Monday, January 9, 2012

The Best Brake Controllers: What Kind is Right for Your Trailer?

Any time people are on the road, being able to stop safely is important. When someone is hauling around a trailer, quick stopping can be doubly important. Having the right brake controllers installed on trailers is the key to safe stopping power. Of course, there are many popular brake controllers on the market today, so it's important for us that our customers choose the right one for their trailers.

Braking Types

Many of the people that we talk to often mention that they aren't sure which type of controller to buy, as they use different types of braking technology. Essentially, trailers are going to either have electric or hydraulic brakes. That means that some people will need to buy one type of brake controller or another, based upon how their trailers are set up. However, there are brake controllers, like the P3 Electronic Brake Control, which allow people to choose from either electric or hydraulic braking systems.

Why is this Important?

Over the years, some folks end up changing trailers and if the new trailer had electric brakes, but the new one has hydraulic brakes, that means a new controller has to be purchased. Unless, that is, the controller in question is the P3 Electronic Brake Control, as it can be used on either type of braking system.

That's not the only selling point of the P3, by any stretch of the imagination. It also has a gorgeous, easy to read LED screen and many other features that really set it apart from the other controllers on the market today. It truly is a high end braking system for people who want the best stopping power for their trailers.

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