Monday, January 23, 2012

Receiver Hitches for RV Owners

There's nothing like the freedom of hitting the open road in an RV. Of course, for longer trips, it's usually a wise decision to haul a car, to have something smaller to drive around in at your destination locations. However, you can't simply chain up a car to your RV and expect good results. It takes properly installed receiver hitches to allow RV owners to safely haul their cars or SUVs during long road trips.

What is a receiver hitch?

Without going too much into the complexities of trailer and vehicle hitches, a receiver hitch is one that attaches directly to the frame of the towing vehicle. And since the hitch is installed in such a secure manner, it is capable of giving RV owners the hauling capacity they need to safely tow their cars.

What to Look for in a Receiver Hitch

At Auto Truck Depot, we regularly work with all types of folks who need receiver hitches – from RV owners to people who haul livestock. Here are the key features we tell people to look for:

    Hitches with a one-piece design for easier installations.
    Hitches that can be custom fit to different types of vehicles.
    Hitches with enough towing capacity to handle your towing needs.

Of course, we also tell people to purchase the best looking hitches, as you don't want a hitch that's going to detract from your vehicle's appearance. Contact us at Auto Truck Depot, or check out our website at, if you have any questions about the right type of receiver hitch for your vehicle. And if you need your hitch professionally installed, we can certainly have our professional technicians install your hitch for you.

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