mud flaps can enhance the life of your vehicle and trailer by preventing unnecessary damage from rocks and other road debris.

Rock Tamers Mudflap Systems are one of the top products available in this category, and here is why. They are fully adjustable and removable, making them suitable for any sized truck, and they not only protect your investment, they also add style.

Rock Tamers Mudflap Systems easily attach and remove from any standard 2” ball mount. 
The width is fully adjustable to fit any vehicle, and even the height can be customized. These mudflaps are insanely durable and are guaranteed to protect your trailer, boat, RV, or whatever you are towing from road damage. These are a must have for using their truck to tow.   

Friday, April 20, 2012

In the Market for Mud Flaps? Get Rock Tamers

Every truck owner absolutely needs to have his or her vehicle supplied with mud flaps. While many people think that these products are just there to “look cool,” they actually serve an important purpose, and that is to protect the back end of your vehicle. Just think about all of the debris that you see on the road. Well, that debris is picked up by your tires, and then it doesn’t just disappear. No, it is flung back, which can damage your paint job, which requires expensive repairs. This can even lead to unsightly rust problems, which are difficult to fix.

Out of all of the different mud flaps that you’ll find on the market today, Rock Tamers are some of the best. They are fully adjustable and removable flaps that are designed for the best possible protection. In addition to keeping your vehicle protected, however, they also add style appeal with their unique appearance. While many other mud flaps are something of an eyesore, you’ll find that Rock Tamers look great. They aren’t distracting, but they also don’t just blend into the background. Instead, they are just noticeable enough to give your truck an awesome, edgy look and feel.

You can find these products at an affordable price by shopping with Auto Truck Depot. They are made of the highest quality material, and are backed by the store’s guarantee. Plus, while you’re checking those out, you’re sure to find other great products as well. Before you know it, your truck will be the ultimate in style, and you’ll have this great store and your new flaps to thank for it.

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